MP3 Tag Editor


An MP3 tag editor helps you organize the music files you download online with accurate metadata tags, making the downloading experience smoother.

This tool offers a comprehensive solution for editing tags. It supports various file formats and enables batch processing of multiple tags at the same time.


Mp3tag is an incredible audio file editing software program, enabling you to tag audio files effortlessly. This tool can rename files based on tags, import data from text files, create lists of songs and more – it even works from USB sticks (see here for details). It comes for both Windows and macOS and can even run without installing anything (see here for details).

The program includes many features to help maximize your music library, such as renaming files according to their tags, importing data from online tag sources and batch editing multiple files simultaneously. Furthermore, it supports multiple file formats and tag types, automatically resizing embedded cover art renamed by this feature, as well as automatic cover art resizing features.

One useful feature is the ability to copy information from one field to the next, which can be particularly beneficial if your file names are cluttered and disorganized. Keep in mind, however, that some music players do not recognize separators like “; or &”.

MP3Tag’s software also extracts ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags from any selected file using a format string similar to that used in its tagging interface (the exact syntax can be specified by MP3Tag under Options – Tags – Format String). With this information in hand, renaming any selected files based on their tags becomes simple: select all the files with Ctrl+A then click on the action button on the right side of your screen before choosing either Replace or Remove as action options (replaing will replace existing text while removing will delete existing text within their tags).

Mp3tag’s many features also include the ability to identify unknown songs from MusicBraniz, grab covers and lyrics from YouTube, organize or rename files, rip CDs and convert between popular audio file formats such as AAC, Apple Lossless Audio Interchange File Format FLAC Matroska Mpeg Layer 3 Ogg Vorbis Opus WMA WavPack etc.

As an added benefit, Mp3tag allows you to easily download cover art for any album or track in your music collection – an especially helpful feature if you purchased albums via iTunes and the original cover artwork has become lost or corrupted. Their website provides detailed instructions for use as well as an installer for Windows which doesn’t require additional programs or libraries.


Mp3tag is a free open source software program used for editing the metadata of music files. Users can download it either directly from its website, Windows Store (for PCs running Windows 10), and Mac App Store (for Apple computers). Once the program has been installed, to begin using it the user must launch it; once done so they will see a list of steps they need to follow and can skip around them as they wish; some key functions of Mp3tag include downloading cover art from online sources, identifying untagged songs with MusicBrainz, as well as organizing and renaming audio files.

To start using this software, the user should navigate to a directory containing audio files they’d like to tag. After selecting one folder, the program will display all files contained therein in its main window; from here the user must select all of these files individually and tag all applicable sections like artist name, album year/year of release/genre name etc. Once all these tags have been completed they can either be exported into CSV or HTML formats or used rip CDs/burn audio CDs as well as convert audio file between different file formats using this software!

Customization of the options found in the main menu of a program can be accomplished by clicking on Tools, and then Options. Modifying these settings may alter how the software operates or looks; for instance, displaying toolbars may be enabled or disabled using checkboxes; this feature is particularly helpful for newcomers unfamiliar with its workings or who wish for a more organized layout.

Users may opt to save their configuration settings for a program by choosing to save as a configuration file, which can be helpful if they need to re-install or lose their settings. Options can also be set so that when saving, it will automatically backup this configuration file as well.


Mp3tag may initially seem complex to first-time users. With the aid of its included guide and some practice, however, using this application becomes simple. At its core lies an interactive table for each sound file which can be modified: this is known as tagging; basic data include song title, artist name, album title year genre etc can all be entered here easily and quickly! To add or modify these fields simply click on any track in the main list and complete its fields accordingly.

Mp3tag allows you to save changes as you make them and also provides the option of searching its database for lookups, which is helpful when trying to locate info that may be missing in files or when renaming files that have duplicate names. Tools exist specifically to accommodate this task such as replacing characters/words in tags and filenames with replace words tools; import/export ID3 tags from/to files, alter size/format of cover art cover images etc.

Another useful feature is the capability of editing playlists, which is invaluable when organizing your music library. Furthermore, this program lets you create new folders to group tracks by genre or style as well as assign keyboard shortcuts for certain actions.

Other useful functions include the ability to easily import tags from text files (the ‘import tag from text file’ action), changing font used in Tag Panel, and being able to reorder actions in Menu Bar; especially useful when it comes to quickly accessing frequently performed tasks.

The Undo function is an invaluable feature that allows users to correct any mistakes when they delete an incorrect tag or accidentally overwrite something. Unfortunately, however, if multiple changes are made at once without saving before undoing one at a time you will lose them all and be back at square one.


Sometimes when ripping music from CDs to your computer as MP3 files, the ripping software doesn’t export album art and track names correctly, making retagging of these music files time consuming and laborious. With Mp3tag’s free program however, this process becomes much quicker and simpler.

This powerful tag editor for MP3 and other audio files lets you edit their metadata quickly in batches, including track name, artist, label genre year track number. Furthermore it offers support for renaming playlist creation and importing tags from online databases such as freedb discogs MusicBrainz making this an excellent solution for editing audio files. Thanks to its user-friendly design fast start-up time and stable operation makes this an excellent option when editing audio files.

Its robust support for all file types – such as MP3, Ogg, Flac and Wav – make it one of the most comprehensive tag editors available today. Unfortunately, however, the interface may be somewhat cluttered at times with no inbuilt media player to facilitate listening to tracks directly.

Mp3tag is an advanced program that provides incredible control of your music database. A must-have for anyone wanting to organize their collection of tunes, it is free and compatible with most operating systems.

Mp3tag is an exceptional tool for music tagging, highly recommended by users. Its use of regular expressions for common tasks like capitalizing words mistakenly left lowercase makes this program exceptional, and it offers additional advanced features not available elsewhere in tag editor programs.

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