Mp3Tag Review

MP3tag is the ideal software solution to efficiently manage music metadata. This program can assist with various tasks including correcting or deleting incorrect metadata entries.

Tag Panel or use Flexible Tagging to customize them exactly how you’d like.


Mp3tag is an invaluable tool for managing digital music libraries of any size. It has many useful features that enable the management and maintenance of these collections, including renaming files based on tag information, replacing characters or words within tags and filenames with replacement ones, importing tag data, adjusting embedded cover art size/format as well as working with audio metadata such as removing duplicates or correcting incorrect entries.

Batch editing enables users to save time when working with large collections, supporting various audio formats and importing cover art from online databases. Reorder songs within directories and even create playlists tailored for specific albums/artists; iTunes playlists can even be automatically updated!

This software boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it straightforward for newcomers. Packed with features, and suitable for both casual and professional users alike. You can use it to manage music, movies and photos; add or remove lyrics from songs; change file extensions of MP3 or other audio files; convert files between formats; tag podcasts/video files etc.

Mp3tag features several main menus; most users will begin in the File drop-down menu with most of its key features; Empty, Previous and Favorite allow users to specify which folder Mp3Tag opens into at startup; while its Edit drop-down contains several basic tools to manage individual files more directly.

Actions is another menu option which enables you to define predefined actions that can be applied across multiple files simultaneously. These could range from changing single word filenames into standard spelling formats to simply reordering files and adding covers – or anything in between! There are multiple default Action groups you can choose from or create your own!


Mp3Tag is an easy and straightforward program for editing audio file metadata. This tool lets you add information your music player requires, correct existing information that needs updating or rearrange tags to make songs look more organized in playlists and folders. Mp3Tag comes available for both Windows and Mac platforms with a user-friendly installer to simplify installation process as well as customizable directories where data will be stored – once selected it will scan files automatically to detect errors that need fixing.

Whenever the program detects issues with your files, it will display a warning message at the bottom of your window and prompt you to confirm and fix any errors found. Once fixed, this program will update tag information on files saved on your computer if applicable; otherwise it will display another error message and continue searching for more errors within them.

Once you have entered new information, simply save it by selecting File – Save Tag and Mp3Tag will write the new tags directly into your MP3 files if they contain ID3v1 tags, while ID3v2 tags will be updated according to which version of Mp3Tag you are currently running.

Mp3Tag supports multiple audio formats, such as FLAC, OGG and WMA. Furthermore, it can rename files based on their tags; for example replacing an artist name with album art in songs. You can even use regular expressions to customize changes even further.

Noting the possibility that Mp3Tag may come bundled with adware is important. Adware is software which collects personal data from your device and sends it off to third-party companies for marketing purposes; additionally it may cause your computer to malfunction or slow down. To minimize adware installation by Mp3Tag for free download only from its official website is recommended.


Mp3tag is a metadata editor that supports multiple audio file formats, earning praise from experienced music enthusiasts and being compatible with Windows 11. Users can manage multiple files at the same time for a smooth experience – automatic renaming options as well as cover art download are among its many options available to them.

Mp3Tag provides users with a selection of tag fields for every song imaginable, such as Title, Artist, Album Year Genre Composer Track Number. In addition, users are also able to create custom extended tags tailored specifically to their needs and save time with its auto-tagging feature that corrects basic errors on its own saving them valuable time when managing a large playlist.

Picard, a free and open source program, is another highly regarded mp3 tag editor for macOS users. Compatible with iTunes and most media players, you can edit your files’ information using Picard to modify any aspect of them – from editing tags to building albums from single files! Compared to other mp3 tag editors, Picard stands out by supporting different audio file formats and having the capacity to build albums from single tracks.

Mp3Tag is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it user-friendly since over 20 years ago. Its developers have made it simple to use, as it supports various languages, can be installed easily without additional software requirements and offers multiple usage opportunities simultaneously on different computers. Remember to save any changes before moving onto the next file otherwise they could be lost!

Mp3Tag offers an expansive list of features, and is compatible with multiple music players and file management programs. Its user interface is user-friendly, including an easy search function to quickly locate any track or album. Furthermore, auto-tagging makes your collection more organized and accessible.

While this program can help organize your music library efficiently, its incorrect configuration could present challenges. For any inquiries or issues related to its usage, refer to its documentation or community forums prior to attempting a fix yourself.


Mp3tag is one of the top choices when it comes to MP3 tag editors for Macs, with its user-friendly features making it perfect for any music library. You can edit metadata files, rename files according to tags and even download cover art – but be aware that Mp3tag doesn’t support video files!

Mp3tag’s other great feature is its use of complex regular expressions. This is an invaluable way to quickly edit multiple tags at the same time, supporting iTunes MP4, Vorbis Comments and APE Tags as well as automatically detecting their correct type and automatically renaming files based on this information. You can even replace characters or words within tags and filenames while importing/exporting tag data!

Mp3tag makes creating albums a simple process, giving your music more of an organized home. Plus, album art can easily be attached directly from within the app to each file; additionally you can choose genre for all of your albums!

Mp3tag is a free, powerful and user-friendly program for managing all types of audio formats. With an intuitive user interface that makes editing tags fast and straightforward, as well as compatibility with major audio players; plus an automatic album artwork search function which saves you time! Furthermore, Mp3tag supports multiple formats including MP3 and OGG for maximum flexibility.

Mp3tag also integrates with Discogs, MusicBrainz, and other custom Tag Sources, assign track and disc numbers in bulk, add/remove metadata from a file using QuickTag feature, display album cover images in album view.

Picard, a free lightweight program that is capable of editing ID3 tags on Linux, offers another solution for editing ID3 tags. Picard allows users to modify audio files of various formats while also helping identify missing metadata and locate similar files.

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