Norton Family Review

Norton Family

Norton Family is an impressive parental control solution with extensive features and capabilities, such as web, search, and video tracking. It excels in these areas.

Location tracking is another highlight. Additionally, this suite provides an instant lock feature for apps and browsers as well as displaying all YouTube videos your child has watched.


Norton Family provides parents with an easy and accessible web portal for managing device protection for children’s devices, offering valuable insights and tools to promote healthy life balance while keeping kids safe online by blocking unsuitable content. You can monitor apps, websites, search activities and set permitted or blocked hours of computer usage as well as set an emergency unlock pin if required.

App Supervision allows iOS and Android device owners to monitor apps installed on their devices and can block certain categories, like social media or games, from being installed. It tracks which apps are most often used and what activities take place within them, as well as blocking new downloads so parents have more control over their child’s app usage.

Web Supervision allows parents to set age-based filters, and add sites to either “Blocked Sites” or “Allowed Sites” lists as needed. Video tracking shows which YouTube and Hulu videos have been viewed on iOS, Android or Windows devices – though it can take time for these tracked videos to appear within Web Supervision’s parental app.

Norton Family can restrict online access for specific hours each weekday and weekend, with separate settings for weekdays and weekends. It can also set a daily screen time limit and alerts when this limit has been approached or exceeded; children receive a warning 15 minutes before their access is blocked and can postpone logout by pressing a button allowing up to two-hour extensions before having their logout forced upon them.

Location supervision features can be intrusive; using GPS technology to track kids in real-time on iOS and Android devices is somewhat intrusive, yet still provides peace of mind should they ever become lost or have an accident. Furthermore, it provides a 30-day history of their locations which may come in handy should they need help recalling where they have been.

Norton Family does a fantastic job at blocking apps popular among children and adolescents, however it could do a better job at monitoring children’s text messages and social media activity. There have been some glitches with its features such as delayed website filtering changes or not being able to block or allow apps on macOS systems.


Norton Family from Symantec’s parental control suite is an impressive product designed to keep kids safe online and cover both mobile devices and PCs. Parents can monitor search terms, videos watched and other activities of their child to ensure they don’t come across inappropriate material while blocking certain apps or sites as necessary.

Although this app has some restrictions, it remains an excellent choice for parents looking to monitor their child’s activities on both desktop and mobile platforms. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X as well as Chromebooks; parents can view a map showing where their child has been, with notifications sent directly to them when entering or leaving a restricted area.

Norton Family app can detect and filter over 40 types of content, such as mature material, web proxies, cult groups, alcohol consumption and drug use as well as file sharing activities. However, its tracking feature requires an Internet-capable browser as some antivirus programs could interfere with its ability to record Internet activity. Furthermore, notifications are sent out whenever children access social media websites, create accounts or misrepresent their age; parents can be alerted when their children attempt to communicate personal information via instant messaging (IM) or social networking website such as these apps or websites.

Parents can set screen time limits for each device used by their children and set curfews on phones used by children. They can also block text messaging and call notifications and limit how many apps their child downloads. Parents can view an overall summary of all activity on each device being used by their child.

Norton Family may not come with a free plan, but its monthly subscription fees are very affordable and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, it bundles Norton 360 Deluxe and Advanced; two great cybersecurity solutions. You may also purchase additional parental control features through separate subscriptions; for instance Kindle device parental controls and enhanced filtering on Chromebooks can all be added as options to this parental control app.


Norton Family is an effective parental control solution that offers a robust feature set on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. Its Web Surveillance works extremely well (even top VPNs can’t bypass it) while Facebook monitoring is great as well as screen time management on mobile phones with daily and 30-minute time allowances available daily or every 30 minutes increments – although on iOS the program only limits total usage rather than being able to whitelist certain apps like Netflix or YouTube.

Android and Windows versions of this program allow parents to monitor a range of features, including app downloads, browsing history and location. They can also monitor whether an app is using microphone or camera features on a device and has access to personal data such as phone number, address or school enrollment of their child as well as blocking websites containing pornography or drugs as well as creating schedules of permitted hours for specific apps – as well as locking away their child’s device once their period of time has elapsed.

I enjoyed that this app allowed you to create a list of trusted sites that can be visited without parental supervision, and included a search function. Furthermore, it can help children learn how to stay safe online with tips like never sharing personal details with strangers and never downloading files that could contain viruses or malware.

Another cool feature is its real-time tracking capability of your child’s location, providing an updated map. Geofencing technology enables this feature in settings to notify when your child leaves or arrives at certain places such as school or their best friend’s house.

One feature I wish the Norton Family app had was the capability of monitoring more aspects of a device’s capabilities, such as apps downloaded, flashlight and sensor functionality as well as battery status monitoring.


Norton Family from security giant Symantec provides parental control software to monitor what your kids are up to online, restrict device usage at specific times and protect them from potential online dangers. It is included as part of more advanced security suites from Symantec like Norton 360 Premium.

At Norton Family’s official website is where you should download it; downloading from third-party sites puts you at risk of malware attacks that could steal personal information or harm your PC. If you prefer, use search engines like Google to locate reliable download sources for Norton Family.

Once downloaded, simply install it on each of your children’s devices and log in from your own account to manage all their profiles and settings. If more devices need adding, just follow the on-screen prompts.

If you need to restrict a child from accessing certain apps or games, visit the Norton Family portal and use their permission-revocation option. In addition, you can review their list of used apps/games as well as see where they currently are located at any given moment.

Norton Family offers some excellent monitoring and control features, despite some minor limitations such as its inability to block apps on iOS devices. Its interface is user-friendly, with clear descriptions for every feature – great if you are away from home! In addition, their mobile app lets you stay informed on your child’s activities even when away.

Only disadvantage of Norton Security Suite software is claiming a refund if you’re dissatisfied. As its subscription service is billed monthly or annually, and cancellation process can be cumbersome and complex, it may be hard to obtain one if necessary. To cancel, contact them at least one month before your next payment due date is scheduled to arrive and plan ahead when cancelling!

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