Norton Utilities Review

Norton Utilities is an all-inclusive PC optimization software program with numerous features designed to clean out Windows junk files and boost system performance. Available as an annual subscription model, users can optimize up to ten computers with this solution.

Automated optimization of processor, memory and hard disk usage ensures programs run efficiently while fixing common issues and freeing up space for future development.


Norton Utilities is a suite of applications that enables users to optimize their computers. The software helps clean out registry, erase data and optimize PC performance as well as enhance computer security and privacy protection. In comparison with competitors, Norton Utilities’ cost is significantly reduced per-computer making it an excellent value option for modern households with multiple devices.

This app boasts an easy-to-use and straightforward user interface that’s simple and straightforward, with its homepage boasting clean displays featuring function-specific groupings and deeper tabs for options. It was specifically created with average users in mind; there are no complicated, clustered options that may prove challenging.

At launch, this program automatically scans the system for issues that could impact its performance, providing a list of suggested fixes which you can approve or deny before beginning repair of issues detected. Once complete, rebooting will give you an opportunity to assess if results were satisfactory.

This version of the software offers several new features to make system administration simpler, including a disk defragmenter, disk cleanup tool, file recovery feature and program for recovering deleted files. Furthermore, this version can assist in managing startup programs and freeing up memory – speeding up boot times as a result!

The program features an “Unwanted Startup Programs” feature to disable unnecessary programs running in the background, thus improving performance and decreasing startup times. You can also use it to identify applications using up too much RAM so they can be closed down to free up space; furthermore, its “Real-time Boost” function monitors CPU usage to optimize power usage and accelerate processing speed.

Though the program provides excellent protection for your system’s peak performance, dealing with crashes and slowdowns may be frustrating and hard to pinpoint their sources. Furthermore, macOS support remains limited relative to similar offerings.


Norton Utilities Ultimate is an all-in-one PC utility suite, featuring everything from registry cleaning and file recovery, as well as other essential maintenance functions, but at an inflated price tag per computer. Comparatively, other solutions offer similar functionality at much more reduced costs – not to mention superior support offerings!

Norton Utilities is an impressive suite of utilities that provides powerful file cleaning, disk optimization and spyware protection features. In terms of features, its most notable feature is the Norton Data Protector’s capability of detecting ransomware files and blocking their execution before they run; you can easily customize this feature if additional files or folders need protection.

The interface is exceptionally well designed, featuring a central dashboard that makes managing all utility tools straightforward. Furthermore, customizing your experience is straightforward as features are easily enabled or disabled as desired – especially Norton’s privacy cleaner that helps quickly remove personal information from 25 data broker directories in just a few clicks!

Norton Utilities offers many features that are useful, yet many can be achieved free with native Windows utilities. File cleanup and defrag can be achieved using native tools available within Windows itself; high resource startup programs can be disabled using task manager; while hard drives can be defragmented using TRIM available on modern SSD drives.

Like most software on the market, Norton Utilities is available as an annual subscription with renewals. To learn more about its pricing you can visit Norton’s website or speak with an expert regarding different Norton plans – depending on which you select you may get dark web monitoring or other security features – although prices may differ depending on your location; depending on which plan is right for your requirements it’s essential that costs and benefits are considered before making a commitment to purchase an annual subscription plan.


Norton Utilities is a program that helps clean out junk files and optimize your PC’s processing power and memory, with an intuitive user-friendly interface for ease of use. Many tools in this software work automatically in the background to keep everything running smoothly – you can even use it to recover deleted files and optimize your gaming or streaming experience!

Norton has long been at the forefront of PC optimization. Started out as disk utilities written by Peter Norton and then sold to Symantec, Norton eventually merged into Norton SystemWorks before later splitting back out again in 2003. Although this software suite can be expensive, it does an outstanding job at optimizing your computer system.

To get the most from your device, it is crucial that there is enough free space on its hard drive. You can create this space by uninstalling old programs or deleting temporary files; also remembering to perform these tasks regularly to avoid issues with your device.

Norton Utilities features one of the most helpful utilities: Startup Optimizer. This can speed up your computer by eliminating programs not being utilized and defragmenting hard disks for faster file access, while also having an inbuilt Disk Doctor feature to detect and fix errors on hard drives.

Norton Utilities Ultimate can transform a slow PC into one that runs like new, with its powerful tools designed to remove bloatware, optimize processing power and storage capacities, repair recurring issues and clean your PC – defragment your disks – speed up loading times for games and apps and offer Real-Time Boost features to speed them up when gaming or using high-demand applications. Plus it detects and repairs security threats such as malware! Its simple yet user-friendly program can even be installed on up to ten computers!


Norton Utilities is an easy and straightforward software solution that can transform a slow computer into something almost new. The application helps remove clutter, free up space and optimize processing power and memory to optimize overall computer performance. Furthermore, this tool helps identify recurring problems, fix them instantly and allow heavy applications and games to run without experiencing lags – plus its user-friendly dashboard makes this program user friendly!

Norton Utilities goes beyond simply deleting junk files and uninstalling unnecessary applications; it also fixes errors that cause slow performance, including disk defragmenters that help organize hard drive files to be read more quickly by computers. Furthermore, it can repair corrupted file systems, recover data from failed drives, as well as prevent future errors by analyzing PC performance.

This product is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 devices and available both in English and Spanish languages. In order to download the software, first create a Norton account and sign in, then navigate to My Subscriptions > My Utilities Premium/Ultimate > Download (see image below for reference), enter an activation key when asked, and finally click Download in order to begin downloading to your device within minutes.

Once Norton Utilities software has been downloaded and installed on your computer, you can begin the installation process. When opening the program, you will be asked for your Activation Key; if this step fails to activate your software due to temporary server issues with Norton’s servers, try activating again after several hours have passed.

Norton Utilities ranks as one of the premier PC tune-up products. With an unrivaled feature set and diverse support options for paid users, its popularity cannot be denied. Norton is unique among competitors in that they provide both live chat and telephone support with their computer management platform; most competitors only provide online help articles or community forums – another reason customers keep coming back. Norton’s support stands out among competitors by keeping customers coming back for more.

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