Norton Family Review

Norton Family is an impressive suite that provides parents with many features they need for effective child management, including web filtering that protects from drugs, violence and pornography-based web content. In addition, parents can block apps and videos, monitor text messaging conversations and set location tracking.

The app does a fantastic job at keeping parents up-to-date by sending them email alerts and monthly/weekly reports, while children can even advocate for themselves by submitting access requests if their activity has been miscategorized.

Web Filtering

Norton Family is one of the few parental control apps capable of blocking explicit content ranging from drugs and violence, and monitoring what kids search for on YouTube. That’s due to its innovative web filter which blocks URLs rather than keywords or images to block access; plus it prevents kids using top VPNs to bypass filtering as well as allows parents to monitor their children’s location via satellite map.

Norton Family was designed to block content such as pornography, sexual violence and inappropriate material on every platform we tested it on. With 48 categories to block and an options list allowing you to add websites for either restricted browsing or allowable browsing based on age restrictions – as well as alerting parents if sites may be inappropriate for their child – Norton Family blocked everything we tested it against in our tests. Kids could even advocate for themselves within the app by clicking a check box if they think any website is being miscategorized.

Setting screen time limits on all platforms is another feature available to parents, and can be managed using either a weekly schedule or by selecting individual days of the week and selecting how many hours your child is allowed to use their device. Android and Windows devices also support Instant School Time which limits web activity during school hours only.

An added feature of the desktop app is being able to monitor a child’s YouTube viewing habits. You’ll see which videos they watch as well as their list of channels they follow and like; tracked videos typically appear within 20-30 minutes on their dashboard dashboard.

The software prevents children from accessing apps that aren’t on their home screens, though it cannot block apps on macOS or iOS, nor PCs running Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge without adding an extension that children can easily uninstall – leaving them open to workarounds such as Oracle’s VM VirtualBox which enables non-admin users to install applications.

Time Supervision

Norton Family offers parents a way to easily monitor and protect the devices, online activities and personal data of their children from one parent app on multiple devices as well as an easy-to-use web portal. Parents can set online time limits while simultaneously initiating conversations about smart online habits to help their children thrive in today’s digital world.

Norton Family stands apart from its competitors by not charging a monthly or annual subscription fee; rather, it comes included with Norton 360 Deluxe and Premium packages. Using reasonable default settings tailored to your child’s age – such as disabling devices from 7pm-6am weekdays and 5am-6am weekends – Norton Family makes screen-free mealtimes possible by blocking devices between 2-6pm each day.

Your children can have personalized house rules set, with device usage and screen-time guidelines that you set and alerts set for violations in real time. Based on your preference, you can block specific websites or allow and warn instead; though the latter option could cause some apps to stop working). I was easily able to set house rules quickly for my 9-year-old and have alerts sent immediately!

Norton Family offers search supervision that monitors your child’s searches on YouTube and other major search engines, while location supervision allows you to track his or her movements live or get an archive of whereabouts over 30 days.

Parental Control Software cannot restrict apps on iOS devices; it integrates with these restrictions for Android and Windows devices instead. Furthermore, this parental control solution does not monitor text messages or social media apps like TikTok (whereas rival products such as Qustodio can).

School Time allows parents to restrict internet access during school hours in order to prevent distractions from websites, and you can view daily, weekly and monthly activity reports which help identify patterns of behavior. Parental Alerts lets you get email notification if any blocked site or category is attempted to be accessed by your children.


Norton Family stands out among parental-control apps by emphasizing collaboration between parents and kids through its House Rules feature. Here, parents can set custom lists of acceptable online behavior for each child that will notify them if it is breached online. There are also tools designed to assist in managing content access and device usage such as location tracking and extensive web search logs logging capabilities.

Software such as this provides Android and iOS devices with additional parental controls not offered by other programs, including blocking apps, games or websites per-user basis, receiving email notifications of suspicious online activity and geofencing capabilities that track children and send alerts when they approach or leave areas that parents specify (home, school playgrounds etc).

Norton’s parental control tools are impressively robust and well-functioning for an app nearly 10 years old, particularly considering it lacks text message monitoring on mobile devices and offers only limited social media monitoring compared to competitors like Net Nanny or Child Protector Plus. Furthermore, this solution may also prove ideal for families with children on different platforms as its compatibility record stands out compared to similar products available for Windows or iOS. Sadly though, some areas where Norton falls short include its inability to monitor text messages on mobile phones; limited social media monitoring; not supported macOS; plus no compatibility issues for children across platforms!

Norton Family stands out from its competition with its ability to create custom “geozones” around a child’s home or other specific locations such as friends’ houses and local parks. Testing showed this worked quite effectively; however, full hour increments would have made setting radius sizes easier.

Parental-control options are provided in real time, giving you the power to block websites or send warnings, while Norton also offers reports about your child’s web search history – providing another useful way of raising awareness of inappropriate material. Furthermore, Safe Search feature acts as another layer of web protection, helping minimise the chance that children come across illegal search results such as obscenities or references to weapons and violence.


Norton Family offers an impressive set of parental control features, supporting unlimited devices and offering user-friendly apps for both kids and parents. Its filtering capabilities were among the best we tested; geofencing provided great location monitoring features with detailed reports available. Plus, Norton Family integrates easily with other products like antivirus programs and identity theft protection services – making combining all these solutions into one package easy.

Norton has long been considered a leader in cybersecurity, and their expertise shines through with their parental control suite. Their easy setup process lets you create and manage profiles for each child with separate device lists and customization options – it’s also easy to see which devices belong to which profile. Plus, there’s even an overview of recent activity on the Family Dashboard!

The dashboard presents activities in six areas – Web, Time, Mobile Apps, Location and Searches. Each section comes equipped with its own settings icon for you to customize its functioning; additionally there are monthly and weekly reports to provide a full accounting of every area’s activity. Another handy feature is School Time which restricts access to distracting websites during school hours while monitoring instant messaging services or social networking websites could potentially create privacy risks.

Note that Norton Family can only block, warn and supervise websites – unlike competitors OurPact and Net Nanny which offer app blocking capabilities – it limits its usefulness.

Norton Family notifies parents via email when their child has reached his or her screen-time limit and disables the computer until they enter a PIN to allow further usage. Children can delay this forced logout for up to 15 minutes using an app and may also request extra screen time through this feature.

Apps from Norton Security are accessible on all major platforms, from PCs running Windows 10 and older versions to Android smartphones (6.0 or later) and iOS devices. Furthermore, premium versions can be combined for added protection.

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