Norton Security Deluxe Review

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe can protect all your devices in an organized and accessible manner, from desktop computers and tablets to smartphones and smartphones. Its interface was specifically created to serve as an all-in-one hub for multiple security features without ever becoming overwhelming or confusing.

This program includes numerous security and privacy features such as webcam protection, file cleanup tools and a Parental Control system. Furthermore, it can monitor devices for suspicious activity.

Protects up to 5 devices

Norton Security Deluxe is an ideal choice for individuals who wish to secure their computers, tablets and smartphones with features and an intuitive user experience. Plus, PC cloud backup provides added peace of mind should something go amiss in terms of file loss or corruption.

With Norton, you can secure up to five devices. The software proactively scans each device for malware, viruses and other threats while simultaneously monitoring activity on each one. When suspicious activity is identified it alerts you, and can even prevent unauthorised access. It even blocks websites known for their scamming tactics as well as those seeking personal information from people.

Norton Password Manager provides another useful feature by allowing you to generate strong passwords in one central place and store them securely. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (twoFA) can help protect your vault against hackers; you can enable twoFA by adding phone number, authenticator app or security key as authenticators – although I wish more options such as fingerprint and facial recognition were included with its mobile login options.

Antivirus software comes equipped with other useful features, including Wi-Fi security and system advisors that warn about operating system vulnerabilities. Banking protection helps prevent phishing attacks and fraudulent bank transactions on your accounts while it can also scan browser histories for potential threats.

Norton Security Deluxe also boasts an exceptional web protection feature, scanning your email for potential threats and notifying you about unsafe links in social media. Furthermore, it checks a website’s reputation, detects malware threats, blocks risky sites in search results and has smart firewall and SONAR technology which analyze program behavior to detect unknown “zero-day” threats.

Unfortunately, unlike some competitors, Norton does not provide Android phones with an anti-theft feature, which would help locate stolen phones and remotely wipe data off them. On the plus side, however, Norton’s Parental Control system offers several tools to assist parents monitor their children’s computer and smartphone usage.

Protects against ransomware

Norton Security Deluxe protects you against cybercriminals as you browse, socialize and shop online. Boasting an AV-Test Best Protection award four years in a row as well as top-ranked malware detection, it helps recognize threats, stop them at the door and help recover data safely backed by 24/7 live support and money-back guarantees.

Norton’s comprehensive approach to security starts with an intuitive dashboard that provides quick insights into your subscription and device health, and then allows you to quickly configure specific features as necessary. While initially confusing, eventually it becomes second nature.

Norton makes an extra nice feature when backing up important documents: automatically uploading them to a secure cloud storage service that you can access from any location, as well as having them restored if your computer becomes damaged or compromised. At present, only Windows computers support this feature, though plans are in the pipeline to make it available on Macs as well.

Other useful features include SafeCam, which protects webcams from malicious software; and Norton AntiTrack, which masks your digital footprint by hiding your digital footprint and monitoring resource utilization to alert if anything is hogging system resources.

Although Norton did not match up with our top picks in our ransomware simulation test, it did stop all attacks we launched against it – an impressive performance for a suite that doesn’t come anywhere close to competing on price.

Another key benefit is the inclusion of VPN in all its products, enabling you to securely use any device connected to your home network without being vulnerable to dangerous threats or being blocked sites. Furthermore, using a VPN also serves to bypass country restrictions or access blocked websites quickly and efficiently.

Norton does not collect your personal information or sell it to third-party vendors, unlike many of its rivals. Instead, it collects details like IP address, device type/types/type names/type names, OS version/version numbers/language and aggregate bandwidth usage to deliver and improve services – but if this concerns you, simply opt-out!

Protects against identity theft

Norton Identity Protection service has long been providing personal information security. From web and email protection that prevents phishing scams to password managers that safeguard accounts, Norton offers many tools that keep data safe. You can use its web and email protection against phishing scams while the password manager keeps your accounts protected. You can even use Norton to monitor credit report activity for any signs of compromise online and receive alerts if your identity has been compromised online. Its mobile security includes malware protection for Android/Chromebook mobile devices along with Wi-Fi scanning that detects dangerous connections.

Not the most comprehensive suite on the market, but still provides useful features. Cloud backup provides excellent protection from ransomware attacks that encrypt files and require payment to restore them; you can select individual folders manually rather than autosaves your entire computer’s content.

Dark Web monitoring scans the Internet to detect threats and block unauthorized network access, while a firewall blocks hackers and snoopers from breaking in to your system. Norton Password Manager enables users to create strong passwords easily while automatically populating them across devices.

Identity theft protection from Norton Deluxe is solid, but missing two essential elements: an anti-theft tool and unlimited VPN access. While other providers provide these features in other plans, Norton seems to have removed them in this Deluxe edition.

Overall, Norton Security Deluxe provides reliable and cost-effective malware protection for PCs and smartphones. Its quick and full system scans can quickly identify hidden threats while its SONAR technology blocks browser-based attacks from exploiting known vulnerabilities. Furthermore, this program stands out by offering real-time Android app risk assessments – making it faster and more reliable than many similar solutions.

Only drawbacks include an initially high starting price and lack of live chat on desktop, although Norton does provide a vast knowledge base to address common problems as well as 24/7 helpline assistance. Furthermore, their all-in-one membership plan adds additional features like dark web monitoring and unlimited VPN access for added peace of mind.

Protects your privacy

Norton provides more than just protection tools; they also have an outstanding VPN service which is used on all devices within your family, from smartphones and tablets, and provides encryption of web traffic so hackers cannot track online activity – an advantage many competitors don’t provide.

As with the rest of its suite, the VPN maintains an inconspicuous presence on your computer, only really emerging when scanning for malware or analysing downloaded files and even then it isn’t particularly intrusive. Its Android app is similarly unobtrusive and you have various controls over what it does – such as restricting its visitations of certain websites or setting time limits.

Norton’s password manager is outstanding, syncing logins across your computers and providing feedback about the strength of your passwords. In addition, its “Spot Suspicious Links” feature provides alerts if any suspicious links appear in social media feeds or email, scans browser histories for potentially dangerous cookies and detects URLs in search results that look suspect.

Another standout feature is ‘Smart Firewall’, which monitors data flowing between your PC and the Internet to detect unwarranted network activities and block malicious software before it exploits vulnerabilities in your operating system or other applications on your machine. Other notable features include SONAR Protection for monitoring program behavior to detect zero-day threats; Download Intelligence which checks file attachments for known malware; and “SONAR Protection”, which analyzes behaviors to detect zero-day threats – providing another line of defense against potential exploits of operating system vulnerabilities or exploits by malicious apps or extensions; or SONAR Protection which analyzes programs behaviour to detect threats before they exploit vulnerabilities on machines running vulnerable operating systems or apps on machines running vulnerable software from exploited vulnerabilities that would then exploit such vulnerabilities; other useful features include “SONAR Protection”, which analyzes programs to detect zero day threats; while “SONAR Protection”, which analyzes behavior to detect zero day threats; while “Download Intelligence”, which checks file attachments to block malware attachments while blocking potential exploits while blocking malicious browser extensions that could potentially exploit vulnerabilities on PC.

Norton Security Deluxe is an impressive set of protection tools. Its malware protection stands up well, while its cloud backup services surpass most competitors. But some elements could still use improvement, including its lack of anti-theft support for Android phones which would enable remote wipe functionality – similar to what Kaspersky provides – and a more consolidated Android app for all the parts of this suite.

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