Norton Utilities Review

Norton Utilities

Cleans, optimizes, and fixes problems to make your PC run like new. Includes a three PC license for Windows PCs.

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Norton Utilities’ suite of tools provides an effective solution to clean out clutter and address issues that cause Windows to slow down or freeze, improving PC performance and helping it start faster while increasing system stability and providing additional disk space for you stuff. Furthermore, its privacy protection features allow users to permanently erase Internet-activity records, browser histories and personal files for greater peace of mind.

This suite provides features comparable to similar offerings from other vendors, including disk cleaner and defragmenter, optimization wizard, registry cleaner and an automatic maintenance program that runs when your computer is idle. In addition, its user-friendly user interface features clearly labeled buttons for ease of use and is easily purchased per computer or users can opt for subscription plans with access to all utilities as well as unlimited use of Norton online.

Norton Utilities’ Dashboard feature provides step-by-step guidance to make your computer run like new. You’ll see an overview of what needs to be cleaned and the total number of junk files that must be deleted; either remove them immediately, or view their results via a comprehensive wizard that allows you to select which ones to delete from a list view. You can even tailor your scan by choosing which file types or folders to include during scanning.

Other features of Utilities software include a hard drive defragmenter, error detector/repair tool and file recovery wizard. It also comes equipped with a file shredder which securely deletes files/folders so they cannot be recovered later on, and an error monitor which scans and monitors hard drives for issues so as to stop potential disasters from developing further.

Norton Utilities can detect programs that are no longer being used and help free up system resources by turning off these applications. Furthermore, this program helps identify duplicate files that need deleting; something not found in many competing products. Deleting duplicates may slow your computer down further and leave your data vulnerable; be mindful that doing this may result in potentially slower performance as a result of less security if doing so results in your data becoming vulnerable.


Norton is a well-recognized brand in the computer security industry, known for providing outstanding security features and PC optimization tools. Norton also provides cloud backup, which offers easy set up and use. Plus, multiple storage options mean there’s less of a risk that files might get lost or destroyed!

Norton Utilities boasts an intuitive user experience that is easy for both newcomers and experienced users alike to navigate. The layout is clean and well-organized, making navigation simple for both newcomers and seasoned pros alike. Its dashboard contains several categories – Dashboard, Toolbox, Automatic Care, Real-Time Boost – each containing features designed to optimize Windows computers.

Norton Utilities stands out as one of the fastest programs on the market when it comes to performance. Our tests revealed it quickly cleared away half a gigabyte of junk files within a few minutes and increased system speed significantly. In addition, this program also removed unused applications while fixing over 100 registry errors simultaneously.

Privacy Monitor is another fantastic feature, enabling you to determine whether any of your personal data has been sold to data brokers. If it has, simply contact them directly to ask them not to. Furthermore, this program includes a built-in VPN to secure online activity and protect from identity theft actors gaining entry to your PC.

Norton Utilities does have some drawbacks, the most glaring being its incompatibility with macOS operating systems. While other maintenance applications exist for this platform, this limitation is an irreparable blow for users who rely heavily on their computers both professionally and personally.


Norton Utilities has long been considered an industry standard in PC cleaning and optimization software, thanks to its comprehensive feature set and intuitive user interface. Users of this program can clean out junk files, repair registry errors and defrag disk space easily using this program – plus there’s even an automated maintenance feature built-in which ensures PCs run efficiently!

Norton may be best known for its security products, but their PC optimization tools are equally efficient. Norton Utilities Premium stands out among its competition as an efficient way to fix multiple issues at the same time and measure its results quickly and measurable results are quickly visible through its Dashboard feature. Problems could range from junk files wasting disk space or unnecessary startup programs slowing boot times down or an overcrowded registry; and can all be fixed easily with just a click.

Another advantage of this software is that it’s easily used by both power users and those unfamiliar with technology. Its simple, minimalistic design makes navigation simple; sections include Dashboard, Toolbox, Automatic Care and Real-time Boost; each section also offers additional features designed to make learning the system a breeze for beginners.

Norton stands out as a software solution because of its subscription pricing, with plans starting from $49.99 per year for one device and more advanced upgrades available to increase usage to multiple devices. Unfortunately, some competitors offer free versions while Norton only offers subscription-based plans – something many competitors do not offer at all!

No software can be 100% reliable, however. When performing certain tasks such as clearing privacy information from a computer, Norton can take several minutes and 15 seconds before clearing everything away. Furthermore, its reliability may be reduced due to errors such as missing updates or malfunctions; such errors could potentially slow down computer performance or cause system crashes. In response to these shortcomings, Norton has improved customer support services with online chat features and knowledgeable support staff easily available 24/7 for assistance.


Norton Utilities can help keep your computer running smoothly or just clear away some clutter, with its intuitive design enabling simple navigation without much prior experience with similar software suites. Furthermore, its comprehensive range of features covers hardware issues, Internet connectivity issues and sound devices for optimal operation.

As an added benefit, this application is free to download and install on up to three household PCs at no cost, providing online backup and restore. In case of data harvesting on your computer, this file shredder helps prevent retrieving or sharing of those files by others.

While other programs may provide similar functionality, Norton Utilities stands out with its professional and precise interface that clearly presents options to you for selection. Most functions of this suite are organized on the left-side screen while deeper option tabs reside on the right-side for easy reading and use.

If your Norton subscription includes phone and chat support, Norton customer service can assist with any of your inquiries or problems while using their software. Their online help articles also provide useful resources if more information is required before purchasing.

Symantec purchased Peter Norton’s disk utilities as part of their acquisition by them, later merging them with Norton SystemWorks but then reinstating as standalone suite of software in 2009. Along with antivirus and security products from Symantec – providing peace of mind to users while helping mitigate risks to computers, identities, infrastructures and businesses – Peter Norton eventually wrote several disk utilities which Symantec acquired and used them as the basis of Norton Disk Utilities software suite.

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