My Talking Angela Has Some Unsettling Rumors

Talking Tom and Friends recently introduced My Talking Angela as its latest game in their app series. My Talking Angela features an animatronic pet cat that responds to taps and swipes on screen as well as repeated words spoken into its microphone, with some users reporting unsettling experiences such as glitches and disturbing messages from My Talking Angela.


My Talking Angela is an app where users can interact with and care for a cute cat character named Angela, from kittenhood all the way through adulthood. Users can feed, bathe and brush Angela’s teeth as she transitions through life; play games together or even bring Angela on airplane trips!

This game uses voice recognition technology, which enables it to repeat words or phrases spoken into its microphone, enabling users to play games with friends or family, as well as serving as a communication aid for people with hearing disabilities. Available on iOS and Android devices.

Some features in the game are designed to appeal to young children, such as collecting stickers for a sticker album. Collecting stickers allows children to feel like they are caring for something while making progress in the game – however it is essential for parents to monitor and educate their child on online safety to prevent exposure to inappropriate content.

My Talking Angela offers many activities, from playing games and baking cakes, experimenting with makeup, to styling clothes and hair. The characters are exceptionally well designed, making the game easy to navigate; graphics quality is quite high (with few visual bugs); sound effects are pleasant; voices for each character make for enjoyable interaction!

Older versions of the app offered a chat feature which allowed users to send Angela messages. Outfit7 removed this feature on March 8, 2016, following reports of “man in her eyes” allegations that were floating around online at that time.

This game includes some fun mini-games, including an Arkanoid-style brick-busting Arkanoid game and an easy tangram puzzle game. These games may be enjoyable initially; however, over time they may become repetitive and dull for players; therefore developers should add new games in order to keep players engaged with the experience.

Creepy glitches

Talking Angela first launched, and soon afterwards there were widespread rumors that its virtual cat had a hidden camera in her eyes, prompting users to fear that Talking Angela may be keeping secrets about them.

Though the company behind this app denies all allegations of creepy glitches and incidents, some users have experienced disturbing glitches and creepy incidents with it. One user reported seeing windows and people reflecting in Angela’s eyes; along with other mysterious glitches this has raised serious safety concerns regarding Angela and its app.

Decisions on whether or not to download an app should ultimately be left up to personal discretion, although it’s wise to carefully weigh both advantages and disadvantages before making your choice. While some users may fear being targeted by hidden cameras, others should bear in mind how far AI technology has advanced since Talking Angela first hit shelves.

Disturbing messages

Numerous users have reported receiving disturbing messages from Talking Angela, leading many parents to reconsider downloading it for their child(ren). Some users claim to have experienced strange glitches while others report receiving personal and even death threat messages through Talking Angela. While it is wise to take these reports with a grain of salt, their consistency has made many parents reconsider its download.

As many users have found strange reflections in Talking Angela’s eyes, raising concerns that she might be spying on them or engaged in other illicit activity, some users have raised conspiracy theories suggesting the app may be being used for grooming or other harmful activities; yet these concerns don’t tally with reality as Talking Angela and Talking Ginger are both safe options suitable for children’s use.

Parents frequently express concern over certain apps. But some of these concerns can be baseless and could potentially harm young children. A source of particular worry for some parents involves the message displayed in Talking Angela’s eyes and reports from users seeing a white masked figure behind Talking Angela; though these claims could easily be dismissed as overactive imaginations by many, these incidents have convinced many to reconsider downloading the app altogether.

Outfit7, the developer of this app, has made no efforts to prevent children from accessing Child Mode. This is particularly alarming given that children can easily gain access to it by pressing a smiley face icon; once activated, users will begin speaking to Angela both verbally and textually regarding clothes swap parties or cat sex parties.

While Outfit7 claims that their app does not contain a hidden camera, they still collect some device-related data which is then sent back to them and used solely to enhance functionality of the app. They should consider making it more difficult for children to switch off Child Mode.

Reflections in Angela’s eyes

Angela is an elegant city cat who dreams of becoming famous. Although she works hard toward this goal, she also has a soft side – caring deeply for her friends and frequently worrying over them. However, Angela can sometimes become aggressive or hot-headed; lashing out when she feels disrespected or ignored is common and her relationship with Tom can sometimes become complicated (to say the least!). She may become jealous over time of his success as well.

Users have reported creepy glitches and unsettling messages, but reflections in Angela’s eyes are particularly unnerving. These mysterious images have raised eyebrows and led some users to speculate as to the app’s intentions; others have linked Talking Angela and Talking Ginger with missing children videos without supporting evidence; nevertheless, this has contributed to a growing sense of unease surrounding both apps.

Reflections in Angela’s eyes are due to the app’s realistic graphics; however, some users believe there’s more going on behind the scenes. Screenshots taken by users show what appears to be windows and even human figures in Angela’s reflections – causing significant controversy and speculation over this seemingly simple app.

Old versions of the app included a feature whereby you could press a button and command Angela to do certain actions, such as yawning, smiling, or sticking out her tongue. Furthermore, it could recognize your face and mimic facial expressions accurately; however, this was discontinued in 2016 following reports about eye glares.

Talking Angela has gained immense popularity, yet is not without flaws. Its creepy glitches and unnerving messages have alarmed users – particularly parents – as have its in-app purchases that could potentially lead to excessive spending by children. Therefore, parents must monitor their children’s use of mobile devices that require internet connectivity in order to protect them and ensure safe gaming experiences for their kids.

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