Norton AntiVirus Review

Norton has an outstanding track record in protecting you against malware infections and includes password management, cloud backup and identity theft protection features. In addition, their subscription plans offer unlimited VPN access which helps ensure safe working online environments.

Heuristic analysis and machine learning enable this program to recognize “zero-day” threats as they emerge, flagging any suspicious files and apps as well as those which consume too many resources.


Norton AntiVirus provides all of the essential security features expected from an antivirus program. From quick scans to comprehensive system checks that search all drives and partitions, users can customize user-defined scans that check specific files or partitions – enabling Norton to identify potential malware infections that might otherwise pass unnoticed.

Norton Internet Security Suite not only includes anti-virus protection but also includes browser extensions to safeguard devices against phishing scams and other online risks when browsing. Norton’s web browsing security works by analyzing website behavior to detect patterns that indicate potential risk, then blocking sites exhibiting these behaviors to stop you accessing them. In addition, its phishing filter detects emails as potential phishing messages before warning you before opening them up.

Norton AntiVirus provides more than just standard antivirus protection – it also can shield your PC from ransomware! By detecting the most prevalent versions and stopping them before they can damage files, Norton can identify and stop most forms of ransomware before they cause harm. Unfortunately, however, Norton does not feature similar protection features found in other programs which scramble your most important files against ransomware threats.

All of Norton’s core features can now be easily accessed through an intuitive dashboard, making the software much simpler to use than previous versions where individual modules had to be accessed individually. Users can use it to monitor device statuses, live update their devices, manage backup schedules and check system resource utilization as well as CPU performance statistics.

Norton stands out from its competition with its cloud backup feature. By saving all your important files in the cloud, in case they ever become infected by ransomware or lost, Norton provides an effective protection from data loss or theft without incurring ransom demands from hackers. Furthermore, it actively guards you against identity theft by scanning dark web markets for any instances of your personal information that might have been listed there; furthermore it doesn’t include extra features as add-ons that need to be purchased separately compared with many of its competitors that do.


Norton Antivirus offers comprehensive antivirus protection. Boasting 100% virus protection, its features include cloud backup, password management, smart firewall protection and parental controls; plus it includes mobile app and built-in VPN connectivity. If you require even greater coverage then upgrade to Norton 360 which offers identity theft protection as well as the ability to search against Have I Been Pwned databases for personal data breaches.

Norton antivirus software has long been considered one of the premier brands available, receiving high marks in third-party tests from organizations like AV-Test and SE Labs. Norton products have earned high ratings from these tests as well as reputation for detecting and protecting against online threats like phishing – using both heuristics and signatures to identify malware quickly and remove it from your computer; in addition, their Web filter blocks inappropriate sites, while their browser extension uses community reviews to identify potentially hazardous ones.

Price will depend on how many devices need to be protected and your desired level of security. Norton Antivirus provides basic PC and Mac protection at approximately $50 annually; for more comprehensive protection across five devices and additional features such as Dark Web monitoring, 50GB cloud backup space and password manager capability – Norton 360 Deluxe may be a better fit.

Note that all Norton products require subscription fees; even free trial versions will incur charges if not cancelled within their trial period. Payment options available to you include credit card and PayPal – though credit cards offer greater control in case cancellation needs to occur quickly.

McAfee offers similar protection and features as Norton. Both companies provide free trials and discounts, but you should always compare prices before buying a subscription plan. While differences between products may seem minor, you should look out for third-party test results as well as how many devices each will protect.


If this is your first time using Norton, your first step should be creating an account and entering a product key when prompted. This 25-character alphanumeric code can be found on product packaging or the Norton website or in an email or text receipt sent from Norton Support. Once this step has been taken, Norton setup program will start downloading on your device.

Once installed, Norton will run a quick scan to identify malware and other security threats on your computer. This should take only minutes but if desired you can also manually initiate this scan with just a click of your mouse. It also cleans out junk files on your system such as downloaded program files, ActiveX controls and Java applets that have been left sitting idle after uninstallation; such files could take up valuable hard drive space in Recycle Bin.

Following your initial scan, you will be asked to download any available updates for Norton. These updates help ensure your device always runs at peak performance while keeping you protected against new threats. Once the updates have been downloaded and installed successfully, all features of Norton will become accessible.

Norton provides key features, such as password management, secure calendar access and device/Wi-Fi protection for devices and Wi-Fi networks. In addition to antivirus/firewall protection and cloud backup features, there is also built-in VPN and parental controls/dark web monitoring features popular among customers.

Norton also provides an online identity theft protection feature, which actively searches illegal marketplaces on the dark web for your personal data and alerts you if it detects it. This tool is extremely beneficial, as identity thieves could use compromised information to commit fraud in your name and damage your credit rating.

One drawback of Norton is its requirement for users to register an account to access all its features, such as parental controls and dark web monitoring. Although this practice is common among antivirus programs, it can be tedious for those looking for convenience by not having to login every time they need software.

Customer support

Norton provides some of the industry’s premier customer support. Their dedicated support team can be reached via phone, live chat and email and can assist you with issues including installation, virus removal and security concerns. In addition, Norton provides free malware scanning which identifies and removes threats that might be slowing down your computer.

Norton Antivirus stands out from competitors by not bombarding users with distracting pop-ups. Its user interface is easy to use, and its presence won’t slow down computer performance. Furthermore, this antivirus scans for viruses, worms, spyware and Trojan horses in real time so as to stop attacks before they do any damage – although full scans might take time and could reduce productivity levels significantly.

Norton 360 goes beyond traditional antivirus protection to offer cloud backup, smart firewall protection, password manager functionality and VPN encryption security features. Furthermore, this program protects against ransomware – an especially dangerous form of malware which encrypts files before demanding payment in exchange for decryption keys – making it one of the few anti-malware programs with this capability.

Norton Ultimate Help Desk service from Symantec is an annual subscription-based support package offering on-demand tech assistance for PCs, smartphones and other devices. It also addresses hardware issues, software conflicts and troubleshooting issues to provide reliable technology support to small businesses that rely on this product for reliable IT support. It makes an excellent option for any small business seeking reliable technology support.

Though expensive, this service provides peace of mind. With 24/7 phone support and knowledge base articles that address common issues as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. Plus, its website hosts various articles featuring step-by-step instructions on how to use its software.

Customers should keep in mind that Norton customer support representatives aren’t familiar with every piece of software and hardware on the market, so for complex issues it may be beneficial to open a support case and provide all pertinent details in advance – this will make the process more efficient and faster for everyone involved.

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