Norton Family Review

Norton Family

Norton Family offers comprehensive parental control software with features such as School Time and search tracking on major search engines. Furthermore, this solution offers protection for children’s privacy by blocking websites which collect personal data or monitor webcams.

Parents can get email alerts when their children access blocked sites and can opt in for monthly or weekly reports that give a full breakdown of activity. Norton Family works on Windows PCs (including 10 in S mode) Android and iOS devices.

Screen Time Management

Norton Family makes setting screen time limits easy. The app displays their current screen time at a glance and alerts you when approaching limit thresholds are reached, as well as blocking specific apps or restricting certain types of usage time limits based on time/type limits or completely. This helps prevent kids from becoming distracted by popular games while simultaneously being easy to adjust as soon as they demonstrate improved digital habits.

Norton Family offers effective app filtering capabilities; however, in a few areas it could be enhanced further – for instance it should be easier for children to bypass web and search filters, the app tracker only works on Android and Windows (not iOS or macOS), activity reports can sometimes take too long to compile, and messages sent within social media apps cannot be monitored directly.

Luckily, most of the flaws of Norton Family are minor and easily remedied. If you want to see what your child is seeing when online, for instance, simply switch the Norton Family settings so you can view it. Furthermore, your kids have the ability to ask access for any blocked sites which they feel should be allowed or denied; giving them the chance to express why a certain website should or shouldn’t be granted access is also a nice feature that gives your children the opportunity to express their opinion as to why this site should or shouldn’t be granted or denied by parents and administrators alike.

An additional minor complication with the app is its user interface; selecting individual days of the week to view their respective schedule can be confusing, and side-by-side display would be useful as there are only limited customization options for daily settings (only from zero up to 24 hours can be set at any given time).

School Time, created as an answer to remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic, helps students focus on their work by blocking distracting websites. It is an outstanding addition, compatible with both Kindle devices and macOS/Chromebooks (though I wish macOS and Chromebooks supported it as well).

Parental Controls

Norton Family is one of the oldest names in parental control software, boasting a long history and comprehensive feature set. Compatible with most major operating systems and offering user-friendly apps for kids and parents alike, as well as supporting an unlimited number of devices; Norton Family offers plenty of tools that keep children safe online – time management tools, web filtering capabilities, app monitoring/blocking abilities, school time restrictions restrictions, location tracking abilities and search supervision are just a few examples.

Setting individual rules for each child and making necessary modifications as they grow or need more freedom is also easy with Parent Zone, and support options include detailed help guides, FAQs and tutorials as well as being able to chat live with customer service technicians 24/7.

My tests of Norton Family’s screen time controls have proven them effective on both Android and iOS platforms, though certain limitations can sometimes impede its functionality. For instance, on Android devices Norton Family can only block apps by name instead of category (for instance “social” or “games”); making it hard for parents to stop children from installing some non-approved apps that they know shouldn’t exist.

Parents can also keep tabs on and limit their children’s social media activity with this feature, though it’s less comprehensive than some specialized solutions. They can view a daily, weekly or bi-weekly activity report which details which sites or apps were visited as well as those tried but were blocked from access.

Norton’s app monitoring and blocking works efficiently across Android, Windows, and iOS, but is less comprehensive for iOS devices. It allows parents to track which YouTube videos their children watch; tracking reports include snippets from each video watched. In addition, kids may submit access requests if they disagree with house rules or wish to visit a blocked website within the app itself; opening lines of communication between parent/caregivers and children and encouraging ongoing conversations about Internet safety.

School Time

Norton Family’s School Time feature differs from many pre-pandemic parental controls in that it allows kids to keep their computers and tablets active during school hours for online learning, rather than simply watching YouTube videos or browsing Reddit. It helps children focus on homework or classes instead of watching YouTube videos or browsing Reddit.

While this feature is handy, I wish it were more configurable. On Android apps you have the ability to select a day for setting a daily time limit; however, all increments are only in full hours — no half or quarter hours available for setting. While this may only cause minor inconvenience, having more granular control of settings would have been welcome.

Norton Family provides another useful feature called SafeCam, which monitors software and users attempting to gain access to a child’s webcam. This tool helps families ensure that their children don’t share personal data with strangers online – however it only works with PCs; its effectiveness on smartphones or tablets has yet to be proven.

As previously stated, Norton Family can track any device with GPS enabled — something which is especially helpful for parents needing to keep an eye on where their children are at all times. You can even set “safe places” where alerts will be received when your child approaches within certain limits of a radius.

Norton Family offers an impressive variety of features that made me quite impressed, making it an excellent parental control app to consider for monitoring your kids’ online activity. Boasting School Time Management, Screen Time Controls, SafeCam Monitoring and Geofencing abilities – it makes Norton Family an excellent option for helping their children develop healthy internet habits.

Search History

Norton Family is an award-winning parental control service, empowering parents to tailor the tracking and blocking features specifically to the needs of their child(ren). If you want a way to keep a closer eye on how their kids use technology online, Norton Family is an invaluable asset.

Norton does have some limitations, however. For example, its search tracking feature only works on Windows and Android devices if your child uses either the built-in Norton browser or one of the supported apps; Chrome or Firefox won’t work here and could lead to some confusion among parents. Furthermore, its location tracker only works with devices running Android 6.0 (meaning no Android 7 S mode) or iOS 13+; which could make this requirement inconvenient for some parents, although that doesn’t make Norton responsible in any way.

Customer support for the system can be reached 24-7 via phone, chat and email, although we found its live chat experience somewhat slow during our testing. In addition, there is a comprehensive support library containing helpful setup tutorials and troubleshooting guides.

Company founders also include Google. Google is also a founding member of the Internet Society, an organization which strives to foster best practices within its industry and supports various educational and civic initiatives such as Digital Citizen’s Council which encourages students to use online tools in order to better comprehend politics, government, economics and other pressing matters facing our nation.

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