Norton Security Review

Norton simplifies its array of powerful features into an accessible user experience, with its main screen showing status updates for scans, backups and performance optimization.

PC Magazine found its e-mail protection to be particularly impressive, while its password manager provides highly secure passwords that can automatically fill themselves in, detects fraudulent SMS links and blocks them, as well as call blocking, identity monitoring, secure calendar management and VPN features for mobile use.


Norton Security protects users from various cybersecurity threats on both their devices and the Internet, with an intuitive user interface designed for ease of use by those without much experience. Divided into various sections with clear labels to help users quickly identify features they require; also displays overall protection status as well as links for starting scans, configuring firewalls or activating other security features.

At the heart of any security software lies an antivirus, working alongside a smart firewall. It uses machine learning to stay abreast of emerging threats and block them from entering your device, with advanced behavior-based detection analyzing how files behave, flagging suspicious ones such as copying themselves into multiple folders – similar to when police pull over cars for erratic driving rather than simply looking at license plates; furthermore it uses an extensive database of known malware attacks so you can stop even dangerous attacks before they reach you device.

Other security tools include a link scanner that reviews links in email and social media accounts to detect potentially risky websites. Its firewall also features an innovative network monitoring feature which informs you of network vulnerabilities so they can be fixed. Lastly, Norton Safe Web’s browser extension lets users block unsafe websites in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox; red warnings highlight dangerous pages to help ensure users don’t click them accidentally.

Norton’s LifeLock identity theft protection monitors dark web markets and forums for your personal data that could be being sold online – an essential step towards stopping identity thieves from hacking into your account and using it to purchase items or obtain loans in your name.

Cloud backup is another invaluable feature, protecting important files in the cloud from cybercriminals who might encrypt and hold onto them for ransom payments. Norton offers other useful features including password manager, anti-theft mobile device security and parental controls as well as its 24/7 helpline, community blog and knowledge base support center.


Norton Security is an acclaimed antivirus package, with testing conducted by independent third-party labs to validate its capabilities. Notably, its virus protection ranks among the industry’s best, and comes complete with additional features like password management, secure VPN connectivity, parental controls, smart firewall protection, device security and money-back guarantees should any issues arise with its products.

The Norton Security Deluxe package contains an expansive suite of security features. Real-time threat protection helps stop malware from accessing and stealing private information, and Norton’s anti-malware engine uses machine learning and heuristic analysis to quickly detect new threats with minimal impact on PC speed. Performance is outstanding and minimal impact has been noted during our tests.

Norton provides cloud backup to protect files against ransomware attacks that encrypt files and demand money to decrypt them; by having cloud backup, your data can be restored without paying a ransom fee. In addition, Norton offers mobile security that blocks malicious apps from accessing camera or microphone features on mobile devices.

This software is compatible with PCs, Macs, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices and features an easy user experience that has minimal impact on computer performance. Furthermore, its family dashboard lets you monitor online activity of children in your family as well as set screen time limits or block apps or websites as part of helping develop healthy digital habits for them.

Norton Secure VPN can also help protect you by protecting against dangerous public Wi-Fi networks and remaining anonymous online. Its mobile app works well, connecting you to the fastest server available allowing you to browse safely – perfect if you want region-locked content!

when selecting the product that will protect the most devices. Some can protect multiple computers while others only offer protection for up to three. Also, prices vary widely but bundles that include security software, VPN services and identity theft protection can save money.


Norton Security is a computer software suite that protects desktop and mobile devices against malware, ransomware, hack attempts and unauthorized access. Featuring both a firewall and anti-virus program to automatically monitor online traffic for suspicious activities and analyze files to detect vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit, Norton Security helps individuals protect personal and sensitive data against theft by hackers as well as business. Available both for Windows and Mac OS X systems.

Installing and using Norton Security is straightforward. Once you’ve purchased a license for it, simply download and launch the software based on your operating system and product key. As soon as it is installed, scanning and monitoring of devices begins immediately – its user interface displays current protection status clearly as well as any app, internet or Wi-Fi security issues with recommended steps to address them.

The program utilizes two approaches to detect viruses and other malicious code: signature-based and behavior-based detection. Signature-based detection compares each file against a database of known threat codes; any file which matches with known threats will be flagged and blocked from running. Behavior-based detection, on the other hand, can detect new and unknown malware that signature-based scanning has not caught up with. It’s also much quicker.

Once the program is running, it performs quick scans of all files and updates its database periodically. Furthermore, it monitors apps for any suspicious activity before blocking unauthorized programs and alerting you if PC security has been breached. It is compatible with most operating systems including iOS and Android.

Norton provides more than its core feature set; in addition to cloud backup and parental control options. Parental control enables parents to remotely monitor the activity on children’s computers while keeping tabs on online activity. With its Deluxe edition of this suite comes 50GB of cloud storage and a privacy monitor which removes your name from online public databases as well as family-friendly mode which limits children access to certain websites.


Norton provides a host of support options, such as live chat, 24/7 helpline support, community blog presence and an extensive library of helpful articles. In addition, PC cloud backup offered with Norton Security protects files against ransomware (a type of malware which encrypts files and demands payment to unlock them again), keeping copies on remote servers so even if your computer is compromised you still can access all your files.

Norton stands out as an industry leader when it comes to malware detection rates and protection, boasting one of the highest detection rates available and comprehensive protection from threats like viruses, worms, spyware, unwanted adware and Trojan horses. Furthermore, their software monitors instant messaging programs for signatures of threats in order to block you from being lured into communicating with phishing sites that seek to gain your personal data.

Select Acer PCs come equipped with a 30-day trial subscription of Norton Security software. To activate it, visit their website and click on a “Renew” button; should your subscription end early, extending it can be done directly through its application installed on your Acer device.

If you experience issues with your Norton Antivirus, get in touch with them either via phone or email for support or download their free diagnostic tool for PCs or Macs which will identify its source and provide solutions. It will provide a list of issues as well as suggestions on how best to resolve them.

Before calling Norton customer service, it’s essential that you have any relevant information handy – such as order numbers or credit card statements related to your issue – in addition to being prepared to describe in depth what has caused the problem including symptoms or error messages that have surfaced.

If your antivirus software is incompatible with certain hardware or software, a Norton support representative might be able to suggest workarounds; if these solutions do not prove successful, however, replacement hardware or an alternative solution might be necessary.

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