NordVPN Review


NordVPN provides multiple payment options, such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, ACH via Plaid and iTunes – in addition to an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee for desktop users.

Support within the app is strong, with an informative help page and excellent tutorials. Furthermore, presets allow for fast connection of different servers for various tasks.


NordVPN’s encryption technology protects all your internet activity, making it impossible for hackers, ISPs, or government agencies to decipher it – thus rendering almost impossible their ability to track online activities or locate individuals. In addition, its advanced features like kill switch ensure your data stays safe even in case a connection or server becomes compromised.

NordVPN uses diskless RAM servers that delete data upon reboot to ensure it never stays on a server long-term, as well as perfect forward secrecy to change encryption keys with each connection – this ensures attackers won’t gain entry by breaching one VPN session; rather they’ll only be able to read your data during future sessions.

NordVPN security extensions can help keep your internet activity safe even when not connected via VPN, such as Threat Protection Lite which blocks ads and dangerous websites while also detecting malware-ridden files and websites to help protect against spyware and stalkerware.

Double VPN systems also provide additional protection from DDoS attacks (deliberately overloading websites or computers with so much traffic that they crash), providing extra layers of defense against DDoS.

Although NordVPN doesn’t provide as robust protection as full-featured antivirus programs, its Antivirus Protection feature remains useful in keeping devices and data secure. Multi-device support makes this feature especially helpful – NordVPN Premium plans offer multi-device support.

Dark Web Monitoring, which monitors the Dark Web for any major data breaches containing your personal information, is another helpful feature provided by NordVPN that provides valuable security protections. However, its identity theft protection capabilities cannot compare with that provided by more comprehensive internet security suites. Lastly, Onion Over VPN gives additional anonymity by routing internet traffic through Tor.


NordVPN boasts the fastest download speeds we’ve tested among VPN services, surpassing 110 Mbps during our tests – perfect for anyone wanting to stream 4K video or play online games.

NordVPN boasts an excellent selection of servers in both the US and other countries, so you’re likely to find one near where you live or travel to. Furthermore, NordVPN allows users to connect up to five devices at the same time – something most other providers cannot boast of offering.

NordVPN stands out with its innovative Double VPN feature, which works by encrypting data twice before routing it through two separate servers to protect users against their ISP’s attempts at throttleback or leakage of unencrypted information onto their network. It provides added protection, making this an attractive choice in places where internet freedom may be restricted.

An Internet Kill Switch is another vital security measure, as it will shut off your Internet access if either your VPN connection drops out or router fails, protecting personal information and helping ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands if connectivity ceases for any reason. It comes standard with NordVPN apps on all platforms except macOS OpenVPN clients where it is only available through an additional third-party plugin.

NordVPN goes beyond its core security features to offer additional tools that enhance privacy and keep you secure. A free ad blocker helps fend off advertisements that slow down browsing or load times, while CyberSec protects from DDoS attacks by instantly cutting connections between you and malicious bots – something built-in security can’t do.

NordVPN’s mesh networking feature, Meshnet, is another impressive offering from NordVPN. This tool allows you to link external devices directly with your connection using an encrypted tunnel, making this especially handy when traveling or working from weak Wi-Fi areas – providing a simple yet reliable always-on connection for any device!


NordVPN is an excellent provider, with apps available for most major platforms and operating systems. Their Windows client is outstanding, while mobile offerings generally outshone expectations although some features such as split tunneling and configurable kill switch were missing from them. NordVPN’s tutorials and customer support make it ideal for people of varying technical knowledge – plus there’s the unbeatable 30-day money-back guarantee, always welcome in this industry.

Signing up for NordVPN is relatively painless. Once you select a plan on their website, you’ll be directed to download page for app for your device – where you’ll be able to begin instantly by entering login details and clicking “quick connect.”

Android and iOS apps both feature a world map dotted with pins representing server locations (like trees, boats or dinosaurs). Simply select any location on the map or alphabetically list to connect instantly with relevant servers.

Both apps feature some cool security features. NordVPN servers run entirely in RAM without disk storage, meaning even if one of its servers are compromised it won’t gain access to your personal data. Plus, its new Dark Web monitoring feature alerts you if any dark marketplaces or pastebins contain your email address.

Another useful feature is NordVPN’s ability to pause VPN connections. By default, NordVPN disconnects after a set amount of time; however, you have the ability to reconnect for 15, 30 or 60 minutes at a time; perfect if you forget manually reconnecting.

NordVPN’s primary function is security; however, its SmartPlay feature can also help bypass geo-restricted media content on streaming devices. By combining NordVPN security and Smart DNS technology to bypass aggressive DPI blocking on popular streaming sites such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu it provides users with the freedom they require for unfettered media streaming experiences.


NordVPN stands out as an affordable VPN service with various subscription plans for various lengths of time and better deals. Features of these plans include a full suite of security extras such as double VPN encryption, Tor network support, DNS leak protection as well as zero log policies, excellent server uptime performance and an anonymous payment policy – not forgetting its support of up to six simultaneous connections per account – perfect for families or roommates sharing an account!

Nordvpn boasts more global servers than most other VPN services and most are distributed evenly – especially in Europe and North America, but also Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

NordVPN’s app is easy to use, with intuitive menus and settings, intuitive menus and extensive knowledgebase. They also offer live chat support which you can access anytime on their site or app – in our tests it was responsive and helpful, though some small text may be difficult to read on screen.

NordVPN tops our rankings when it comes to privacy, as the service only keeps minimal data (IP address, timestamps and DNS request data) while not tracking user activity or monitoring torrenting activity metadata. Furthermore, NordVPN doesn’t store personal information such as emails addresses and credit card numbers – something no other VPN offers!

NordVPN stands out among VPN services by accepting cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin and offering new customers a complimentary month if they refer a friend.

NordVPN stands out from its competition by not forcing you to commit to long-term contracts when trying out its service, making it much simpler and more flexible to find a plan that best meets your needs. You can opt for any plan and cancel anytime. This feature makes NordVPN especially handy if you plan to use VPN only temporarily.

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