Mp3Tag Is Coming to Mac OS X

MP3tag is one of the best software tools for editing metadata on audio and video files, including those from OPUS, AIF, WAV, FLAC formats as well as others.

Sorting the File List has become significantly faster, especially for large libraries. Furthermore, some fields on the Tag Panel now support custom list values even if not set explicitly.


Mp3tag is an audio file tag editor that supports multiple music file formats and can edit multiple files at the same time. Users can rename files based on tag information, replace words in tags or filenames with more appropriate characters or words, import or export tag data as necessary and even adjust embedded cover art so it matches correctly to size requirements. In addition, Mp3tag offers an online database lookup function enabling them to quickly find appropriate tags and download album artwork automatically.

Mp3tag’s flexible tagging capabilities go beyond basic tag editing; it can read and write user-defined tag fields systematically. Furthermore, action groups provide workflows for tasks like formatting tag fields, case conversion, or removing unwanted fields from file metadata.

Filtering capabilities of this program are another strength. It can search through tags in a directory and display only those matching the criteria you select, making file searches faster and simpler; furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes this software accessible even for novice users.

Mp3Tag can also be used to modify the metadata of videos and other multimedia files, making it a useful way of editing large collections that may have multiple copies or mismatched information. Furthermore, playlists can be easily created and exported with this program helping users organize their library by tagging files by genre or artist name.

Mp3Tag’s new version boasts many upgrades and bug fixes, most notably no longer limiting memory to 2 GB per application – making it more suitable for larger libraries. Furthermore, users can now save configuration settings in case they accidentally lose them!

The Windows Store version of the program now features a context menu in Explorer for easier use, faster file list sorting and an option to choose different field sizes for the Tag Panel to make customization more intuitive.


Mp3Tag has long been one of the go-to tools for editing audio metadata on Windows, and now it’s finally making an appearance on macOS! Compatible with multiple audio formats and offering advanced tools for managing details about songs, albums, or podcasts such as automatically downloading ID3 tags from Amazon FreeDB Discogs MusicBrainz or automatically renaming files based on metadata it can also download lyrics and album art automatically!

Mp3tag allows users to easily create playlists for media players and set bookmarks for quick accessing audio folders instantly. Furthermore, users can view technical details about audio files such as bitrate, sample rate, channels duration size.

This software was also designed to work with multilingual filenames and Unicode, making editing audio files in any language or character set easier than ever before. Furthermore, it can download metadata from different online sources and compile it all into a single file – making managing large collections of songs or podcasts simpler than ever! Plus it even detects duplicates so they’re removed from your playlists completely!


Mp3tag is an audio metadata editing tool that works across several file formats, offering several services for editing metadata such as renaming files based on tag information, replacing characters or words within tags and filenames, importing and exporting tags, creating playlists, as well as supporting online database lookups from Discogs and MusicBrainz for gathering proper tags automatically as well as downloading cover art automatically for music libraries. With its ability to group actions into action groups for workflow automation purposes users can simplify repetitive tasks by formatting tag fields performing case conversion or removing unwanted fields or even adjusting embedded cover art artworks to meet required sizes.

MP3-Tagger supports most popular audio formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, AIF, DSF and MPC files and can be used both on Windows and Mac systems. You can batch edit ID3v1, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags of multiple media files simultaneously and access Amazon, freedb, discogs and MusicBrainz databases to retrieve accurate metadata to update existing tags in your media library automatically.

Mp3Tag’s unique capability for displaying lyrics of selected tracks stands out among many features; this is done via an external plugin called LyricsWikia which is free and readily available. Furthermore, Mp3Tag provides several tools that help users manage audio/video files more effectively such as split/join/equalizer/and file synchronization among many more features.

Mp3Tag is an intuitive application designed for easily organizing audio files. With features like automatic tagging based on file names and folders, batch processing, playlist management capabilities and the capability of creating new ones as needed – it makes the perfect companion for audiophiles, musicians, DJs or anyone looking to organize their collection efficiently. Mp3Tag can save considerable time when editing multiple files – however its only drawback lies with iTunes being non compatible!


Mp3tag is one of the best tools for audiophiles or those simply needing to organize their music library, helping edit metadata for virtually all types of files; editing can include changing song names, artists, albums, genres, genres years of release or even technical information such as bitrate frequency file size etc.

Mp3tag features batch tag editing capabilities that allow you to quickly modify multiple files at the same time. It supports various audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG and OPUS as well as searching online services like Amazon Freedb Discogs MusicBrainz to find metadata for your files and insert cover art for them.

Install Mp3tag on both a Windows and Mac computer by downloading and installing its installation files available from its website. Mp3tag will create a folder on your desktop where all configuration files will be stored, with desktop and Start menu shortcuts for quick access to this folder. It is also possible to upgrade an existing installation without losing its configuration settings.

Mp3tag can be utilized by musicians, DJs, audio enthusiasts and others who appreciate audio to organize and edit metadata for video files. You can even use Mp3tag to help manage and keep track of your own music collection, as it will notify you if a song has lost its cover image. Plus its intuitive user interface works great on both Windows and Mac computers!

This software was specifically created for working with large music libraries, with features intended to enhance your listening experience by offering you an efficient way to find songs quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, its tagging feature allows you to update an album or playlist’s tags as needed – this feature can come in handy if you wish to sync all songs from one computer onto your iPhone, as it ensures all songs contain accurate data for sync purposes.

Mp3tag is an open-source program available for free download from its developer’s website. Before using Mp3tag for the first time, we suggest reading its documentation as this provides first-time users with an introduction into its functionality and should provide an overall picture.

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