New Features in Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator’s realism is part of its allure; however, for some players this same realism may become tiresome and tedious over time.

Anyone who appreciates the relaxing, meditative gameplay will find this release an enhancement. Small details, from shifting gears more smoothly when changing to more precise physics help bring things up-to-par.


Farming Simulator 22 continues its impressive legacy as an engaging sandbox experience that allows players to get their hands dirty and cultivate whatever they can dream up. From plowing soybean fields to bailing hay bales, Farming Simulator 22 remains as immersive and rewarding as ever while adding numerous new features that enhance its experience.

GIANTS Software’s most significant innovation this year is the introduction of a Seasons System that adds another dynamic to gameplay. While mods offered some seasonal effects to Farm Simulator 19, this new game system takes it much further by mirroring real-life weather patterns worldwide. Each day represents one month, and temperature and rainfall fluctuations play a critical role in how crops will develop over time.

An exciting change to the game is the introduction of new forestry features that add a whole new depth. There are new tree species, environmental effects and even an interactive tree marking system similar to real life! Not only can players find new gameplay options within forestry; there are also new missions, additional production chains and an enormous new map to discover!

Building mode has also been revamped, adding greenhouses and beehives to the list of structures you can erect on your farm. Furthermore, there’s now a character creator for creating personalized farmers. In addition, developers officially test all community-created mods before adding them as official upgrades for compatibility and quality assurance.

One thing that seems out-of-place with FarmVille 2 is the absence of an in-game bank where you can borrow money to invest into your business. Most other farming games provide this feature and it makes the financial aspect of gameplay significantly less immersive – though admittedly only minor.


Crops are an integral component of any farm, and knowing when and how to plant and harvest them in order to maximize profits can be challenging due to fluctuating crop prices; also knowing which varieties thrive best during certain seasons can help make this task less daunting.

Farming Simulator 22 brings back all the familiar crops from its predecessors as well as some new additions like grapes and olives, in addition to some brand new crops like cotton and grapes that only flourish under certain weather conditions. While some can be harvested using standard equipment, others require specific machinery (lumber/poplar trees for instance) while cotton/grapes only seem to grow under specific weather conditions.

This game introduces a groundbreaking production chain feature, enabling players to turn harvested crops into products for sale or personal consumption, expanding and diversifying their farms at the same time as making money and expanding them. It offers another way for players to earn extra money and expand their farms while expanding them financially.

Start a production chain: To get underway, players need to select and plant an in-game crop either on their farmland or bring it directly to an in-game building. When harvesting is ready, players can then select between selling, storing or distributing their harvest; note that distribution requires fuel.

Wheat, canola, barley, oats, soybeans and sorghum are the most rewarding crops in this game, growing best during autumn and spring seasons; fruit and vegetable planting should take place during other times of year. High-yield crops also include sugar beets, tomatoes and potatoes for maximum profit potential.

Not only can players grow crops on their land, they can also construct facilities on it to help them produce different types of products from their harvests – for instance a bakery may help sell cakes and bread created during gameplay – particularly useful in multiplayer scenarios.

FS22 offers another major innovation with the ability to turn off seasonal progression entirely, which is ideal for players looking to play without constantly switching crops every month and replanting. This won’t impede growth or harvesting speed; additionally, there is also a “fixed visual month” setting which lets them freeze seasonal progression at any specific point such as October without negatively affecting gameplay.


No matter your task – planting crops, tending livestock, driving down the road – there’s an array of vehicles available to make life easier. From tractors, combines, trailers and auger wagons from brands like John Deere, Fendt, CLAAS to others – there is something suitable for every fan of heavy machinery!

GIANTS Software has significantly upgraded FS22’s vehicle fleet compared to its predecessor. They have added some new devices while refining others; for instance, an information panel on the left of the screen provides players with a detailed breakdown of each machine’s features – such as how much work it can do or cover an area or weight. This helps players plan more effectively for any given task by choosing an optimal vehicle for themselves.

Reparations and maintenance capabilities of vehicles is another notable addition. The game features an innovative system which tracks how often players utilize particular devices, incentivizing maintenance by showing how quickly a machine degrades over time. Therefore, to achieve optimal performance from your equipment it must be properly cared for and kept maintained in order for you to maximize its potential performance.

Furthermore, FS22 features other small changes that make the experience feel fresher than before. Navigation of the map has become easier due to improved collision detection technology; and 3D machinery shops now feature all of their latest vehicles and tools prominently on their front pages.

Naturally, Farm Simulator 20 adds two extra maps from its predecessor; Elmcreek in the Midwest of America and Erlengrant in southern France provide players with a wide variety of landscapes to explore, while Silverrun Forest from the Platinum Expansion Pack adds even more activities for players to take part in.

Farming Simulator 22 Review

Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 22 marks an enormous step forward for fans of its series, even if its visuals don’t quite reach next-gen standards. There’s plenty of mud flying off your boots while cultivating fields, while dynamic weather adds another level of realism as does how your tractor handles. Everything has been rendered meticulously with impressive decals on authentic machinery available throughout.

But the game’s gameplay has seen significant improvement: controls are tighter and more responsive, offering a wide variety of terrain across three starting farms that reflect rural America, France and Germany – from peaceful alpine lakes to bustling urban centers – that provide a satisfying driving experience that feels different each time you play – not to mention cross-play support that lets players work together!

The other significant change has been an increased emphasis on management, with supply chains adding an additional level of complexity. Now it is possible to churn out raw products such as milk, grain or olives before turning them into more valuable items like bread or pasta – mastering this process can be extremely satisfying as well as increase profits from your land.

Unfortunately, new systems can sometimes be tricky to implement effectively and may prove frustrating in practice. It often takes longer than anticipated for you to begin seeing real profits, while managing an overwhelming list of tasks may seem impossible. Luckily, there are some shortcuts you can use to speed up the process.

Farming Simulator 22 takes some time to get going, but once it does there’s much to enjoy. Franchise fans will appreciate its many upgrades and expansions; amateur players still find something compelling about it as well; but to increase its appeal even further it could do with tightening up its interface and engine to broaden its audience appeal further. A few tweaks would make Farming Simulator 22 the most accessible entry in its series yet.

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