Norton AntiVirus Review

Norton AntiVirus

Norton AntiVirus provides reliable antivirus protection as well as an array of additional tools, such as password storage and syncronization across devices. Norton’s privacy features are particularly robust; for instance, unlimited password storage.

Norton utilizes two different kinds of malware detection: signature-based and behavior-based. Signature-based protection compares files against an internal database of known malicious code; behavior-based analysis looks for suspicious activities like when files duplicate themselves across folders.


Norton AntiVirus is among the most advanced antivirus programs on the market, boasting multilayered malware protection that includes an expansive database and sophisticated heuristic detection, which allow it to recognize new threats other programs often miss. Though occasionally creating false positives, its accuracy remains sufficient enough to effectively guard against viruses, ransomware files, cryptojackers and other forms of malicious code; plus rootkits or any hidden threats which might otherwise access and steal your data without your knowledge or consent.

Norton provides more than malware protection; they offer other tools to keep your computer running efficiently as well. A disk cleanup tool, for instance, can speed up hard drive performance by clearing away unnecessary files; they can also search and recover lost or deleted files. Plus they offer cloud backup functionality so your important information stays safe.

Norton anti-virus software can be found on PCs, Macs and mobile devices alike, offering a centralized interface to manage all security features. A main menu provides you with information regarding your security status and settings while a CPU usage monitor shows exactly how much of your system resources the Norton application is consuming. Furthermore, with Norton Insight you can reduce scan times by mapping safe files which reduce the frequency of required scans.

As part of its security features, Norton allows users to change passwords for online accounts such as financial institutions and social media websites, without impacting browser functionality. In addition, this tool scans email attachments and alerts you of potentially harmful links in Twitter or Facebook feeds using red text atop each name without interrupting its functionality.

Other security features include a password manager and anti-phishing engine that can identify suspicious URLs and protect bank account logins. Furthermore, it identifies 136 uncommon protocols which could be exploited by malware to communicate across networks.

Norton stands out with an exceptional support team, with specialists available via chat or phone, knowledge base articles, FAQ pages and an FAQ support section available to users. Norton takes its support commitment seriously: its submenus contain question mark symbols that point you towards relevant pages on its website for assistance.


Norton AntiVirus software has long been one of the premier names in antivirus protection, protecting consumers since 1988. Their comprehensive suite includes everything from cloud backup service and password managers to VPN capabilities and works across Windows, macOS and iOS devices – with most functions reachable with just a single click!

Norton offers an assortment of packages and bundles tailored to different needs, with AntiVirus Plus serving as its entry level solution – offering top-tier malware protection, firewall functionality and basic password manager features at a reduced cost compared to suites such as Bitdefender Total Security but without VPN or dark web monitoring features.

Upgrade to Norton 360 Deluxe will give you all the features of its predecessor package plus parental controls (such as School Time which limits internet use during school hours), no-log VPN for safer browsing, dark web monitoring tools and ransomware protection (which encrypts files until payment is made to decrypt them), PC cloud backup with up to 50GB storage capacity and ransomware protection (which encrypts files until payment is made in order for decryption), ransomware protection (which encrypts them until victim pays fee to decrypt them). Finally, upgrading will give you all its predecessor’s features plus parental controls, parental controls (such as “School Time”) as well as parental protection for ransomware-encryption protection of files encrypting them until payment must be paid). Additionally, upgrade will gain you upgraded features that you had before-school Time limits their internet usage during school hours) plus PC cloud backup (up to 50 GB storage).

Norton’s LifeLock identity theft protections will add another level of security, helping monitor your credit reports, social security number and driver’s license numbers for suspicious activity that could lead to identity theft. Plus, these plans allow you to restore your identity if it has already been compromised.

Norton plans come with an impressive money-back guarantee and many include free trials. Prices compare favorably with similar offerings from competitors, and may even offer discounted bundle packages. Norton partners with various billing and technical support providers that can assist in answering queries quickly; customer support representatives tend to be friendly and quick when answering inquiries over the phone.


Installation is fairly straightforward. Once you’ve created your Norton account, log into their website and download and install their software according to on-screen instructions. Finally, activate it using your product key – either found inside its box or delivered as email if purchasing digital version of product.

Once you have activated Norton Antivirus, it’s essential that you run LiveUpdate regularly in order to keep it current. This feature checks Norton’s database for updates and downloads them automatically – an essential step towards keeping yourself protected against new threats.

If you need assistance, reach out to Norton customer support for guidance. Their team of trained experts are there to provide support should any problems arise; alternatively, use a malware removal tool to find and delete any viruses preventing Norton program installation properly.

For maximum impact from your Norton security suite, take note of some of its extra features. For example, use this app to block apps that access microphone and camera – this can help protect your privacy by protecting from spying apps – plus notify you if there’s any suspicious behavior detected on your phone.

The Android version of Norton Suite is impressively effective and boasts a stunning interface. The program starts up quickly, immediately scans files for viruses and provides quick reports immediately afterwards. Its main menu displays all features easily for quick navigation; additionally it gives a guided tour to familiarize newcomers to its program.

The mobile app of Bitdefender Anti-Malware is similar to its desktop suite in terms of overall functionality; however, some of its more advanced features such as password management and VPN connectivity aren’t supported due to resource requirements for running on mobile devices. That being said, this application excels at spotting threats quickly and will alert you if anything suspicious arises on your phone or other mobile device.


Norton Antivirus differs from competitors by not asking users to call a phone number or purchase service plans; additionally, no third-party tools such as adware or spyware are used for collecting information from its users. However, it provides protection from all forms of malware, such as trojan viruses, computer worms, ransomware and even bloatware. Furthermore, its malware database stores signatures matching files which match known threats. When the software detects one, it will flag and stop running the file. It uses two methods for detecting malicious programs: signature-based detection and behavior-based detection. Behavior-based detection looks at how programs use code in order to determine whether they are harmful; using this approach reduces scanning times while increasing security by only looking at files known to contain danger.

Norton stands out with its parental controls, which allow parents to restrict children’s access to certain websites and applications on a child’s device. Furthermore, Norton’s Firewall protects user networks against hackers and malware access and detects the presence of over 136 uncommon protocols used by malware to communicate between devices on local networks.

Norton provides protections such as cloud backup, password management tools and virtual private network (VPN) support, as well as monitoring tools that monitor dark web for compromised personal information. In fact, its Digital Protection Suite included with antivirus software also includes this tool to combat identity theft in both virtual and physical forms.

Norton customer service offers various resources, ranging from an expansive knowledge base to live chat. Their website features a search bar as well as links to product manuals and FAQs for their products, while its live chat feature, available to those subscribed to Norton Ultimate Help Desk, acts like a personalized IT department quickly resolving complex issues for subscribers. Furthermore, a contact form allows customers to submit queries directly.

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