MX Player Review

MX Player

MX Player is an incredible Android video player with numerous features and advanced hardware acceleration. Furthermore, it supports various file formats.

The MX Pro’s main home screen interface is intuitive yet outdated, using Android OS that treats your television like a giant tablet computer.

Multi-core decoding

MX Player is an incredible Android video player with many advanced features. It supports numerous file formats, such as avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mpg ts and mp4, while also offering hardware accelerated video playback which accelerates playback speed while decreasing battery consumption. Furthermore, its clean user interface adds another positive aspect.

MX Player is a free app with no ads, yet still contains some limitations: network streaming isn’t supported and some advanced features like custom codecs are only available through paying versions. To use MX Player on Android devices with at least 4.7-inch screens you will need to give certain permissions, such as location for video transfers and Bluetooth for AV sync synchronisation; additionally it requires certain permissions such as location for video transfers as well as Bluetooth for AV sync synchronisation and specific permissions such as location for video transfers as well as permissions such as location for video transfers from video transfers and Bluetooth for AV sync synchronisation as well.

Multi-core decoding is the latest update to MX Player and designed to enhance dual-core devices by using more cores to decode videos, showing up to 70% improvement versus single core devices in tests. Furthermore, it supports multi-touch gestures for controlling video viewing – pinch and swipe to zoom in/out while you adjust subtitle timing and more!

MX Player is an extremely popular video player that supports all major audio and video formats, featuring its exclusive multi-core decoding technology for fast playback. Furthermore, its software supports subtitles in different languages with scrollable forward/backward views of text to scroll forward or backward through its display modes; full screen mode support is also supported.

Sync settings

MX Player is one of the premier Android video players, boasting an intuitive user experience with an array of features in an accessible package. It supports most popular codecs and video formats – including AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV MOV MPEG WEBM WMV and XVID – as well as customizable audio/video settings like hue, holiness contrast saturation gamma (HCSG) as well as gesture controls to easily adjust volume or brightness via manual shortcuts. In addition to all this MX Player supports subtitles uploaded or edited from these formats SSA/ASS SRT or TXT formats as well.

Hardware-accelerated decoders make this Android player much faster when playing high-quality videos such as anime videos and 10-bit videos, especially those in HD quality. Furthermore, Stretch has multiple viewing modes – stretch, crop 100% fit to screen & 100% full screen viewing mode as well as the capability of synchronizing audio/video if there are out of sync videos.

MX Player stands out with its versatility by supporting Blu-ray discs, folders and DVD ISO/IFO files as well as 4K video and HD audio playback. Furthermore, you can select desired subtitles and audio tracks, set a sleep timer to automatically pause videos at predetermined times, as well as access EQ and surround sound audio effects.

MX Player stands out from its competition by not requiring payment for use, though advertisements do appear periodically. If these bother you, consider getting the Pro version to get rid of them; iOS devices are supported but Chromecast support is unavailable.

Kids lock

Kids Lock in MX Player allows parents to keep their children from accessing other apps and making calls while watching videos. It is easy and reliable, just enable the “Lock” option and then touch all four corners (beginning from the top left corner) clockwise to unlock it. This feature is particularly beneficial when trying to prevent accessing inappropriate material on devices.

MX Player stands out from other media players with its array of features that make it suitable for users of all ages and technical levels. Hardware acceleration provides smooth playback of high-resolution videos; supports numerous subtitle file formats; has speed control; includes customizable gestures; as well as its built-in search function.

MX Player is an outstanding video-watching solution, but sometimes can be cumbersome when trying to watch videos without an active internet connection. Luckily, the app offers some helpful tools – such as offline mode – which allow you to enjoy watching your videos even when there is no internet available.

MX Player boasts an intuitive user experience with a host of features that make it suitable for users of all ages, devices and file types. Support for many file formats makes MX Player ideal for use across different types of devices; and its customizable options make it a highly-versatile media player. MX Player Free version delivers high quality video playback without on-screen ads while Pro removes them while offering extra features.

Hide folders

If you use MX Player on your phone, you may have noticed it automatically pulls every video file onto its home page (media library), eventually cluttering up its home page (media library). Luckily, hiding folders within MX Player can help improve your experience; simply open the home page of MX and select “View”, or change its view using tapping on its three-dot menu. Alternatively, renaming files with periods instead will suffice;

MX Player is an established media player on the market. Known for being malware-free and offering regular security updates, it also supports Picture-in-Picture mode to allow users to watch TV shows or movies while performing other tasks on their phone; additionally it can download files from social media and entertainment apps like TikTok.

To hide folders in MX Player, navigate to the list screen and untick Recognize.nomedia check box before marking Show Hidden Folders and Files box. Now refresh MX home page list of folders until all hidden ones appear and watch for them!

Hide videos easily using MX Player, but be mindful of the risk that someone else could access them. To reduce this possibility, set a password for the MX user and use Private folder to secure and restrict access only by yourself. In case an accident arises and a file gets accidentally deleted, data recovery software can help.

Show hidden files

Smartphones have quickly become an indispensable device in modern life, from phone calls and video recording to hiding files and protecting privacy. MX Player app offers various options for hiding videos such as creating a private folder that only you have access to as well as creating password protection for them.

MX Player is an Android smartphone video playback and streaming app with around 500 million active users worldwide. It is free for everyone, malware-free and has no intrusive ads; in addition to being regularly updated with new features. Furthermore, it works seamlessly with many TV boxes and apps for Android smartphones.

MX Player provides an ideal option for cord-cutters or anyone simply wanting to watch movies and shows on their smartphone, with gesture controls and download support that enable seamless enjoyment. Plus, high-resolution playback capability enables high-definition content. Plus local/regional video content in various languages.

To hide files with MX Player, head to the app’s home page and tap on its three-dot menu. From there you can choose “Hide Folders” and “Show Hidden Files”. If this doesn’t work, try switching your view of folder or adding periods at the end of file names if applicable.

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