Norton Internet Security Review

Norton Internet Security from Symantec provides comprehensive protection from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, hackers, spam and other online dangers. This suite features an anti-spam filter, anti-spyware program and firewall to offer maximum protection from online threats.

Features such as Identity Protection, Web, WiFi and device protection, password manager, privacy report and advanced bootable recovery tool are among the many included benefits. In addition, 24/7 customer support services are included as standard.

Detects and removes malware

Norton utilizes sophisticated technology to detect and eliminate malware on your device. A virus scan can easily identify and eliminate common viruses like Trojan horses, worms, ransomware, rootkits, backdoors, spyware, and unwanted programs – such as Trojan horses. Furthermore, it protects against new types of malware which target personal information, such as cryptojacking where cybercriminals run programs on your computer to mine cryptocurrency at their expense and formjacking where malicious code injects itself into online forms to steal credit card details from legitimate websites.

Norton’s malware detection abilities have been given rave reviews by independent tests conducted by both AV-Test and PC Magazine; PC Magazine even called it “a cut above most of its competition.” Norton can successfully block most known threats while also blocking downloads of many zero-day infections; additionally it comes equipped with password managers and antiphishing features to further protect privacy.

Norton successfully detected and removed 83% of the spyware we attempted to install, blocking 66% from doing so on clean systems. Furthermore, its latest update better identified keyloggers – devices which record keystrokes so someone else can steal sensitive information – in our test; in three out of four commercial keyloggers attempted installation by our testers, Norton correctly recognized and removed them successfully.

Norton features an intelligent and user-friendly interface that makes managing protection settings effortless. All main features are accessible from a single home screen where quick or full scans can be initiated directly from. In addition, advanced settings for monitoring privacy, checking performance issues, and tuning up computers can be configured as desired. Plus, mobile app is available that brings Norton security directly onto iOS and Android devices with all its main features rolled up into one beautiful design!

Protects your privacy

As you use your device, Norton Internet Security will keep an eye on how much data is downloaded or transferred as well as which apps accessing your personal information. This can help identify potentially invasive programs like cryptojacking (using your computer to mine cryptocurrency) or formjacking (inserting malicious code into legitimate forms to steal credit card info).

The Norton app also alerts you of any suspicious activity and prompts you to update your OS, if necessary. Furthermore, its vulnerability assessment feature is an invaluable one available across all platforms – an indispensable resource that keeps your operating system secure from potential malware infection.

Norton provides more than just antimalware and privacy protection; in addition to password management, cloud backup, parental controls and VPN connections for monitoring devices for signs of ransomware attacks.

Though this app is comprehensive, its performance in our tests was not exceptional when it comes to CPU utilization. Still, its memory usage is significantly better than many other antivirus programs and its user-friendly interface makes navigation simple.

All the main functionality can be accessed from one page, but for extra features like Dark Web monitoring or Parental Controls you will be taken out of the app and redirected elsewhere. Although this shouldn’t be seen as a significant setback, it might prove irritating for users looking to take full advantage of what Norton offers.

Noteworthy is also that Norton collects extensive personal information, such as your gender, physical address and child profile details. While this is fairly standard in antivirus programs, some may feel uncomfortable with its level of personalization. Regardless, their policy states they do not share your data without your explicit permission – if this concerns you further we suggest investigating alternative antivirus solutions with similar policies.

Secures your identity

Norton Internet Security provides more than just protection from malware attacks by blocking and removing them, it also works to safeguard your online privacy. With its SafeCam feature preventing hackers from spying through webcams and its password manager and secure cloud backup ensuring data from malicious threats are safely backed up and kept out of harm’s way. Plus its anti-tracking feature keeps trackers at bay from collecting personal data about you!

LifeLock, included with Norton subscription, provides identity theft protection and credit report updates, along with 24/7 customer support team assistance for any issues that arise. Plus, its website boasts an expansive knowledge base, community blog and live chat to give you answers when needed.

Fitch has given Norton 360 a BB+ credit rating, signifying they are able to meet their financial obligations now and in the future. Furthermore, as members of the Securities and Exchange Commission they are required to submit quarterly financial reports.

Identity protection is of utmost importance in cybersecurity solutions, with identity thieves using personal data stolen to steal your money, credit card numbers and more. Cybercriminals use various techniques such as cryptojacking and formjacking to accomplish this goal.

Norton Security Software can detect malicious programs and block them from accessing your computer or mobile device. It can also monitor social media accounts for signs of fraud or suspicious activities and help determine if anyone is misusing your personal information to illegally take money out of your bank account, obtain credit cards, or access medical care services.

Norton Internet Security provides another advantage by protecting all your devices at once. This makes it a great option for people with multiple computers and phones who wish to protect both simultaneously. The suite’s main interface is easy to navigate and features a dashboard showing how well protected each device is; additionally, this dashboard includes links for accessing Norton 360 plans which include device, Wi-Fi and SMS protection plans.

Gives you peace of mind

Norton offers one of the top all-round cybersecurity programs available, providing your system with protection from an array of threats. It detects and eliminates spyware, encrypts passwords to protect them from potential theft, monitors email for suspicious messages and suspicious attachments and offers easy cloud backup setup and use – giving your important files added protection at all times!

Norton has long been providing security solutions and has earned itself an outstanding reputation in this space. Norton not only provides anti-malware protection but also offers other useful features that keep devices running efficiently – such as vulnerability assessments that constantly monitors your PC for potential issues and alert you if necessary, search and web filters which detect dangerous websites, password managers which store login details securely, and vulnerability assessments which continuously monitor computer for vulnerabilities that need fixing, and password managers which store login details securely; all these come as stand-alone programs rather than as add-ons with other antivirus solutions.

Norton Internet Security provides more than antivirus and malware detection; it also protects against ransomware encrypting files locally before demanding payment to unlock them. With cloud backup of files available at any time, however, recovering these can be accomplished without incurring a ransom payment.

One helpful feature is its ability to detect and block fake Wi-Fi networks, especially when connecting to public networks that could potentially be compromised by hackers. Doing this can save a great deal of frustration as well as reduce your chances of identity theft or scams.

Norton also provides a free version of their Secure Browser that blocks ads and flags malicious websites. Furthermore, this software comes equipped with Parental Controls so parents can monitor or block external devices or applications on your computer and ensure their children follow household rules online and offline. LifeLock, an identity theft protection service provided with LifeLock also comes included – providing credit monitoring as well as legal aid should an incident arise.

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