Nero CoverDesigner Review

Nero CoverDesigner is an intuitive program for designing DVD and CD covers and inlays with ease, and at an extremely reasonable cost.

The standard toolbar offers various functions necessary for working with the program, such as Pen, Brushes and Text Block Editing.

Easy to use

Nero CoverDesigner is an easy-to-use piece of software that makes creating CD booklets, inlays and labels for various disc types simple and efficient. Plus, users can print directly onto compatible media using LightScribe or Labelflash recorders – creating high-quality CDs quickly that add some class to any music collection!

User-friendly Windows interface featuring several toolbars designed to streamline work and quickly access to useful functions. Incorporating images onto CD labels with ease, text boxes, artistic text boxes, track lists and various fields such as Title/Artist/Disc Title/Playing Time etc are also provided for quick use.

This program provides an array of effects that can be easily applied to images without resorting to external programs like Photoshop. Furthermore, it enables one-click color changes as well as brightness, contrast, gamma adjustments. Furthermore, special filters like mosaic, soften, sharpen and erode can also be applied within this software program.

Nero CoverDesigner may attempt to install additional applications that you do not want on your computer during installation; you have the ability to opt-out during this step and continue with normal operation of the program.

Once installed, Nero CoverDesigner is easily launched from its icon in the main menu. A window will then open where you can select your document type and template of choice before viewing predesigned elements for that template in the drawing area. To save as a template file using Save As/Save for Nero CoverDesigner Templates folder (My Documents or Nero CoverDesigner Templates Folder), enter its name here then save via Save/Nero CoverDesigner Templates Folder then save again (‘Save All). Nero CoverDesigner then saves its data into that template file so you can reuse its data whenever creating new cover elements – perfect!

Intuitive interface

Nero CoverDesigner features an easy and user-friendly interface, making creating customized CD covers or DVD booklets a straightforward process. Select from one of its templates or use its ‘Create new Cover’ function to develop an individual design from scratch; add photos, text or logos as desired as well as select background color/style options before printing to standard printer or PDF-compatible device for instantaneous results!

With the Text Block tool, you can quickly and easily create and edit a text element displayed as its own separate area on a cover. Format text bold, italic or underline and set its position within its frame of the Text Block. Or use Fit to Shape for further adaptation if applicable or Fit to Shape to reduce further modifications; set frame thickness with Width button while choosing text color options using Text Color button.

Text blocks allow you to display multiple texts simultaneously, such as for the front and back covers of a CD. You can select different fonts for each text block as well as change its appearance with the “Text font” menu, creating artistic text using the “Artistic text” tool or entering patterns across its entirety to produce unique and stylish CD covers.

Nero CoverDesigner goes beyond text block editing by offering additional ‘Effects’ for images and text that can be added to CD covers, such as embossing, erosion, outlining, sharpening and softening effects. You can even rotate, flip and swirl images for additional creative effects!

Nero CoverDesigner also allows for seamless import of files and formats from multiple devices, including mobile phones and digital cameras, convert videos into high quality MP3s, transfer data between PCs and USB sticks, password protect photos, and provides enhanced support for Sony PlayStation Vita users wishing to create high quality video content on-the-go.

Customizable templates

Nero CoverDesigner offers an abundance of templates to create CD labels, Inlays and booklets quickly and efficiently. Its pre-made templates require minimal editing to get print ready; providing an ideal starting point for professional designs. The software has been carefully designed to be user-friendly with tools designed specifically for this task; such as selecting elements using its selection tool while its line, rectangle and ellipse drawing tools allow easy addition of shapes; its text and artistic text tools allow simple text input while its track list, directory and image tool makes inserting files or information related to disc production easier than ever!

The program conforms to standard Windows conventions and includes a menu bar, various icon bars, and a status bar. The workspace displays any cover element you select; formatting text or images using available tools (text editor/image editor is supported for audio CDs; directory tool can be used for data CDs). LightScribe labels can also be burned on compatible hardware while supporting different paper stocks are supported as well.

As soon as the program begins, a New Document window appears in the forefront. Under “Document Templates,” available document templates for your chosen disc type appear here; choose one and press ‘OK”. Whenever you open one of these template files, all of its cover elements appear as originally designed in preview area.

Text Blocks are groups of letters, words or sentences connected together and cannot be moved independently of one another. Any time you change text in a text block, all subsequent lines of text will also be altered; for instance if you move one with four lines and change its font style then all subsequent text lines will adopt that new font style as well. To edit a text block directly right-click and select “Text Block Editing.”


Nero CoverDesigner is an easy and professional way to design stunning covers for CDs, DVDs, and digital media. The user-friendly software comes equipped with plenty of templates and backgrounds from which you can choose; its lightweight nature requires only minimal system requirements while printing capabilities complete your designs.

At the core of Nero CoverDesigner lies selecting a document type. A selection from among available document templates for disc type will appear in the center window; selecting an already created reusable template instead creates it immediately as opposed to creating new documents from scratch.

After selecting your cover element, choose from CD jewel cases, DVD cases, multi-boxes, maxi CDs and slim packs available as options. Furthermore, this software supports LightScribe and Labelflash recorders so you can directly print labels onto compatible media.

If you want to add an individual image for your cover element, click the Picture to Import button in the upper-left of your screen and then from the Open window select your file(s). When clicking one, its information is added to Document Data window (see “Editing Artistic Text’ chapter for more).

After selecting a cover element, the Design tab enables you to alter its appearance. Here you can add images, edit the background, change its color and alter text size and style via Bold Italic Underline buttons; or activate “Adapt to Shape” mode so text adapts perfectly with printable area of selected cover element.

By clicking the Custom tab in Design view, you can also make a customized cover by inserting images and text in desired positions. In addition, the Save as Template button in the top right of your window makes saving this design as a reusable template easy!

Once your design is complete, press the ‘Print’ button in the toolbar. Nero CoverDesigner provides additional useful features, including being able to import files from external programs and copy object properties from one object into another.

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