Norton 360 Review

Norton 360

Norton 360 provides comprehensive digital security with password management tools, device and personal information monitoring, no-log VPN connectivity and 50 GB cloud backup – protecting up to 10 devices simultaneously with one subscription plan.

Artificial Intelligence provides this suite’s malware protection. Furthermore, Isolation Mode opens supported financial sites separately.


Norton 360 is an all-encompassing security suite offering antivirus protection, an advanced firewall, access to Norton VPN and password manager/parental control capabilities. In independent tests it was shown to have a remarkable malware detection rate: even ransomware could be detected within seconds! Furthermore it can back up files backed up via Norton 360; however due to using 2–10% of CPU resources during heavy processing it may cause your PC to slow down significantly.

Gen Digital Inc has introduced several features to their latest version of Norton 360 Antivirus software. These include a single main interface which displays device security status and settings as well as CPU usage monitoring. Also new to this release of Norton 360 Antivirus is its Insight feature which reduces scanning times using information about safe files while helping detect patterns of malicious behavior by using behavioral pattern analysis technology. Furthermore, “clean” mode searches for temporary, duplicate and similar files to free up space while helping remove spyware which collects personal data.

Norton lost one star in the recent AV-Comparatives real-world protection test due to excessive false positives; nevertheless, it ranked among the top performers. Norton boasts an exceptional track record in cybersecurity; their products provide a comprehensive suite of security options which make Norton one of the premier security suites on the market.

Furthermore, it offers cloud backup to store files in multiple locations easily and reliably. Setup is straightforward and can run automatically according to your schedule – offering weekly or monthly backup depending on your needs. Plus, its app is available on both PCs and Macs!

Norton SafeCam is another useful feature, designed to shield you from cybercriminals who might use spyware to take photos and videos without your knowledge. It blocks unauthorized access to the webcam and notifies you when an application attempts to gain entry; however, this feature is only available with Norton 360 Premium plans.

Password manager

Norton Password Manager is an easily accessible password management program compatible with multiple devices and web browsers, offering secure storage of passwords to access sites more quickly. Furthermore, this mobile-friendly interface enables unique, strong password generation as well as providing unique password creation. Furthermore, this tool comes bundled free with other Norton products such as Internet security or antivirus solutions.

Software designed with ease in mind. Both desktop application and mobile app provide an intuitive user experience, making password creation simple. Your vault automatically synchronizes across devices and is backed up in the cloud; additionally it features biometric log in for mobile devices that allows you to unlock it with fingerprint or face scan authentication.

Security features of LastPass include a strong password generator and 256-bit AES encryption, while its Safety Dashboard is user-friendly, alerting you if duplicate passwords exist or weak passwords need changing with just one click. Furthermore, an autochange feature lets you apply passwords across a wide variety of websites automatically.

One of the key strengths of Password Safe is its advanced two-factor authentication compatibility and password sharing options, making it one of the best free password managers for those looking to save both time and effort. Furthermore, it works across a range of popular web browsers as well as providing biometric login on mobile devices – making this user-friendly tool an obvious choice among most people.

Norton provides an impressive range of support options, from an expansive FAQ page and community forum, to social media support, email assistance, and live chat support from its customer support team. Norton stands out from other password managers by having such comprehensive customer service in place; other password managers only offer limited support options or have only limited number of representatives available; it is crucial that you choose one with extensive assistance as you may require assistance at some point during use.

Parental control

Parents know the challenges associated with online safety can be formidable. With the Internet full of virtual pitfalls that could threaten or displease their child, Norton 360 Parental Control provides tools to monitor and set limits to keep children safe online. You can block unsuitable websites while seeing what your children search for on the search engines; plus receive regular reports on their activity. In addition, screen time limits and apps that restrict usage are also provided as options by this solution. Plus there’s even LifeLock Dark Web monitoring service which monitors it to alert parents if any suspicious activities occurs on it; also provided.

Norton Family can be installed on all of your children’s computers, tablets and phones for maximum parental control and customization of settings on each device. Use the House Rules menu to set monitoring levels, screen time limits, allowed or blocked apps as well as password protections – especially useful if you ever change any of the settings later! Parents can access this app from their phone or tablet using its mobile-optimized version for viewing activity reports, searching websites and creating restrictions or new limitations for children.

One feature that sets Norton Family apart from competitors is its ability to regulate computer usage by school timing. You can set an hourly or daily limit that your kid may use the computer, with or without parental approval. In addition, this system tracks how much time is spent using specific applications as well as their popularity; additionally it detects whether any harmful apps were downloaded.

Other parental control features of Norton include an easy system tray icon for children to recognize Norton on their devices, alert them when there’s been an infraction, and give them the chance to request extra time before accessing a site. This feature adds another valuable dimension of communication with your children that keeps the dialogue flowing openly and uninterruptedly.

Norton Family offers one of the industry’s most generous trials with its 30-day free trial – far outstripping even top parental control programs like Qustodio or Boomerang which typically offer only 3-14 day trials (depending on device monitoring needs). Plus, Norton Family allows for monitoring up to 50 devices – more than any of its rivals can offer!

Cloud backup

Norton 360 security tools come equipped with cloud backup, an invaluable feature that protects your files in case something goes wrong with your computer. Not only is this feature easy to set up and runs automatically in the background – so there’s no worry of losing data!

Norton 360 Free provides 25GB of PC cloud backup space – enough to protect five times as many files as Norton Antivirus Plus plan – as well as password management and parental control features. Meanwhile, Norton 360 Premium delivers full suite protection including device protection, VPN connections and more – making this one of the top internet security suites on our test bed list and well worth its price.

Start by creating a Norton account and installing its software, then beginning the backup process by selecting “Run Backup” on the Norton dashboard. It could take some time, depending on the size and speed of your files to fully backup all your files; should that occur you can contact customer support to address it immediately.

Norton Cloud Backup makes recovering lost files and folders quickly and efficiently simple, making it an essential investment for anyone who uses a computer. Furthermore, this solution protects important documents and personal information in case of computer crashes or theft. This software supports backing up to external hard drives, network shares or NAS devices; additionally it gives you control over when and how often backup runs and what type of backup to select: Economy or No Traffic.

If your hard drive contains many files, Norton’s online backup can become slow and taxing on system resources, quickly depleting free storage space. As an alternative solution for important files, other backup options should be explored – simply switch between sets using the dropdown menu at the top of the Backup Settings panel by selecting another configuration from its dropdown list.

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