My Talking Angela 2 Plus Review

Angela, an outgoing music-lover and cat who exudes confidence with style. She wears pink shirts adorned with dark purple hearts as well as blue denim shorts.

Facebook Hoax Originating Features Angela allows users to contact her through text messages. This feature incited fears among parents who feared Angela asking pervert-related or intimate questions from users.

What is My Talking Angela?

My Talking Angela is an Android phone application featuring a virtual feline who speaks back in a squeaky voice when you speak back to it. Following in the tradition of previous Talking Tom and Friends apps, players feed, pet and play with My Talking Angela using taps and swipes on the screen to control it.

The core gameplay focuses around an adorable white cat named Angela who enjoys traveling, fashion and singing. Many players spend a good deal of time dressing and accessorizing Angela as part of the mini games in this game; as more you level up in this title more fashion items become unlocked giving players even more ways to express themselves visually through the visuals in this title.

Early in 2013, My Talking Angela became the subject of an internet hoax which falsely suggested it encouraged children to disclose personal data that could be used by pedophiles. While most parents rejected these claims, this caused many parents to delete My Talking Angela from their child’s device; since then, its developer has made several modifications, such as adding a child mode that disables Angela’s text chat feature.

Players can switch on or off child mode by tapping on the smiley face in the top right of the screen. This feature is especially crucial, as it eliminates chat feature that was central to Angela asking players for their names and ages as part of her hoax, as well as any dialogue with Angela regarding clothes-swapping parties etc.

My Talking Angela goes beyond its chat feature to offer some enjoyable mini-games, like Arkanoid-style brick breaking and simple tangram puzzles. Unfortunately, these mini games can quickly become repetitive.

Players can keep their hands busy by brushing Angela’s teeth, bathing her, and providing her with regular nap times – activities which will ensure her wellbeing is maintained over time and ensure longevity of gameplay. As for in-app purchases, food is currently the only one available and easy to earn through play!

What are the features of My Talking Angela?

Angela, a white cat with big blue eyes, greets players in her bedroom. A playful feline who enjoys making-up, cute clothes and being bathed. As part of the game, taking care of Angela involves feeding snacks to her, washing her off thoroughly in the tub, brushing her fur and teeth and taking her for bathtime – not forgetting attending to mini games like taking Angela to Japan or New York City via airplane trips!

The game is designed to be engaging and encourages children to talk with Angela, who responds in her signature squeaky French voice and moves and gestures according to what the user says. Petting and poking Angela via screen taps and swipes are allowed, and mini games offer rewards or epic tokens which can then be used to unlock other activities or games.

My Talking Angela stands out among popular apps aimed at children because it does not contain any explicit or inappropriate material, although there is a child mode which can be toggled on or off – turning this feature off disables its “robot” chat feature that was responsible for an embarrassing Facebook hoax involving My Talking Angela; unfortunately however, its developer has taken no measures to stop children simply turning this mode off themselves.

My Talking Angela is an engaging virtual pet game perfect for people who can’t have pets at home or travel often, providing comfort through 3D graphics that look appealing while animation runs without lag and sound effects are accurate and well done.

The gameplay and controls are relatively intuitive and easy to master, while it is free-to-play but offers in-app purchases to acquire additional content faster and progress further. Parents should keep in mind that the game requires an internet connection in order to function, so they should monitor their children while playing to prevent accidental purchases being made without their knowledge or consent. They should also implement appropriate parental and app store restrictions so their children won’t download other apps without permission or make purchases without their authorization.

Is My Talking Angela safe for kids?

Last week, an internet hoax surfaced again that warned parents that Talking Angela may be used by paedophile ring. Unfortunately, however, such claims are founded upon misreading Talking Angela’s functionality.

As her name suggests, Angela is an animated virtual cat that lives in a cafe and repeats whatever you tell her; it also responds to screen taps and swipes. A popular character on YouTube music videos and in physical toys sold at retailers around the world, Angela now features on a multi-million pound app franchise used by more than 230 million people each month!

This app also boasts a text-chat function, although this can be disabled when used with children. When enabled, this prompts users to provide personal data, including age and location details. According to Outfit7’s developers, such information will not be stored but used only for tailoring content in the app.

Parents remain concerned with the chat feature due to Angela appearing with male features in her eyes and other sexually suggestive conversations; one Facebook post even claimed a hacker had broken into the app in order to spy on children.

According to security expert, it appears that claims regarding text-chat features were founded in an incorrect understanding. An app asks for your name and age in order to personalize the experience, yet these details are never stored anywhere. Children’s apps often feature interactive avatars that mimic real life interactions as part of the experience – an effective strategy that has even proven beneficial in helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and people experiencing behavioral, emotional or social difficulties (BESD).

My Talking Angela can be safely used by children under adult supervision as long as they do not access its chat feature or private areas within the game. Furthermore, it would be prudent for you to talk with your children about online safety and staying secure while using mobile devices.

Is My Talking Angela 2 Plus safe for kids?

My Talking Angela 2 Plus is an engaging virtual pet game that lets players interact with an adorable cat named Angela. Players can feed her, play mini-games with her, purchase clothes and accessories for her and even chat online with other gamers about Angela! Furthermore, My Talking Angela also boasts an instant messaging system to communicate directly with Angela as well as any potential rival gamers online.

However, Outfit7 cautions that children under 13 should not use this feature as it allows users to share personal data with each other and create fake profiles in order to increase friend counts – both activities that could prove dangerous for young gamers and are therefore not recommended by Outfit7’s game developer.

If you wish to safeguard your child against these potential dangers, turn on “child mode” in the settings menu. This will disable some of the more contentious aspects of the game such as Angela speaking with a high-pitched voice and poking her. Furthermore, blocking in-game purchases can help ensure they don’t waste their money buying unnecessary items.

Be mindful that this game requires a reliable internet connection for optimal operation, which could present problems if your child uses school or public WiFi networks. If this concerns you, try connecting to a private network instead to ensure their privacy is not violated by prying eyes.

My Talking Angela 2 Plus is available free to download and play, though there may be in-game purchases and ads. Furthermore, this game requires access to your device’s camera in order for it to operate effectively; while some parents may view this as concerning, Outfit7 has stated they do not collect any data through My Talking Angela 2 Plus.

My Talking Angela 2 Plus offers more than just fun and interactive gameplay – it also features several unique locations to discover and enjoy. From Dance Studio to Sweet Shop, there is something here for all types of players. Each location provides players with opportunities to connect with their cat while having an exciting adventure.

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