Nero Software Review – Nero Video, Nero Wave Editor, Nero BackItUp and More


Nero is one of the world’s premier digital media suites, providing powerful applications for organizing, playing, editing, converting and CD burning.

Nero of Ancient Rome became notorious for his cruelty; he is said to have murdered both of his parents before playing violin while Rome burned – thus coining the phrase, “Fiddling While Rome Burns”.

Video Editing

Nero Video is an easy, user-friendly video editing program that makes creating stunning videos simple and straightforward. Support for HD video up to 4K resolution, special effects such as multi-camera editing and green screen removal is included, along with customizable templates and an accessible media organizer to quickly locate all of your pictures, videos and music files.

Nero also features an excellent audio editing tool that enables users to unlink audio files from video clips and edit their properties for optimal results. With standard effects like noise reduction, compression, reverb, de-essing and high-pass filter available you have plenty of control over how your final video will sound. There’s even an impressive selection of background music which you can customize length-wise according to your time constraints!

Nero offers an intuitive green screen editor that makes removing backgrounds from video footage simple, replacing them with more appealing locations or people. Furthermore, it automatically identifies faces in scenes so you can cut out and replace their head with an actor/actress of your choice easily. Lastly, an intelligent upscaling option enables Nero users to eliminate artifacts, increase clarity and enhance image quality in video files.

Nero offers another convenient feature, in that it automatically collects memories from digital photos to produce slideshows with music and captions – an excellent way to showcase family or vacation pictures without spending hours creating them yourself! Furthermore, advanced effects and transitions can also be added as desired.

Nero offers plenty for any video editing enthusiast at an extremely reasonable cost, as evidenced by its suite of programs. Unfortunately, however, Nero lacks some of the more advanced tools found in more expensive editors; nevertheless it remains an attractive solution for anyone seeking a simple and straightforward application to help with their next project.

Audio Editing

Nero Wave Editor is an audio editing program that allows you to compose, manipulate and record your own sounds. Featuring an impressive array of effects that will add professional sheen to pre-recorded audio as well as more niche tools like beat editing and text to speech functionality, Nero Wave Editor supports many popular file formats while featuring non-destructive editing so you don’t lose data while working on music files.

Nero is easy to use with its intuitive and uncluttered user interface and handy shortcuts that speed up navigation through the program. Plus, Nero comes equipped with industry-standard VST plugins so that its capabilities can be expanded upon.

This program features many of the same features found in free software programs like Audacity. These features include support for a range of popular audio formats as well as utilities for sound normalisation and pitch tuning, with plenty of effects available such as distortion, reverb and echo to add to your recordings. Perfect for both novice editors as well as more advanced ones!

One of its best features is that it can help digitize vinyl recordings, turning your old records into digital music files. Furthermore, this app also enables you to automatically split tracks and export them as individual files simultaneously – with each track saving as a different format such as MP3 or AAC for easy storage.

Nero Wave Editor software is fully compatible with Windows, designed to make audio editing simple for novices. More advanced editing techniques may also be employed using its 6-band equalizer or transposing the key of selected sections of an audio file.

Nero offers an online learning center called Nero KnowHow Plus that contains helpful articles and tips for getting started with the software. In addition, there are online manuals as well as an active user’s forum available.

Duplicate Finder

Duplicate File Finder is an efficient duplicate finder designed to save valuable disk space by quickly and accurately locating and deleting unnecessary duplicate files. It can also organize your files more effectively so it’s easier for you to locate them later. Duplicate File Finder quickly scans both local and external storage devices for identical or similar image files before helping you clean them up in just a few clicks, freeing up hundreds of GBs and better organizing photo libraries simultaneously.

Software that detects duplicate photos even if they differ slightly is becoming increasingly sophisticated, thanks to advanced algorithms. Furthermore, it can detect and delete duplicate video files, music tracks, documents and more. Furthermore, various scanning modes allow for customized searches according to individual needs.

This reliable program is available for both Windows and Mac OS X, featuring an intuitive user-friendly interface for ease of use and navigation. Furthermore, its highly configurable tools allows you to select which files or folders should be scanned; additionally it is capable of supporting various devices, such as internal/external hard drives, USB flash drives, mobile phones and cloud storage services.

Contrary to other programs, this one employs intelligent algorithms that compare files on their contents rather than names alone, ensuring it will only scan and identify actual duplicate files while avoiding false positives. Furthermore, it can also help find similar or unique files as well as versions. Overall this program offers an effective solution for those wishing to declutter their file collection and free up space on their computer.

Puran Duplicate File Finder is another fantastic solution for quickly identifying and deleting duplicate files, designed with simplicity in mind. This free application makes deleting duplicates simple for users of all experience levels; you can use it to remove them from a single drive, folder, hard drive or entire hard drives; also find duplicates across different locations on one drive as well as cloud storage accounts.


Nero is best-known for its media and disc burning software, but the company also produces an array of backup applications designed to protect important files from damage or loss. Nero BackItUp is a user-friendly program that makes creating automated backups simple – both to external storage devices such as USB drives and optical media as well as cloud solutions – as well as offering file versioning and encryption options to enhance data security.

Nero BackItUp can be configured to automatically back up at regular intervals at set intervals, as well as allow users to customize which files and types of data should be included in each backup. Furthermore, automated verification systems help ensure all backups are successful so they can be restored later if necessary. Furthermore, multiple copies can be kept of each backed up file which allows it to recover information that has been accidentally deleted or damaged.

Notably, Nero BackItUp was designed with beginner users in mind and as such offers minimal options. While this may suit those seeking an easy and straightforward backup solution, those seeking greater customization with regards to how backup sets are created should seek another product instead.

Nero BackItUp makes the restore process straightforward and user-friendly. Once a backup has been successfully completed, files or folders may be selected for restoration by accessing the program and selecting files or entire folders to restore. Unlike some backup solutions that might restore everything as is originally was backed up, Nero BackItUp only restores those changes made rather than their original state; making sure backups stay up to date. This feature ensures backups can always be easily restored when necessary.

Nero software suite features RescueAgent, an advanced recovery utility used to recover lost files and data from damaged storage devices. We tested this functionality using a 2GB USB stick and were pleased to see all our accidentally deleted or corrupted folders were recovered easily with ease. The software is easy to use; simply select where you wish to scan before choosing between fast or deep scan.

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