Norton Security Deluxe Review

Norton Security Deluxe adds additional features to the basic package, including dark web monitoring and privacy monitoring; 50GB cloud storage (Windows PC only); secure VPN; parental controls and more – plus it comes with a money-back guarantee!

An intuitive user interface puts online protections right at your fingertips. Plus, many features – like Dark Web Monitoring and Parental Controls – open as new tabs instead of standalone applications.

Virus Protection

Norton Security Deluxe excels at anti-virus protection, and works hard to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. A team of specialists constantly updates the software in response to emerging threats – as demonstrated by its success at AV-Test’s malware and zero-day attack tests, which successfully detected every sample of malicious software tested.

The suite also protects against ransomware attacks by scanning files and folders that could be targeted, monitoring apps for suspicious activity, and eliminating scripts in Microsoft and Adobe documents. Furthermore, USB drives are scanned while checking incoming and outgoing email for suspicious links; and networks for threats lurking in file downloads.

It provides additional tools to combat cyberattacks, including a password manager, parental controls and monitoring software for the dark web. In addition, its privacy monitor helps safeguard personal data from data brokers while showing which companies store it.

However, these features aren’t as robust as competing plans’ offerings; you aren’t able to select where backups should be stored; by default they are stored in the cloud; and Parental Control portal access doesn’t function correctly on iOS devices.

One potential drawback of using PCMark 10 benchmarking with GIMP and LibreOffice file editors such as video chatting, gaming, file editing in open-source programs such as GIMP or LibreOffice may have some minor performance effects when activated; these impacts are manageable if full scans or full, exhaustive deep ones are run frequently enough.

Norton Security Deluxe provides an ideal combination of protection and pricing. Its first-year subscription price is less than half that of competitors and it includes free customer support throughout your subscription period. Furthermore, you will also get a copy of Norton Mobile Security App compatible with Android and iOS for free!


Norton Security Deluxe will detect any malware that attempts to penetrate your device and offer multiple ways of removal, such as performing a full scan, isolating spyware, and forcing reboot in safe mode, disconnecting from internet access and uninstalling any unauthorized apps. In addition, live chat support and 24/7 helpline options are provided as part of its customer support services.

Norton could benefit from an updated and sleeker interface, yet its current version remains an effective cybersecurity protection option. Norton provides strong core antivirus protection while adding password management tools, VPN access, Dark Web monitoring, automated cloud backup services, parental controls and automated backup backup solutions as additional layers.

Norton stands out from competitors by not subdividing its features into separate modules, which may appeal to consumers looking for a comprehensive package. Unfortunately, however, this approach can impact performance on lower-spec hardware during scan or backup operations.

Norton provides more than just anti-malware features; it also comes equipped with PC tools like disk optimization and defragging features. Unfortunately, some of these duplicate functions already present within Windows, so if possible it would be best to stick with native apps instead.

Norton Security Deluxe’s bundled version offers protection for up to five devices on multiple platforms – PCs and Macs, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, etc. With such versatility in mind, protection can easily be moved between devices if necessary or from one to the other.


Norton Security Deluxe comes equipped with an excellent suite of anti-ransomware features to protect you against paying ransom demands. Norton’s ransomware protection scans your PC for malicious files, while the antivirus software blocks them before they have the chance to encrypt any important documents on your system. Furthermore, its smart firewall prevents malware from accessing files on your system and making changes on them.

Phishing protection is another useful feature, alerting users about websites that could try to steal personal information via fake websites. This feature is particularly handy for email users.

AV-Test found that this software had an impressive virus detection rate; during their tests it captured 100 percent of malware and zero-day attacks, as well as more advanced threats not caught by other programs using its proprietary heuristic and behavior analysis technologies.

Other features in the suite include a password manager that protects sensitive information with biometric login methods like face or fingerprint recognition; you can also use this same system to log into Norton apps on iOS and Android devices using that same set of credentials. In addition, its privacy monitor protects PII from data brokers who collect metadata about online activity to create identity profiles and sell them off at auction for profit.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive digital security suite, Norton LifeLock may be an option worth exploring. This plan combines all the above features with antivirus, anti-spyware and malware protection as well as parental controls, dark web monitoring and webcam protection at competitive subscription prices with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t require parental controls or additional features like VPN access or dark web monitoring, Norton Standard could be more suited for you. It offers reduced prices while still protecting three devices and offering up one new device per year.

Parental Controls

Norton Security Deluxe’s parental controls features are exceptional, particularly its Web Supervision functionality. This allows you to monitor, warn or block access to websites based on predefined categories like Crime, Alcohol, Mature Content or Suicide; in addition, any website can be set as approved if desired.

My testing showed Web Supervision performed well, though it took 20-30 minutes before tracked videos appeared in the Norton Family app. That being said, they provided plenty of details (name, description, thumbnail image) about each video as well as an option to watch it on YouTube.

Parents can set a screen time schedule for each of their children and restrict how much time they spend using apps, setting specific times of the day when certain applications will be disabled or restricted from use. App monitoring works well on both iOS and Android, though app blocking requires running parental apps; children can disable extensions from desktop browsers by uninstalling Norton Family app extensions.

This app’s utilitarian yet attractive design organizes features and settings in clearly labeled tabs for ease of navigation; its minimalist user interface is straightforward yet has some unique idiosyncrasies – for instance, changes made to “house rules” can take time to appear after they have been made on your device.

Norton Family also features SafeCam, which helps identify software and users attempting to gain access to your camera and allows you to block them – I tested this on an iPhone and it worked flawlessly! In addition, Norton Family allows parents to track each child’s device location and send alerts if they come too close to home or school.

Password Manager

Norton’s password manager is an impressive addition that comes included with every purchase of their security suite. Operating as an individual browser extension, it requires no desktop version – yet can still sync between iOS/Android devices as well as PC.

Easy Password Manager is designed to be intuitive and fit the needs of casual internet users, yet doesn’t provide all the advanced features offered by premium password managers such as TOTP authentication or form filling tools, nor the capability of managing passwords across multiple devices. Even so, it remains one of the best choices for home users who don’t want to get involved with purchasing multiple programs at once.

The browser extension offers an intuitive user experience, with sites itemized either grid- or list-style for quick reference. A safety dashboard gives an overview of your password strength, making changing passwords with just a click possible; additionally, its password generator enables users to create strong passwords using letters, numbers and special symbols.

Although Norton doesn’t provide as comprehensive a set of support options as some premium password managers do, its help page features articles covering common problems and can answer basic inquiries. Furthermore, its forum page sees moderate activity; plus they offer live chat assistance as well as phone lines and remote login features for their forum users. While their design could use some improvements they still offer a solid level of customer support.

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