Norton VPN Review

Norton VPN is easy to use and provides essential features like ad and tracker blocking. Available across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, its native apps look identical on all platforms.

NortonLifeLock’s parent company is located in the US and was one of the founding members of Five Eyes; as well, this organization has an established history of leaking user data – which should serve as a red flag.


Norton VPN offers some basic features but lacks some of the advanced ones found with leading VPN services. Still, it offers an impressive set of basic capabilities which should make it a worthwhile consideration – including protecting up to 10 devices simultaneously.

At present, this provider offers 25 server locations on six continents and utilizes WireGuard as the default tunneling protocol on Windows, Mac OS X and Android to boost speed and performance when compared with OpenVPN – it even allows Android devices to utilize faster connections! Unfortunately though, unlike competitors like Mullvad or Private Internet Access it does not support more modern protocols.

Norton Secure VPN’s Wi-Fi Security can automatically scan a wireless network and detect potential threats, while also blocking advertising IDs to shield from trackers or invasive content. Furthermore, its Kill Switch blocks or kills your Internet connection if its connectivity drops out altogether – helping keep hackers at bay!

Norton’s VPN does not offer split tunneling, meaning all data on your device is encrypted; however, you may select specific apps on both Android and Windows to exclude from its tunnel – making this useful if using dual-screen devices where certain tasks require VPN protection while others don’t.

If you encounter issues while using Norton VPN services, their customer support can provide immediate solutions via 24/7 live chat feature and phone number as well as helpful blog and community forums. While its customer support might not match that of some standalone VPNs, its customer support remains excellent enough that it should still be considered when seeking simple yet reliable protection when connecting to public WiFi networks. With different subscription plans offering up to one week trial periods before charging the first year fee corresponding to your chosen plan.


Norton VPN can be purchased either separately or with Norton 360 security software suite, with various pricing plans depending on how many devices need protecting and for how long.

Norton VPN plans start from just $3.33 a month with annual plans – that’s unbeatably affordable compared to most providers! In addition, it comes equipped with several additional features not offered elsewhere such as kill switch functionality and split tunneling, plus built-in ad blocking capabilities as well as blocking ads trackers and malware.

If you’re searching for a premium VPN with no-logs policy and additional features such as ad and DNS leak protection, Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN could be ideal. Both offer flexible pricing plans but all provide industry-standard encryption as well as other privacy tools.

Norton’s 256-bit AES encryption may not compare with that offered by other top VPN services, such as OpenVPN; however, their servers are located across 28 countries around the globe, giving most users easy access.

Norton VPN’s main drawback lies in its origination in the US, with its expansive surveillance laws and membership in Five Eyes international intelligence-sharing alliance. As such, this could force them to hand over user information if asked by government authorities – not an insurmountable hurdle, but something to bear in mind.

Norton Secure VPN doesn’t offer a separate mobile app, but there is an option within its configuration menus to utilize your native browser for browsing web pages. While this approach might not offer as much protection than dedicated browsers, it will save time installing and configuring another program.

Norton VPN allows for up to three simultaneous connections at any one time, providing enough coverage for a computer and two smartphones or tablets. Additional connections will incur an increased cost.


Norton Secure VPN is an ideal choice for anyone seeking to protect their privacy on public Wi-Fi networks, offering bank-grade data encryption with an intuitive user experience across platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Norton VPN automatically creates a secure private network when launched on a device, making browsing anonymously easier while providing great speeds for streaming video content.

The app features an uncluttered design, with just three areas that need attention: an on/off button, VPN region selection button and general settings tab. Each function is self-explanatory while selecting locations from a list using VPN region is simple enough; and lastly the general settings tab offers toggle buttons for automatic updates as well as one that disables internet connections if VPN disconnects altogether.

Norton VPN’s features include 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard your data. In addition, its no-logs policy and connection servers in 29 different countries (though without city-level locations) makes connecting easier than ever before. Finally, Norton VPN helps block ad trackers by intercepting cookies and stripping personal information out of them.

The company provides numerous support options, such as 24/7 live chat and phone numbers. In addition, there’s also a blog and community forum. Unfortunately, however, they don’t currently offer browser extensions like Chrome and Firefox, which could prove an issue for some users.

Norton VPN’s logging policies, however, are less transparent than some competitors’ policies. While Norton does not collect your name or email address directly, it does log your device type, operating system version, bandwidth usage and some metadata associated with application usage. In addition, Norton also collects an advertising ID which app developers use to target you with ads – something which may lead to concerns over privacy if using multiple apps governed by different ad tracking policies.


Norton provides 24/7 live chat, phone support and an extensive support library; however, email support is unavailable – which may prove problematic if using it for sensitive use cases such as accessing content that has been restricted by government censorship in countries without online freedoms, accessing content restricted from certain countries in Africa or even being used by journalists, human rights activists or political dissenters who need maximum privacy protection.

Norton VPN app is user-friendly for newcomers, offering a simple set-up and use experience. The main section of its interface features an on/off button, drop-down menu to select desired VPN region and general settings – simple enough that most should be able to figure out its workings quickly despite lacking some of the visual flair and customizability offered by other providers.

Android, iOS, and Windows apps are native, eliminating any need for workarounds or third-party plugins. Mobile apps also come equipped with a kill switch which will shut down internet connectivity in case a VPN connects incorrectly or disconnects unexpectedly.

Norton VPN boasts not only a no-logs policy, but also provides 256-bit AES encryption similar to what banks and financial institutions use for customer data protection. Furthermore, it offers an impressive selection of tunneling protocols as well as an average speed retention rate that’s faster than average; although further improvement could be seen here.

Wi-Fi Security, another useful service offered by this provider, scans your wireless network for potential threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks and can detect and prevent suspicious websites from loading.

One major criticism of Norton VPN is that the provider collects user data. Although its privacy policy mentions device-level identifiers, this doesn’t explicitly state if any online activity or connection logs of any kind are logged – something which becomes particularly concerning as Norton is owned by Symantec which has an alliance with Five Eyes surveillance network and can therefore raise privacy issues among its users; particularly since many may get it as part of other Symantec products such as antivirus suites.

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