Nitro Pro Review

Nitro Pro is a document management platform designed to assist in creating, editing, merging, compressing, encrypting and sharing PDF documents. Furthermore, its many other features such as form building, e-signatures and file format conversion provide for an intuitive experience.

Secure your documents with password protection and permissions, permanently remove sensitive content using redaction tools, and streamline review cycles with simple collaboration.

Create PDFs

Nitro Pro was designed to be an all-encompassing PDF management software tool. As a reader, converter, editor, OCR processor, annotator and signer combined into one program, it offers everything needed for PDF document management in an office setting.

This program comes equipped with the capability of creating PDF documents from nearly any file type imaginable, from Office documents like Word and Excel documents to images or even files saved as HTML. With its non-destructive file creation system, original documents remain completely intact while merging or splitting PDFs can also be accomplished easily.

If you need to convert multiple images to PDF quickly, the program can handle this quickly and effortlessly. It will recognize which pages need to be included and place them all together into one document; additionally it can create a table of contents if required and link back to individual pages for easy reference.

Another amazing feature is the capability of creating PDFs compliant with the PDF/A standard, ensuring that documents can be reliably reproduced over time and accessible to those with visual disabilities.

This software comes equipped with some handy features that will make working with PDFs much simpler, such as its signature box. Simply drag and drop names of people you need to sign a document into it, and they’ll receive an email that allows them to sign it online – saving both time and effort in the workplace!

Other useful functions offered by this program include its ability to extract text from PDF documents and scan paper or digital image files to searchable PDF documents with its OCR feature, making indexing, archiving and sharing files simpler as well as helping reduce paper waste in organizations.

Edit PDFs

Nitro’s PDF editing tools make PDF editing quick and simple within the file itself, with features to add or modify text, format font face size and color as well as insert images and pages as needed, remove unwanted ones, change page orientation or simply make annotations directly within it. No need for switching back and forth between editors!

This program also features several additional features for editing PDFs, such as adding links and notes. You can use it to prepare and polish files before distribution by compressing, reordering or splitting into multiple documents – plus convert to various other formats like Word RTF TXT image types as well as PDF/A for archival storage purposes.

Nitro Pro makes PDF editing and protection simple and secure for medium and large businesses that need to edit sensitive information quickly and safely. With comments, highlight/redact capabilities and stamps indicating document status like Draft, Final, Reviewed or Approved status stamps you can mark PDF documents as Draft, Final or Approved status. It can also encrypt (256-bit encryption), password-protect and set permissions on PDF content as well as allow e-signatures via QuickSign for document content – making Nitro Pro ideal for editing sensitive data in documents quickly and safely. It provides medium/large businesses looking for flexible yet powerful editing/protecting options when editing sensitive documents with sensitive data containing sensitive information that requires editing/protecting/protecting them sensitively a great choice.

The program features an appealing design that closely mirrors that of Microsoft Office, from its file screen’s icons and layout, through to a Home screen greeting of “Good Morning/Afternoon”, using the Quick Launch ribbon – elements many users will be familiar with that will help make learning the program simpler.

Nitro Software has done an excellent job at building in support for other programs that people might already use to create or edit PDFs, such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word, which makes the learning curve lower for newcomers.

Nitro PDF has its limitations as with other programs of its kind; its price may not make it the best value when editing or creating PDFs, yet it still manages to perform its intended tasks effectively with plenty of features that should be enough for many users.

Sign PDFs

This software features several tools that can assist users in signing PDF documents, including a stamp signature that allows users to electronically sign documents using their keyboard and create and import digital signatures. Furthermore, users are given the ability to lock PDF files so they cannot be opened or edited – providing an extra layer of security against unauthorised accessing confidential or sensitive data.

Nitro Pro offers various features designed to optimize document workflows. This includes digital workflow capabilities that enable users to share documents and request signatures via email or cloud services – making collaboration between colleagues easier while keeping an eye on important deadlines, documents and deadlines; plus helping companies comply with regulations regarding document security and privacy policies more effectively.

Nitro Pro can easily convert documents between various file formats, such as Word, Excel, image files, text documents and HTML. This feature is especially helpful when working with different types of files or sharing documents with colleagues who do not use similar editing software. Furthermore, its fast conversion abilities save both time and effort!

Nitro Pro offers businesses a number of tools to assist with their document security needs, such as password protection, encryption and redaction tools for PDFs and documents. Users can utilize these tools to limit PDF access or usage as well as set password protections or permanently delete sensitive information from documents.

Overall, Nitro Pro provides businesses of any size with a comprehensive PDF production solution that meets their production needs. Its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface and focus on security make it an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat; however its price may be an obstacle for some users; luckily Nitro Pro offers package deals and bulk discounts to offset this potential downside.

Share PDFs

Nitro Pro makes sharing or creating PDF documents effortless. Use this software to quickly generate single PDFs, merge multiple files into a single one or convert Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets or images into PDF format. Plus you can annotate and digitally sign any file created or edited with this software as well as protect sensitive information with password protections and set passwords!

Nitro’s interface resembles that of Microsoft Office and may appeal to users familiar with that style. The layout consists of large icons showcasing main tools, and an additional toolbar (grounded out if they don’t support selected main tool) showing more (which are grayed out if they don’t support selected main tool). Some of its tools include annotating text, editing images, deleting pages, rearrange page order, creating covers and much more – plus there are templates provided as starting points!

The program also boasts some additional features not commonly found in PDF programs, including creating PDFs from Microsoft Outlook email attachments and supporting ISO/IEC 14443 Type 1 standards for digital signatures and form filling, along with built-in form fillers and the capability of inserting notes and highlights into documents.

Nitro PDF offers another unique advantage to business travelers who travel often for company business: working offline from any computer and mobile device – this makes working on company matters much simpler while on the road! In addition, Nitro allows for export files in many different formats including HTML and XML for efficient file management.

This application can protect PDFs from unauthorized access and viewing by employing military-strength 256-bit encryption, making it extremely difficult for others to decrypt and read their contents. You can also grant other people permissions only for viewing or editing of your document.

Nitro offers many useful tools, but some things could be improved upon. For instance, customers requiring immediate assistance or guidance could find their need not met immediately due to lack of live chat support; this may cause delays with critical projects or tasks; although Nitro does have knowledge bases and community forums which provide customer assistance.

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