NANO Antivirus Review

NANO Antivirus is a reliable free antivirus solution designed to safeguard your computer against all forms of malware such as cryptolockers, screen blockers, bank trojans and adware. Easily useable, it works without negatively affecting system performance.

The program features an intuitive tabbed interface with an eye-pleasing color palette, as well as an easily understood license agreement.

Real-time protection

NANO Antivirus is a free antivirus program that offers protection from viruses, Trojans, rootkits, worms and ransomware. Utilizing deep scanning techniques and decompression technology to detect encrypted or polymorphous threats in any part of the system; and protects against threats via internet traffic such as emails and FTP transfers; its real-time protection feature can protect both home users as well as business users; its real-time USB scanning is great for home and business users; its user interface makes for smooth usage by both beginners as well as IT specialists alike!

NANO program’s main features are organized into separate tabs for easy navigation. For instance, its Actions tab lets you easily run a full system scan, update virus definition files and perform an express scan; its Removable media tab enables removable drives or removable media to be scanned; its Quarantine tab manages infected files while its Settings tab provides some customizable features of how the program operates such as changing languages and skin selection as well as controlling where info popups will be displayed.

NANO Antivirus stands out among free antivirus programs by not consuming excessive system resources when running as a regular program, only using 100 MB of RAM when idle and 200 MB during full system scans – though these scans may take several hours to complete.

NANO Antivirus offers a sleek user interface and boasts numerous features that rival those offered by major antivirus software providers. Its realtime protection feature, System Guard, protects from screen blockers, bank Trojans, encryptors and potentially unwanted programs such as screen blockers. Furthermore, a web guard monitors activity on web sites to block suspicious connections as well as providing web monitoring with blocklisting capability for suspicious connections; there’s even an Infected File Quarantine feature to store infected files or URLs while its Pro version offers even more advanced features!

Easy to use

NANO Antivirus is an impressive free antivirus program packed with impressive features. Not only is it user-friendly, but its virus-zapping power makes it worth having on any computer system. This software includes tools to protect against viruses, trojans, winlockers and ransomware as well as malicious programs like phishing websites, keyloggers and spyware – plus high speed scanning updates plus convenience for small businesses!

NANO antivirus software stands out from its competition by not overwhelming you with unnecessary features. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly, with everything organized into separate tabs for ease of use. Furthermore, it’s relatively light on resources: an average PC can run it smoothly; its only drawback being it requires at least a 2GHz processor and plenty of RAM to function efficiently.

NANO Antivirus stands out by being compatible with most operating systems, from Windows XP through to the most up-to-date versions of Windows 10. Downloading is available directly from its developer’s website; once installed, protection for your PC begins immediately!

NANO Antivirus makes it simple and effortless to get up and running, even offering a basic version that’s fully functional. Perfect for home users as well as small business owners alike, its useful features include express scan, firewall protection, real-time protection and much more.

Security Fortress is an intuitive yet powerful antivirus tool that offers superior protection against viruses and malware such as screen blockers, bank trojans, PUPs and adware. Not only is it fast; independent testing labs OPSWAT and AV-TEST awarded it the VB100 certification due to its daily updates of virus database and ability to detect encrypted threats; deep system scans can be performed safely as well as support for different removable media types; it even features customizable settings allowing users to customize its behavior and options.

Cloud-based scanning

MSPs can easily protect customers from even the most sophisticated malware threats with NANO Antivirus’s cloud-based scanning solution, providing seamless protection. This lightweight antivirus scans all of their customers’ systems – including virtual ones – using multiple virus detection engines, quickly detecting new threats before they spread further. Furthermore, its lightweight nature minimizes system resource drain while simultaneously increasing performance while permitting MSP technicians to customize antivirus policies according to individual customer needs.

Software available as a free download comes with both online and offline installers, offering quick installation processes. Once installed, it automatically starts running and performs a deep scan of your computer within minutes, showing whether your system is clean or not; should any issues arise it will alert you and allow you to decide whether to address them or ignore them.

This software is extremely user-friendly and works perfectly on Windows 10 devices. It offers many features – real-time file and network protection as well as regular updates from NANO Security’s antivirus laboratory – at an excellent price with licenses sold in increments of 100 days of protection.

Another feature of this software that users will appreciate is its ability to identify and block existing threats on a computer, using both signature-based scanning and heuristic checks. Furthermore, this feature enables it to detect hidden threats which might become active any time in the future – making this particularly advantageous for business users who operate independently.

As well as its free version, this program also comes with an advanced PRO version with more advanced features. This version allows for greater file format scanning capabilities and touchscreen support; additionally it scans libraries running Windows 7 or later computers and comes equipped with a command-line interface to make managing large networks simpler for administrators. Lastly, its latest release now sports an updated UI for an easier experience overall.


NANO Antivirus may be new to the antivirus market, but it already boasts some impressive features. Its sleek interface features tabbed sections for easier navigation; plus, it automatically adjusts its power usage so as not to waste resources and slow down computers. An impressive array of scanning options makes Avast an invaluable ally, including its ability to detect viruses in encrypted archives and backups. In real time it monitors web traffic, email activity and system activity to protect you against computer viruses and malware. System Guard, its real-time protection feature, employs two forms of anti-malware shields to keep your computer secure from threats: File Guard protects from file-execution malware attacks while Web Guard monitors network traffic to block phishing websites or anything that poses as such a risk.

NANO’s heuristic scanning technology can detect many threats not included in its database yet, without requiring users to download updates. Furthermore, it offers additional security tools including password managers, parental controls and privacy settings – all for free use! Furthermore, Windows Explorer integrates seamlessly to automatically scan files when they’re downloaded into NANO.

NANO Antivirus’ website boasts an expansive list of FAQs and user forums for user interaction, in addition to offering phone, email and live chat support for customers. Their team of customer service agents are knowledgeable and friendly – responding swiftly when issues arise.

NANO Antivirus offers more than just malware protection – its cloud-based scanning and automatic update features ensure it always has access to the most up-to-date detection engines and signatures, giving fast and precise protection.

NANO features both a traditional GUI and native Metro-style app for Windows 8 and 10, providing easy access to its cloud-based scanner. It supports file scanning from USB drives or removable media as well as supporting different file formats.

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