Norton Internet Security Review

Norton’s signature-based detection compares files with its malware database, while also employing advanced machine learning to stop emerging threats called zero-days.

Norton provides comprehensive protection, offering features such as virtual private networking (VPN) and password management to go along with its core security offerings. However, it could benefit from an easier user interface that had less of an effect on PC performance.


Norton Internet Security is a malware protection program that utilizes both signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. Additionally, it provides personal firewall, email spam filtering, phishing protection, comprehensive parental controls, an encrypted password vault (unlike Chrome’s), dark web monitoring alerting you of data breaches before they become public, as well as comprehensive parental controls and comprehensive parental controls for children with special needs.

Norton stands out in my testing by offering comprehensive layered antivirus protection. Their extensive malware database, advanced heuristics and machine learning combine with their signature detection technology to detect new zero-day threats as they emerge; using an algorithm-driven heuristics-based approach for ransomware detection that includes ransomware cryptojacking detection as well as robust web protection features using deep web scanning and behavioral analysis to detect malicious sites that would otherwise go undetected by traditional signature detection approaches. In addition, their security suite also includes robust web protections which use deep web scanning and behavioral analysis techniques in order to detect threats in order to ensure maximum protection of its clients against cyberattack.

Norton consistently identified every piece of malware I threw its way, from older forms like worms and Trojans to ransomware files and cryptojackers. In my tests, Norton also managed to detect all of the phishing sites I visited–even those blocked by browser antiphishing settings–as well as all phishing domains blocked by browser antiphishing settings. Furthermore, its Safe Web extension performed better at identifying fraudulent and dangerous links than its Google Chrome and Firefox counterparts.

Norton 360 features an enhanced tabbed interface that makes navigating protection center and program settings simpler, and enhanced spyware detection – in PC Magazine tests it identified 11 threats and eliminated 9 of them, including commercial keyloggers.

Cloud Backup software from this software protects your online privacy by backing up important files to the cloud for recovery if they’re stolen by cybercriminals or ransomware, which encrypts local files before demanding payment in return for decryption keys. This method provides an excellent defence against ransomware attacks that demand ransom.

My testing showed that this service kept all of my important files secure in the cloud. However, it should be noted that if you lose or forget your Norton Account Recovery Key or Master Password you won’t be able to recover files from it.


Norton provides an arsenal of tools designed to keep you secure against evolving malware and cybercriminals, such as password managers, VPNs, dark web monitoring (available in some countries) cloud backup and more. Furthermore, these safeguards protect you against phishing attacks, cryptojacking attacks, formjacking attempts as well as traditional viruses, worms and spyware threats that threaten personal information theft through fraudulent websites and formjacking attacks.

The suite utilizes a two-pronged detection approach that utilizes signatures and behavior analysis. Signature analysis compares suspicious files against a database of known malware; behavior monitoring involves actively watching for suspicious activity from files or programs rather than just looking at content – similar to how police may pull you over for speeding or driving recklessly instead of just looking at license plates alone. Norton Insight 2.0 utilizes this latter technique by monitoring how given files behave before flagging any unusual behavior that it detects.

Privacy monitor is another essential tool, scanning the web for personal identifiable information about you – such as name, address, birthday and gender – then compiling those searches into a report to use when petitioning data brokers to stop selling it.

Other features aim to maximize your computer’s performance, such as a disk cleanup tool that deletes temporary files and manages startup applications, software updater, privacy cleaner and software patch manager.

As well as these components, the suite features a central dashboard for managing all its components as well as viewing status updates for each. PC Magazine notes that its user-interface can take up a great deal of memory on slower machines. A CPU usage meter helps pinpoint problem areas while battery-saving mode reduces scanning and other tasks to save power.

Norton Internet Security’s basic plan can be expensive if you want to protect multiple devices; however, its more cost-effective 360 Deluxe version offers better value with biometric login and face scan support on iOS and Android devices; no data limits premium VPN; dark web monitoring capabilities; cloud backup storage space and cloud backup; as well as parental controls and malware blocking that can come in handy when children use your computer.

Cloud Backup

Norton Internet Security’s security suite features cloud backup features to safeguard your data in case of theft or hardware failure, and to reduce ransomware attacks that encrypt local files and demand payment to release them again. By storing important documents with Norton’s servers instead, you can avoid paying such fees while recovering them quickly without losing any work you have invested into your projects.

Your most crucial files and folders can be automatically backed up on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule using this program. Backup options include external hard drives as well as computers. My testing revealed that its Where tab — which allows users to select where their backups should be saved — doesn’t function reliably; on several occasions files failed to save in their intended locations even though I selected them during backup. As this may not be reliable if this is your primary solution you may wish to consider other systems instead for more reliable protection.

Once your backup is complete, you can access and retrieve your files whenever they are needed. Norton provides several recovery options including full system restore and selective recovery to quickly retrieve individual files or folders as necessary. Plus, data transmission and storage is encrypted for added protection against unauthorized access.

Norton Internet Security not only offers backup and recovery capabilities, but it also scans your PC for common security vulnerabilities and provides recommendations to close them. Furthermore, the program monitors web browser activity as well as social media accounts for any indications of malware activity; warning if it discovers any harmful links or attachments.

This software is lightweight and uses minimal resources, helping your computer’s performance. With fast scanning speed and the ability to detect and remove spyware programs from your system, this product also includes handy tools such as password managers for managing online passwords, vulnerability assessments, parental controls for monitoring kids’ computer activity and defragmenting hard drives and clearing temporary files to free up space for faster PC performance and cleaning up any potentially lingering temporary files. Additionally, PC tune-ups ensure a faster and cleaner device.

Customer Support

Norton Internet Security provides various customer support channels, including live chat, 24/7 helpline support, community blog and an expansive knowledge base. Users can utilize its built-in AI assistant for common issues, while for more complex problems they can contact one of the company’s representatives through its website – however GetHuman warns this often requires reading lengthy help articles before submitting their issue.

Norton provides its customers with multiple ways to protect their devices, from mobile apps and cloud backup to identity theft protection services that monitor all online activity and protect personal information in case of data breach or hacking attack. In addition, users can utilize this app’s vulnerability scanners that monitor operating system software programs so as to be aware if their computers may be at risk.

Norton stands out from other antivirus products by its comprehensive scanners that accurately identify threats. In tests by AV-Comparatives, its scanners consistently scored among the highest. With its latest version – Norton Internet Security 2018 – offering several features designed to enhance performance such as recognising third-party antimalware tools and shortening scanning times using Norton Insight’s duplicate detection prevention feature, this antivirus product stands head and shoulders above its competition.

Software designed to detect various digital threats – including malware, viruses, ransomware and spyware – is ideal for home users seeking comprehensive protection online. Recent versions include vulnerability assessment functionality that monitors your operating system, programs and browsers for known vulnerabilities before suggesting steps to address them.

As with other antivirus programs, Norton AntiVirus can become the victim of cybercrime. Fraudsters will send emails purporting to come from Norton or LifeLock requesting money in return for tech support services. The best way to avoid such scams is never clicking unsolicited links in emails or texts and never wire money via gift cards or money orders as these requests never originate from Norton/LifeLock themselves!

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