Norton Security Review

Norton Security

Norton Security combines many of the leading internet security tools into one program at an exceptional value, including a 60-day risk-free trial period.

Malware detection with this software is nearly perfect, using an extensive malware database, advanced heuristics and machine learning. Furthermore, this version includes a password manager as well as dark web monitoring/LifeLock protections.


Norton Security is one of the premier antivirus programs for protecting against malware, viruses, ransomware, worms and other threats to your computer’s safety. Its multilayered approach to malware detection stands alone – including using its vast malware database combined with advanced heuristics and machine learning to achieve perfect scores in every AV Test we conducted during 2022 (Jan-Feb and Nov-Dec 2022).

Norton uses two main techniques for virus detection: signature-based scanning and behavior-based analysis to detect potentially malicious files on computers. Our tests showed that Norton accurately identified all forms of malware tested – even more recent threats like ransomware files and cryptojackers that have become prevalent over time.

Norton provides more than just malware protection; its web and wireless security offerings are impressive as well. Norton includes a password manager and smart firewall built right into their product for superior password management capabilities in Chrome and Firefox browsers alike, with Wi-Fi security layer alerting when it detects dangerous networks that you could connect to.

All subscriptions include cloud backup, which is an extremely helpful feature that protects files against ransomware attacks that lock them with encryption and demand payment to decrypt them. Norton’s cloud backup restores your files without the need to pay an attacker back; they restore them for you instead.

Norton stands out from its competition with its vulnerability assessment feature, which constantly monitors your computer for any potential exploitable holes that hackers could exploit and provides recommendations on how you can close these gaps.

The program’s user interface is very user-friendly. With its clean design, it displays your device health and provides quick insights into what the software is doing. Furthermore, you can quickly access specific features like scanning or your security dashboard – helpful when managing device protection.

Norton Security performed well in our performance tests, placing only a moderate load on both CPU and memory usage while scanning. Furthermore, it offers great flexibility regarding which programs can run scans to enable customized detection of threats.


Phishing is a cybercrime in which cybercriminals use various means to lure you into disclosing sensitive information or data – including passwords, credit card numbers and even your social security number or bank account details – such as your passwords or banking credentials. They use email, texts messages and phone calls as platforms of attack – their goal being access to your accounts to take money or data from you. Norton Anti-Phishing Protection helps defend you against such attacks by recognizing signs of possible phishing attacks and alerting you of potential dangers before they reach you!

Norton provides you with an extra layer of security against online banking or shopping sites by automatically verifying their URL fields for authenticity, as well as scanning for invisible text or HTML forms that might contain hidden malware. While not as comprehensive as a full malware scanner, this first line of defense provides invaluable protection from phishing attacks.

Norton Genie Scam Detector is another feature designed to protect you from phishing attempts. This tool scans emails for potentially fraudulent links or attachments and warns if clicking them could lead to fraudulent sites or downloads. Furthermore, it highlights suspicious results in search engines so you don’t accidentally click them!

Norton Security proved itself in our tests to be adept at intercepting all of the phishing emails we sent it and blocking all phishing websites from loading on our computers. Furthermore, when speaking to their customer support staff via phone calls we found them both friendly and responsive.

Norton’s suite of apps for password management, parental controls and identity theft protection works cohesively together and syncs seamlessly with its desktop software. We especially enjoyed how its password manager comes equipped with two-factor authentication (2FA), which lets you add a cell phone or authenticator app as a backup in case you forget your password.

Norton’s mobile device protection features were impressive, providing malware and app protection for Android phones, Chromebooks, and tablets running Android. We were particularly satisfied that its remote control, web, and Wi-Fi protection worked reliably during our tests on both Android and iOS devices; we wish the software offered more granular filter settings so we had greater control over which apps could pass through and which were blocked altogether.


Norton provides a suite of cybersecurity tools designed to safeguard against online threats like ransomware, adware, trojans and spyware attacks. Their program is one of the best on the market when it comes to protection from ransomware, adware, trojans and spyware cyberattacks; in addition they include strong parental controls, firewall protection and cloud backup storage services – with its initial price being somewhat steep but nonetheless offering plenty of features!

During our testing, Norton identified and stopped nearly every piece of malware it encountered using two detection methods: signature-based and behavior-based. With signature-based detection, Norton compares each file against its database of malware definitions; if a match is found it flags it just like police would pull over a vehicle matching that description for theft. Meanwhile behavior-based detection works to detect new attacks before they have even a chance to infiltrate your computer by monitoring file activities in real time – protecting you before threats even have a chance to enter!

Norton Antivirus’ user interface is minimalist yet accessible, showing your device’s overall protection status, the areas protected, the date of its last scan, and helping you establish an ongoing scanning schedule. Although this software offers many features, its usage was relatively light in our tests – we witnessed moderate to low CPU utilization when performing full scans.

While Norton Mobile Security for Android doesn’t boast as many features as its desktop counterpart, it still provides valuable protection tools. For instance, this app checks apps for privacy issues and alerts when they drain battery life, scans for dangerous sites like phishing sites or links and blocks Wi-Fi security threats and adware as well as blocking Wi-Fi connections altogether.

If you need assistance, the company provides assistance through live chat and a 24-hour helpline. Furthermore, its extensive knowledge base is also helpful, with search capabilities making finding specific articles much simpler. However, reaching customer support can take longer as it requires going through its AI assistant and signing in before speaking with someone directly.

Identity Theft

Norton has long been recognized as a household name when it comes to consumer cybersecurity, so it comes as no surprise that they also provide identity theft protection apps like Norton LifeLock. While other programs like IDShield and IdentityForce perform similarly, none can rival Norton LifeLock in terms of brand recognition.

LifeLock proactively searches the dark web for bad actors trying to buy or sell your personal data, monitors your name or social security number on the internet and alerts you of any suspicious activity using text, phone+, email or mobile app alerts. Furthermore, they monitor credit bureaus to notify of changes through text, phone+ phone+ email mobile app alerts if anything changes within them; in case your identity is stolen they’ll work with you to help recover it and reimburse expenses up to your plan limits.

Your options for credit monitoring range from monitoring one or all three bureaus, and including refundable guarantees on service, to getting an identity protection score – which helps determine the risk of identity theft – along with receiving annual reports about any changes in your credit.

The most basic plan only monitors your TransUnion credit file; however, with more comprehensive options, three bureau monitoring is also included. Home Title Monitoring also gives you access to your local records office to identify any potential changes which could impact on your property, while alerts for your 401(k) can keep an eye on withdrawals or balance transfers that could indicate fraud.

Other advantages of the service include Norton Secure VPN for protecting devices on public Wi-Fi networks; and SafeCam to block any attempts by third-parties to use your webcam without permission. It can protect various types of devices – PCs and Macs, Android phones and tablets, Apple iOS devices – offering families or individuals extra protection from growing cyberthreats while helping save money through an annual subscription or bundling with other Norton products such as 360 or Antivirus Plus subscriptions.

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