Mozilla Firefox Quantum 65 Browser Review

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 65

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 65 is a free and open-source web browser competing against the dominant Google Chrome, which holds 44% market share in the U.S.

Firefox Quantum, or release 57, made the browser twice as fast and lighter on system resources than before, as well as adding features such as an integrated pocket to store content instantly and privacy enhancements such as tracking protection.


Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser with numerous built-in features. Compatible with numerous operating systems and supported third-party extensions, Firefox can make browsing, reading the news or watching videos faster and more efficiently than ever.

Mozilla Firefox’s latest release marks an important step forward for its browser’s evolution, offering faster performance than previous iterations and providing stiff competition to Google Chrome – long considered the king of web browsing.

Mozilla has made significant enhancements to their browser with their Quantum update, significantly improving performance. They migrated the compositor into its own process for greater stability – this also means if your graphics driver crashes it won’t affect all tabs simultaneously! Plus, Quantum uses less memory than its competitors meaning your system won’t become bogged down from too many tabs!

Firefox Quantum is an ideal web browser for anyone seeking speedy and reliable performance on all Windows computers, its lightweight design allowing pages to load quickly while being compatible with both 32- and 64-bit systems. Furthermore, its synchronization feature synchronizes across devices while providing unique capabilities not found elsewhere, such as being able to transfer tabs between desktop and mobile.

This version also brings support for the AV1 video codec, an easy way to change display language settings for Firefox’s user interface (UI) in Options, Handoff support on macOS so you can pick up where you left off when switching between your iOS device and Mac, Handoff support when switching between devices, Handoff support when switching from iOS device to Mac, Handoff support when switching back between platforms seamlessly between iOS device and Mac, Handoff support when switching back between iOS device and Mac and more – making the browser much more useful – making it ideal for modern web apps such as Salesforce G Suite G Suite Eloqua Github among others – running them smoothly while being more efficient than other browsers do so while offering various security tools that help protect privacy with Windows as well as macOS versions offering search engines quickly finding relevant information quickly across platforms; in both versions the browser comes packed with an integrated search engine to quickly locate relevant information quickly across devices; as well as being available both PC/Mac for both platforms; it even comes equipped with its own search engine to quickly locate relevant info faster!

More secure

Firefox features many customizable features to meet the individual needs of its users, such as tabbed browsing, spell checking, incremental find and download manager. In addition, third-party extensions and add-ons developed by Mozilla are supported as well as its privacy settings menu which enables you to control who can access your browsing data and cookies as well as Google Translate which translates pages to your language of choice.

Comparative to its previous versions, Mozilla Firefox Quantum is both faster and more secure. The new version utilizes multiprocess memory and features a unique architecture capable of handling multiple tabs simultaneously. Furthermore, its design protects it against cryptomining scripts as well as any potential tracking by other websites.

Another significant change involves adding a password manager, an excellent way of keeping track of passwords and protecting against hackers from accessing sensitive data. Available on iOS and Android devices and now also desktop computers, the password manager also blocks social media trackers and ad blockers in browser.

Mozilla has made significant advancements to Firefox Quantum’s performance, and is now faster than Chrome on many devices. Firefox features a built-in pocket for saving articles and videos for offline viewing; autocomplete function suggesting your desired search engine as you type; plus it is privacy friendly by not storing search history with Google servers.

On September 5, 2018, Firefox 62 was officially unveiled to the world. This update added support for FreeBSD and WebAuthn, enabling one-sign on for websites, disabling trust for Symantec certificates on Windows computers, parallel off main thread painting to improve graphics rendering for computers without hardware acceleration, CSS Variable Font Variations support (OpenType Font Variations support) as well as security enhancements that protect against stack smashing attacks and other vulnerabilities, updated privacy features as well as an overhauled user interface design.

More customizable

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 65 is an advanced web browser designed to make the most of your time online. It features a fast, streamlined interface that works well with computers while offering more customization features than Chrome or Internet Explorer. In addition, its built-in QR code reader, night mode that inverts colors for screenshots, and the capability of synchronizing tabs across devices make this browser one of the best options out there.

This version of Firefox marks the inaugural use of parts of its new engine, Quantum. According to Mozilla, Quantum can make some operations up to twice faster than previous releases of the browser and features a CSS engine which makes use of modern processors’ parallel processing capabilities.

Quantum introduces more extensive tracking protection controls that are accessible via the i icon in the address bar or visiting Privacy & Security settings page and Control Center. Multilingual users will appreciate a revamped Language section which allows them to select multiple language packs and set their preferred order within Firefox and websites. In addition, Quantum has increased AV1 video codec support on Windows and Linux systems and provided better security against stack smashing attacks while warning before closing any browser window that restores your browsing session automatically.

Previous iterations of Firefox distinguished itself from competitors by providing extensive customization options that allowed users to tailor their browser experience based on individual needs and preferences. Unfortunately, however, transition to Quantum has been less than smooth and many users have voiced displeasure at being limited in their ability to install third-party extensions or customize user interface as before.

Mozilla has addressed some of these concerns with their latest release by creating a more user-friendly menu, placing key features like download manager and Smart Bookmarks at the forefront. They have also reinstated Chromecast controls into the location bar, improved scrolling performance on Android devices and added an “>>” menu that keeps frequently used items close at hand without cluttering up main toolbar.

More beautiful

Mozilla Firefox is one of the world’s most widely used web browsers, available free across various platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. With advanced security features and customizable settings as well as support for various languages – not to mention tab synchronization across devices – it makes an excellent choice.

Firefox Quantum stands out for its powerful customization features and user-friendly interface, featuring more modern designs than Chrome with enhanced user experiences. Furthermore, it uses less resources and uses fewer resources than other web browsers compared to its competition – though some people may be concerned about Google sharing too much privacy data with it; thus prompting some to seek alternatives to Chrome as a browser solution.

Firefox is one of the oldest and most widely-used web browsers today, and stands out as being independent from Google’s Chromium engine. As an alternative, many privacy-minded individuals turn to Firefox over Google products due to concerns over tracking of online activity.

Mozilla recently announced the release of Firefox Quantum, a major upgrade to their browser. The new version features an upgraded user-interface and web rendering engine to render pages up to 30% faster than Chrome with lower memory footprint, as well as an advanced multi-process sandbox which protects it against crashes or slowdowns.

This version offers additional improvements and features, such as support for WebP image format, the option to change display language of UI on Options page, Handoff support on macOS for browsing sessions that transfer between an iOS device and Mac computer, AV1 video codec support on Windows as well as stronger default stack smashing protection, new tool for debugging Flexbox containers as well as stronger stack smashing protection by default – among many more!

The new version of Firefox represents an outstanding advancement over its predecessors, boasting faster and more stable engines and an enhanced user-interface that’s more responsive. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an attractive theme that makes browsing much simpler than before.

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