Norton VPN Review

Norton VPN is an accessible VPN solution from a renowned cybersecurity brand, featuring native desktop and mobile applications for all major operating systems, along with 24/7 live chat, phone number support and community forums.

App Supporting up to Five Devices per Account on PCs, Macs, Android & iOS OS The Kill Switch Split Tunnel App features such as Kill Switch/Tunneling as well as Built-in Ad, Tracker & Malware Blocking


Norton is a well-recognized name in cybersecurity, and their virtual private network offering seems promising at first glance. They employ military-grade security with their use of 256-bit AES encryption – making deciphering your data impossible even if intercepted by hackers, giving you peace of mind knowing your privacy is secure.

Norton follows a no-logs policy, meaning it doesn’t record your browsing history or other personal details that could identify you when using its service. However, other data like your device type, OS version, bandwidth usage, the language you select in its app and other minor details is stored by Norton. Although their privacy policies have become clearer over time, Norton remains part of the 5 Eyes Alliance agreement between governments to share surveillance information – something which should raise red flags among its customers.

Kill Switch also comes equipped with excellent security features, disabling Internet connections when the VPN cannot establish connection successfully – an impressive security measure. Their ad blocking abilities were tested using AdBlock Tester and they scored highly by successfully blocking contextual advertising, banners, GIFs and static images while struggled slightly when trying to block page push ads or social media cookies.

Norton also offers an iOS app compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 or later, though unlike its Windows and Android counterparts it doesn’t include split tunneling or WiFi Scanning features; instead it constantly monitors WiFi networks you connect to and alerts if it detects man-in-the-middle attacks or any other form of snooping techniques.

Mac users who would rather avoid iOS can install an alternative app called OpenStreetMap for macOS that offers similar no-logs policies while keeping track of device type, OS version and bandwidth usage as well as website visits and files downloaded; though these statistics cannot be linked back to your personal account or data.


Norton VPN’s performance stands up well against that of other leading VPN services. It operates a global network of servers that automatically connect to the fastest available server when its apps launch; although its developers have not disclosed an exact figure for how many servers operate under its banner, most sources estimate around 1,000.

Norton VPN services utilize several encryption protocols to keep your internet traffic private and protect it from being intercepted by hackers. All data sent over the internet first reaches Norton’s VPN servers where it is then encrypted before being sent directly to your device via secure tunnel. This ensures that hackers cannot intercept sensitive information such as passwords and credit card details before being transmitted back.

Norton VPN makes it difficult for websites, advertisers and other entities to track your online activity and location. As an extra layer of protection, the app features a kill switch which automatically shuts off internet traffic if connection with VPN is lost for some reason.

Norton VPN’s user-friendly and feature-packed app comes complete with outstanding customer support via 24-hour live chat system and comprehensive knowledge base. Live chat was particularly responsive during our tests with only about one minute wait time before being connected. Furthermore, articles were organized by topic making it simple to locate what we needed quickly.

Although Norton VPN app offers an impressive variety of features, some key ones that are present in its competitors are missing from it. For instance, there is no dedicated split tunneling option for iOS devices nor diskless servers running in RAM to increase speed and provide obfuscation features; nor third-party audits to ensure infrastructure meets industry standards.

Other drawbacks of Norton VPN include inconsistent performance, limited P2P support, and slow speeds. Furthermore, its server network only covers 29 countries without city-level location selection capabilities; plus it collects an ungodly amount of data despite claims to being zero-logs VPN. Regardless of these drawbacks however, Norton VPN remains an excellent choice for anyone seeking an affordable and straightforward VPN offering adequate privacy and security protection.


Norton Secure VPN, a new offering from this trusted cybersecurity company with decades of experience providing anti-virus tools and privacy-enhancing programs to millions of users, promises to keep them secure online with AES-256 encryption to safeguard them against hackers or any malicious entities that might track their activity or location online.

Norton VPN’s website claims it does not track, log or save any browsing activities; however, its privacy policy betrays otherwise. In reality, the service collects device name, type and identifier; OS version for mobile devices); license identifier; bandwidth used and diagnostic information as well as keep connection logs for up to seven days.

Disappointing, given that most leading VPN services only collect minimal usage data for security purposes and don’t store it. Norton admits storing your originating IP address which is one of the worst pieces of data to keep on file; other providers such as Mullvad only collect connection timestamps without linking them back to usernames or emails addresses.

This service does not offer more advanced tools like multi-hop connections or full support of Tor. However, it does offer a kill switch which blocks all internet traffic if the VPN disconnects for any reason and protects from hacker attacks that could compromise your device when even for just a second it becomes vulnerable to attacks from outside.

Norton VPN’s user-friendly UI makes it suitable for people without extensive technical knowledge, while being compatible with most Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices. In addition, 24×7 live chat and community forums are offered.

Norton VPN does not currently have a native app for smart TVs, meaning you must connect via Ethernet or WiFi in order to use its full potential. While it can be used with Samsung, LG, Philips TVs using Tizen or webOS software as well as gaming consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox, you will not be able to utilize Norton VPN gaming capabilities.


Norton VPN is a subscription-based service with various pricing plans. Available as a 7-day free trial standalone and included as part of Norton Antivirus and Norton LifeLock subscriptions – which both provide identity theft protection. Plus, its 60-day money-back guarantee means if anything goes wrong you’re assured a refund.

Norton VPN runs on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices and can connect up to five devices at the same time when connected via router. Both iOS and Android apps include built-in ad/tracker blocking capabilities as well as kill switch, kill switch feature, AES-256 encryption standard as used by many top VPN providers; unfortunately WireGuard or ChaCha20 protocols aren’t currently offered by Norton VPN.

Price and security features make ExpressVPN an attractive choice for those seeking an easy, cost-effective VPN solution. However, recent improvements make it less suitable for sensitive use cases such as accessing content censored by governments in countries with poor internet freedom; or providing journalists, human rights activists, or political dissenters with robust privacy protection.

Norton provides customer support via both email and live chat, with the latter option offering phone numbers that require authentication before providing assistance. Unfortunately, using live chat could compromise privacy by making it easy to spy on and manipulate personal data.

Norton VPN’s pricing structure is competitive, yet it lacks third-party validation of its privacy policies that some of our other recommended VPN services possess. Furthermore, Norton does not feature diskless servers running RAM or obfuscation features or offer an array of connection ports; additionally its mobile apps do not work with Linux or Fire TV Stick devices – we suggest considering one of our other picks instead for complete VPN coverage on these platforms.

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