Norton Security Deluxe Review

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Suite has long been considered one of the leading protection suites on the market, providing comprehensive protection. Alongside reliable antivirus protection, it includes cloud backup, password management tools and always-there member support from expert engineers at Norton.

Protecting PC, Mac(r), smartphone and tablet in one solution with privacy monitoring capabilities that help prevent your data from being sold to third parties.

Easy to use

Norton takes great pride in creating an unparalleled user experience, from its clear presentation on the home screen to an effortless setup process and automatic updates detection and installation; along with automatic file backup to cloud storage that you can access from any location at a frequency you select.

Norton emphasizes speed in its antivirus program, and our tests confirmed this claim with results that far outshone those from Windows’ built-in component. On average, its antivirus engine completed scanning our executable files, PDFs, and ZIP archives within an impressive average timeframe of 3.4, 0.9, and 1.6 seconds respectively – an impressive achievement indeed!

Norton Mobile Security provides antimalware protection for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, it checks for vulnerabilities and blocks unauthorized access while monitoring for nearby hotspots – with quick scans being automatically initiated when opening up the Norton mobile app on a device.

Dark Web Monitoring is a helpful feature, scanning email and social media accounts for potentially harmful links and alerting you if the sites that you visit contain known phishing and banking trojans. Furthermore, Dark Web Monitoring warns you about suspicious apps before providing assistance in their removal; plus it allows one-click login access to multiple online accounts by marking frequently-used logins with one click access.

Other useful Norton features include SONAR Protection, which analyzes program behavior to detect “zero-day” security risks; Smart Firewall safeguards you from unauthoritarian network activity while blocking attacks that target Windows vulnerabilities; Download Intelligence offers information about potential security risks in downloaded files as well as identifying apps which consume too many resources;

Norton provides excellent customer support through live chat agents or its FAQ page; employees also monitor message boards to provide assistance. All this makes Norton an exceptional value.

Protects multiple devices

Norton Security Deluxe can protect up to five devices simultaneously with cloud backup and parental controls, VPN service and password manager capabilities – standout features that set this product apart from others antivirus suites. Plus its malware detection rates are among the highest on the market and its interface makes using this product simple!

This software runs quietly in the background with minimal pop-ups, making it ideal for users who wish to secure their computers without disrupting work or social life. Furthermore, it helps speed up your computer, by shortening program launch/close times. Furthermore, its disk cleaner removes temporary files and duplicates that take up unnecessary space on your hard drive; plus defragments permanent disks to enhance performance and open up more space on permanent drives.

With Secure VPN, you can protect any Wi-Fi network. This helps keep cybercriminals from intercepting your data when shopping, banking or posting online; additionally it can even help identify unsafe websites prior to them loading, while protecting you from identity theft by scanning dark web for personal details about yourself.

The antivirus scanner automatically detects and eliminates malware such as worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, ransomware, spyware, adware, bots and other threats such as ransomware. Furthermore, you can customize its scan settings by choosing specific folders or files you’d like included, detect unauthorized changes to system settings as well as alert you about applications trying to gain access to sensitive files.

This software keeps an eye on your computer to detect suspicious activity and notify you instantly if anything arises. Furthermore, this protection can prevent attacks by blocking malicious network traffic attempting to connect to unapproved servers or exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems and browsers, and even malicious versions of legitimate websites set up by scammers with an aim of stealing money and passwords from you.

Norton stands out from competitors by offering a comprehensive customer support offering, which includes live chat, 24/7 helpline support, community blog posting and an extensive knowledge base. In addition, PC tuneup and malware removal services are also offered; thus making Norton an attractive choice for customers concerned about virus or malware infections on their computers.

Optimizes your PC

Norton once had a reputation for slow performance, but that has long since changed. Today it stands as one of the fastest suites on the market and ranks highly in AV-Test’s tests. Furthermore, despite its expansive feature set it remains lightweight enough not to drain your system resources.

The user interface for Norton Security is sleek and user-friendly, starting off with an easily navigable dashboard that quickly provides insight into your protection status and scan results, before providing access to launch scans or configure firewall settings. By default, My Norton is used as its main view which breaks down subscription and device status while offering quick links directly into specific features to configure them as needed.

Beyond security, you also gain a backup feature that can store copies of your files to Norton’s secure cloud storage, local storage or USB drive – with customizable protection of individual files and folders.

For an in-depth examination of your system, run a full or custom scan. This can check for protection updates, erase Internet Explorer temporary files, run disk optimization and detect and eliminate malware missed by regular scans. Furthermore, memory scanning reveals and removes hidden files or programs running in the background.

Other features include Dark Web Monitoring, which will notify you if any of your personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers have been discovered on the dark web. Privacy Monitor allows you to identify and remove publicly accessible data that hackers could exploit to commit identity theft.

Parental Control gives you access to your children’s online activity through Norton website, and gives you access to limit and monitor specific websites as well as block apps or games downloads if necessary. It is an invaluable feature for parents concerned about how their kids use the internet.

Keeps your data safe

Norton Security Deluxe stands out as one of the few antivirus packages to offer a comprehensive set of protection tools, from password manager and parental controls on Windows to web protection, unlimited VPN service, identity theft monitoring and device security for iOS. In addition, there is a robust security suite specifically for Mac computers – though its price may be more expensive than most competitors but has long earned top marks in independent malware protection tests.

Like other modern cybersecurity programs, Norton boasts an intuitive and user-friendly user experience on both platforms. My Norton dashboard serves as the interface between these suites on Windows and macOS platforms and displays at-a-glance status updates, along with convenient “Fix” or “Turn On” buttons for easy management. Its sleek yet streamlined design prevents distraction or confusion during use.

Other features of SONAR protection are to detect and block advanced malware on your PC by analyzing system behavior and searching for unusual activity, along with providing File Cleanup tool that deletes temporary files to free up disk space, as well as Startup Manager that shows which programs automatically start up on PC and how much CPU and memory they consume with easy-to-read graphs that make identifying which software uses most resources easy.

Link Guard from SafeConnect protects Webmail, social media and other accounts by detecting suspicious links before clicking them, alerting you of potential problems before making them clickable. Its banking protection feature uses isolation mode in browsers to secure financial data when visiting websites — something we found to be particularly effective when testing it against real-world attacks.

Cloud backup is included with this suite and uses bank-grade encryption to store files securely offsite. You can set it to run either daily or weekly and choose which files and folders you’d like backed up; up to three versions can be stored, giving you flexibility in terms of when they will be restored from.

Norton provides an array of support options, from live chat to 24/7 helplines and its extensive knowledge base organized into helpful categories and search capabilities. Norton’s support page directs users towards these resources as well as its search feature and knowledge database.

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