Norton 360 Antivirus For Android

Norton 360

Norton 360 is an industry-leading suite that provides protection from multiple threats. The software boasts an intuitive user experience with major functions easily accessible from its home page; backup capability is also included as part of this solution.

Initial setup will prompt you to sign up with CommunityWatch service, sending your data for analysis. More expensive tiers offer extra benefits such as Dark Web monitoring (except in US Standard edition) and School Time which blocks unauthorised apps during online learning sessions.


Norton 360 stands apart from other antivirus suites by providing multiple targeted security apps, such as password management and cloud backup service, to safeguard data and devices against hackers. Furthermore, its central dashboard enables users to easily manage all security services with a user interface designed for novice as well as expert users alike.

Norton 360 stands out with its superior anti-malware protection, employing advanced machine learning to analyze files that enter your system and detect malware or suspicious behavior. It can even identify potentially risky websites, social media accounts and email links and can automatically scan new files to assess any potential risks.

Noteworthy is the smart firewall. This software monitors network traffic and blocks any unintended communication between your computer and the Internet, protecting against phishing attacks, cyberattacks targeting OS vulnerabilities and alerting you about suspicious Wi-Fi networks or websites without SSL certificates that might attempt to gain entry to your device.

Parents will love its parental control feature for families. It enables parents to monitor their children’s online activities and prevent them from viewing inappropriate content, block school hours account usage by children and even includes geofencing alerts if device leaves your area.

Norton 360 features Dark Web Monitoring, which lets you see if any of your personal information is being sold on the dark web. This tool shows whether information such as your name, address, driver’s license number, phone numbers or credit card data has been exchanged over this portal; however it’s unclear how you access this feature from within its main app.

Norton 360 Premium version is an ideal solution for households with up to 10 devices, as its ad tracker blocking and bank site security will help prevent anyone from accessing or stealing your information. Furthermore, this app also comes equipped with password management features as well as being capable of backing up multiple computers simultaneously. Lastly, this version optimizes disk space by eliminating duplicate and junk files thereby freeing up space.


Norton 360 provides comprehensive protection from malware and other threats, offering malware detection, device protection tools, password management capabilities and virtual private network capabilities among many other features. Plus it comes with a money-back guarantee and user-friendly interface – however its renewal prices tend to be more costly than similar suites and has had questionable sales tactics in the past.

Based on your needs, there are various plans that offer basic to full-featured protection. Norton Antivirus Plus is an excellent basic plan option suitable for most users; providing protection from viruses, spyware, ransomware and other threats while offering cloud storage and the Virus Protection Promise guarantee. Plus it works seamlessly on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets alike!

Additional plans offered by Norton include Deluxe and Premium plans; with the latter designed specifically for households, featuring parental controls and School Time to monitor what their kids do online, VPN connectivity, 50GB cloud storage, as well as parental controls and School Time features – at a competitive price for so many features!

Norton goes beyond basic protection by also providing Dark Web Monitoring via LifeLockSS and VPN services that secure home and public Wi-Fi networks. Norton can also help prevent spyware attacks which record and sell compromising photos from webcams to blackmail people into submission or sell them as blackmail material.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select offers another feature, the 401(K) and Investment Activity Alert, which lets you track any suspicious changes to your financial accounts. In case of identity theft, up to $1 Million worth of identity theft insurance and credit monitoring coverage can also be provided by this package.

All Norton products offer 24/7 customer support, making them highly appealing. Norton has long been providing antivirus protection to keep devices secure; their AntiVirus Plus suite is user-friendly while boasting extra features like password managers, VPN connections, smart firewalls and parental controls to give additional peace of mind for device security.


Norton 360 on Android can be easily installed using an easy setup process. After creating an account and purchasing a subscription, downloading can start almost immediately. When it’s finished downloading, simply follow on-screen instructions to install and activate your product – or invite other devices into your protection plan through your account!

Once setup is complete, Norton 360 app will start scanning your device automatically for threats. You have several scanning options to choose from: Quick Scan which examines critical sectors; Full Scan which takes longer but covers all aspects of the system; custom scans which target particular folders or drives. When the scans have concluded, Norton will notify you if any threats were discovered during its examination.

One of the hallmarks of Norton 360’s anti-phishing and malware protection capabilities is its anti-phishing and malware protection features. Norton can identify phishing URLs in email and social media apps as well as scan your PC for websites attempting to steal personal information. Furthermore, it can scan for unlicensed apps on mobile phones as well as identify the risks posed by any suspicious Wi-Fi networks or websites.

Norton 360 also comes equipped with an excellent password manager that securely stores and syncs passwords for you, helping to find any lost or forgotten ones and log you off from websites if you leave them open. Setting up this tool is straightforward with an intuitive user interface – perfect for keeping you protected on any website!

Norton 360 features a VPN service to safeguard your online activities and protect data against cyberattacks. In addition, it scans PCs for software vulnerabilities and recommends updates; blocking unwanted SMS text messages as well as restricting access to dangerous sites are among its capabilities.

Norton is known for offering outstanding virus detection rates, with perfect scores in independent AV-testing results. Furthermore, this antimalware software has minimal impact on PC performance while offering various functions beyond antivirus protection – Dark Web Monitoring and Parental Controls being two such functions that Norton provides.

Final Words

The suite comes equipped with several PC performance tools and a smart firewall (only for Windows), which automatically recognizes trusted apps and allows them to utilize your connection without interruption, while keeping an eye on newcomers. In addition, its visual dashboard displays major events like malware detections or scans.

Web Protection is one of the features that sets Norton apart. Browsing protection blocks malicious scripts and plugins while search results are ranked according to reputation. Sites identified as potentially dangerous or malicious are removed from browsing history while Norton analyzes downloaded files – running quietly in the background with only occasional pop-up reminders about its work on Windows devices.

As with its counterparts, Norton 360 passed our lab tests with flying colors. Furthermore, SE Labs gave it the thumbs-up as one of only a handful of antivirus programs that guarantees 100% virus removal – though unfortunately not ransomware, which we consider an absolute no-go.

Professional reviewers give Norton Mobile Security’s Android app high marks when it comes to mobile security, with real-time malware scanning of apps as they’re installed and real-time running app monitoring to stay abreast of potential new threats. A secure VPN is included and it will warn if you attempt to access unprotected Wi-Fi networks; Norton will even help track down stolen phones as well as alert you of calendar invites sent by compromised accounts.

Password manager is extremely useful, synching logins across devices and offering to update passwords when necessary. Identity monitoring is equally impressive, though note that dark web monitoring only works on Mac computers unless upgraded to Elite plan – and there is also a convenient web portal which shows at-a-glance status updates of your protected devices, manage your subscription (including renewal settings) and provides access to backed up files.

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