NovaBACKUP – Faster Backups and Restores

New data handling technology enables faster backups and restores with minimal impact on system resources, including dramatic space savings for backup images, as well as virtual machine restore capabilities via VMware or Hyper-V.

NovaBACKUP allows managed service providers (MSPs) to comply with ever-more stringent industry compliance regulations by offering both local and cloud backup destinations, as well as robust, feature-rich options for managing backups from a central management console.

End-to-end data protection

Protect your organization’s data from ransomware, malware and hardware failure with easy backup and restore capabilities that make backup easy and restore fast. Back up files, folders and system images locally or to NovaBACKUP Cloud to keep your business operational even when disaster strikes – with restore speeds tested to be up to four times faster than the next best competitor your company can get back in business fast!

Protect your data from cyberthreats with a reliable backup and recovery solution that includes granular file restoration and deduplication capabilities, military-grade encryption in transit and at rest to provide extra safeguards against hackers, thieves, accidental loss or corruption of files and hackers alike.

No matter if it’s to a local disk or cloud storage destination, NovaBACKUP PC’s backup and restore engine can process your data in parallel using multi-threaded processing to reduce overall backup times. Plus, popular file sharing services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, iDriveSync and SkyDrive allow for extra security and convenience!

NovaBACKUP provides an easy, user-friendly GUI designed to accommodate common backup scenarios for easy navigation and streamline business operations while decreasing administrative costs with built-in automation, media management and fault tolerance to ensure reliable and efficient operation – plus long-term cost stability with all-inclusive licensing plans.

At a law firm, protecting critical information is of utmost importance, so make sure your firm is protected with a comprehensive and scalable backup solution that can accommodate growing needs. NovaBACKUP supports virtual environments including VMware and Hyper-V to help keep data protected as new servers come online.

HIPAA compliance is mandatory for healthcare industries, so having a backup and restore solution that adheres to HIPAA regulations is of utmost importance. NovaBACKUP meets this criteria perfectly by securely encrypting data both while in transit and at rest to protect from ransomware attacks or any other threats.

Buffalo Americas and NovaStor are delighted to present a turnkey BDR appliance that combines five licenses of NovaBACKUP DataCenter business-grade data protection software, with a Buffalo TeraStation WS5020 Network Attached Storage device – making this bundle an ideal way for MSPs to assist their small business clients build an effective backup and disaster recovery strategy against today’s ever-evolving threats such as ransomware.

Central Management

Protect data from loss through local backup, cloud backup or external storage devices with NovaBACKUP. Our solutions also support many business applications (Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server etc) to guarantee that mission-critical information remains safe.

Exponential data growth, remote workforces and ever more complex technologies have presented IT professionals with unique challenges for keeping businesses running smoothly and data accessible. NovaBACKUP provides IT providers with an easy and dependable solution designed to protect clients’ data security.

NovaBACKUP Central Management is an internet-based monitoring and management application designed to give IT administrators a high-level view of all backup jobs across their client base from anywhere with internet access. It makes creating backups simple; all endpoints (computers, laptops and desktops) can be monitored from a central location allowing IT managers peace of mind that customers’ data will remain protected and accessible should disaster strike or ransomware attacks strike down upon their business.

The CMC provides an intuitive dashboard that clearly reveals the status of every backup job in its system. IT administrators can view current state, time of backup and history of changes made to individual files/folders/backup jobs in one convenient place – including their ability to restore data quickly through its file system or any individual backup job.

Every NovaBACKUP installation, known as an agent, can be monitored from the CMC application. Each agent has a unique ID number used to connect and identify with it in the application, while also offering an easy wizard that enables users to create, delete, modify or schedule backup jobs for this installation.

The CMC features a central repository of images that IT administrators can quickly and easily deploy and install onto computers, NAS drives or the NovaBACKUP Backup Appliance. IT administrators can utilize this image deploy/install feature to quickly set up NovaBACKUP at multiple client sites without ever needing to visit each individual client individually. Furthermore, any local storage devices like disks, NAS or existing backup appliances may be configured using CMC settings for use within its configuration parameters.

Image Backups

NovaBACKUP provides both file level and disk image backup solutions. Image backups offer more comprehensive protection, and may allow for the restoration of an entire operating system in case of disaster; file-level backups only backup changes to files or folders that were already backed up before, taking less time and space as only new or altered files are sent to their destination.

Image backups can be stored to a NAS, Windows Storage Server, or the cloud to ensure your data remains available for recovery from any point in time. Our advanced backup engine provides lightning fast backup and restore processes with virtually zero RPO/RTO times.

To create an image backup, select “Image Backup” from the Backup menu. On the next screen, you can choose a job name and folder on your system where you would like your backup stored; by default it should run under an administrator account unless password protection is desired.

Once you have selected a job name and folder for image backup, the next step should be selecting a retention policy for that backup image. A retention policy ensures that older versions are automatically deleted at intervals set by you – helping prevent space running out on your destination device over time.

Once you complete an image backup, a boot media will be created that you can use in case of image-level disasters to either restore an image-level backup or clone it to another physical system.

Image Backup Function can also support backing up directly to VHDX (Hyper-V Generation 2) Virtual Machines for quick and easy bare metal restore, as well as being easily transferred between hosts or virtual machines using NovaBACKUP’s central management interface. This feature makes for fast replacement virtual machines in case of hardware failure or performing test deployment of applications or test runs of test configurations.

Restore Options

NovaBACKUP provides two different approaches for recovering files. One option is using its TimeSlider view to restore from an earlier point in time; you can use this file tree view to navigate between versions of each backed up file in its tree view, selecting whether any existing ones should be overwritten, retained at their current locations, or moved elsewhere.

Alternately, you can restore files by device. This mode is particularly helpful for recovering from multiple media. Unfortunately, this option requires selecting the right media at each step in a restore process; failing which, NovaBACKUP could overwrite files from your backup with ones from your computer and result in irreparable data loss.

One way you can increase the security when restoring files is using a private encryption key, which only you have access to decrypt the data in NovaBACKUP online backup. Unfortunately, however, this feature only works if you subscribe to NovaBACKUP Online – making this feature inferior compared to competitors like IDrive that allow you to manage encryption keys yourself for their cloud storage solutions.

If you choose to restore using a private encryption key, the restore process will require you to provide a password during its completion in order to guarantee only you can access your backed up data in case it has been stolen. Your password will be displayed during restoration operation and can later be changed from within NovaBACKUP Online dashboard.

You have the option to include ACL’s (Access Control Lists) in your restore operation, restoring them from their original backup if they existed there. Furthermore, you have control over whether existing files that exist in the restored destination should always be overwritten, or only overwritten if older than those found during restoration.

NovaBACKUP’s desktop interface appears dated when compared to sleeker solutions such as SpiderOak One or Acronis True Image. Its predominantly gray layout appears crowded while its outmoded iconography dates it even further back. Although testing did not reveal any crashes or failures during file browsing sessions, its browsing performance often felt slow when browsing file hierarchies.

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