MSI Afterburner Review

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a GPU overclocking and monitoring program with many features to help optimize GPU overclocking performance. These include an Overclock Scanner that automatically determines optimal settings, on-screen display of frame rates and temperatures as well as customizable profiles you can switch between using hotkeys.

OC Scanner

MSI Afterburner offers an invaluable OC scanner feature that makes overclocking your graphics card simple. Its settings enable you to achieve maximum GPU performance, such as clock speed and core voltage increases; plus it has features to optimize gaming experiences by tweaking other factors essential for optimal gameplay. Overclocking requires treading a fine line between better performance and potential damage to hardware – MSI Afterburner was specifically created with this in mind and makes this task as safe and stress-free as possible – thus becoming one of the top GPU overclocking tools in today’s market!

MSI Afterburner stands out from other overclocking tools by offering multiple windows for GPU monitoring and health checks, supporting up to five profiles, and showing CPU, memory, GPU, fan speed in real-time – this makes keeping track of performance easier when gaming; you can easily switch profiles using hotkeys.

MSI Afterburner is one of the most popular overclocking softwares for graphics cards, yet it may still cause issues for some users. Users have reported instances when MSI Afterburner stopped functioning completely and that its OC scanner stopped functioning as expected – this issue may be caused by software conflicts or outdated drivers so to ensure optimal performance it is important that both drivers and the MSI Afterburner application remain up-to-date.

MSI Afterburner can be downloaded directly from its company website. Please be wary of fraudulent download sites which distribute malware; instead use only reliable sources when installing MSI Afterburner onto your PC. Once you’ve obtained a download link and the latest version has been successfully installed on it.

Once installed and activated, click on the OC Scanner button to display current values for both core and memory clocks of your GPU. There are two options within this window – Scan and Test. Clicking Scan will run an algorithm that determines optimal frequencies you can achieve while maintaining stable voltage for your GPU; once satisfied with its results click Test and MSI Afterburner will apply these overclocking values directly onto it.

Custom Profiles

MSI Afterburner offers many tools for users looking to customise their graphics card settings beyond what is provided by default, such as creating a fan curve that should help to maintain optimal GPU temperatures while providing optimal performance. While most modern GPUs operate effectively thermally and acoustically without needing additional fan profiles, having one may enhance a gaming experience for those struggling to keep safe temperatures within default settings alone.

Afterburner also allows users to manually adjust the GPU fan speed using Power Limit, Temp Limit and Fan Speed sliders on its user interface. This is useful for monitoring temperature of GPU or when making an overclock that has proved problematic; note however that overclocking increases voltage which could potentially harm it if managed incorrectly.

Last but certainly not least is the program’s hardware monitoring capabilities. These can help you to keep an eye on things such as CPU and GPU clock speeds, memory usage, and more – useful if you want to quickly make adjustments in gaming performance and monitor its progress. This information can even be displayed live while gaming to provide quick visual updates.

MSI Afterburner also includes an advanced video capture software that lets you record in-game footage and share it on social media – perfect for showing off your gaming skills or using as tutorial videos!

MSI Afterburner is an easy and free way to access MSI GPU overclocking technology, worth checking out on every gamer’s desktop computer. Unfortunately, its developer, Russian national Alexey “Unwinder” Nicolaychuk has reported it as “semi abandoned and possibly dead,” due to economic sanctions against Russia preventing payment for his work on Afterburner development for over one year and lack of resources required. He promises he’ll find a solution soon though it remains an outstanding piece of software worth keeping on every desktop! Regardless, MSI Afterburner remains an outstanding piece of software worth keeping on every gamer’s desktop desktop.

On-Screen Display

MSI Afterburner’s on-screen display (OSD) makes it possible to keep an eye on your graphics card performance while you play games in real-time, providing invaluable real-time monitoring of settings and improving performance. Unfortunately, however, sometimes issues arise that prevent this feature from working correctly and require troubleshooting steps to address these problems.

Start by verifying that MSI Afterburner can support your graphics card by opening its configuration window and clicking “Monitoring”. Next, check each item you would like displayed in an OSD list by checking its corresponding box; to rearrange their order click and drag until desired position has been achieved; finally click “Show in On-screen Display” box so your chosen parameters appear while gaming on-screen.

Once your OSD settings have been adjusted, it is time to put them through their paces in a game. Launch any game and press your assigned hotkey combination for activating OSD overlay. Verify that all parameters selected display correctly if not, adjust accordingly until satisfied with results.

MSI Afterburner provides more than just basic monitoring features – in addition to showing GPU framerate and other stats during game play, MSI Afterburner also features an on-screen display which shows GPU framerate and other stats such as stats about FPS in real-time while you play games. While this feature can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to optimize FPS, some issues exist due to using low-level IO drivers to access hardware quickly and efficiently and this may cause compatibility issues between systems.

MSI Afterburner remains one of the premier tools for overclocking and monitoring GPUs, thanks to its user-friendly design, customization options, and free download and use from MSI’s website (note that pages may have been updated since publication; the link should still work). You could also check out MSI Kombustor or Asus GPU Tweak which offer similar applications with multiple features.


MSI Afterburner is a graphics utility application that gives you full control of both your GPU and its temperature. With its one-click overclocking tool OC Scanner, MSI Afterburner helps find the highest stable overclock settings for your graphics card automatically and gives a performance boost and smooth gaming experience. Custom fan speed profiles let you personalize fan speeds for enhanced fan speeds; real-time information regarding GPU performance can be seen through an onscreen display; plus this program includes features such as video capturing, FPS counter and multilanguage support!

Afterburner was originally designed to work exclusively with MSI graphics cards; however, other manufacturers’ products can be monitored and managed as well. Furthermore, you can adjust fan speed depending on system load or monitor CPU usage and temperature with this tool.

The software’s user interface (UI) is relatively uncluttered and straightforward. The main window shows your current clockspeed, memory clock rate and graphics card temperature. In the lower left corner is an icon representing a cog that opens the settings menu which contains different tabs that can be expanded for additional options.

Predator window allows you to record gameplay videos. It is great for showcasing memorable gaming moments such as match-winning frags or hard-won victories; overclockers can use Predator feature for recording and sharing their achievements; this feature supports H.264 codec as well as different file formats, sizes and quality settings allowing them to select what best meets their needs.

MSI Afterburner provides a great way to test and fine-tune your GPU’s overclocking potential, thanks to its integrated stress testing and benchmarking tool called Kombuster which utilizes FurMark technology for maximum temperatures and stability when overclocking. Plus, YouTube lets you compare results against others’ videos!

Overall, this software is an incredible piece for gamers and enthusiasts. It is free, straightforward to set up, and contains features designed to enhance gaming performance – an absolute must for any PC gamer!

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