NovaBACKUP Review

NovaBACKUP is an ideal solution for anyone who values their files and doesn’t want them lost. It provides an automated and scheduled backup system, offering simple protection at the best possible times.

Anti-Virus software may interfere with a clean uninstallation and removal of NovaBACKUP software, so please follow these steps to prevent any issues that could arise.


NovaBackup is an application that enables you to easily back up files to either local devices or cloud file sharing services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and SkyDrive. The program features various backup modes – file-level, image-level and incremental backups are just some examples – making it simple and flexible enough to meet your individual needs. Plus it also comes with an antivirus scanning feature to scan for viruses during backup processes! For added safety it even offers virus scanning during its process! Keep in mind though, that any data backed up through NovaBACKUP will only restore if you know its password; should you lose it then your data could become compromised and compromise could potentially compromised!

The latest version of this backup program boasts an intuitive user experience and makes data backup simpler for users, but may cause slight slowdown when performing backup operations – making it unsuitable for systems with heavy usage or lower specs.

NovaStor, with offices in Switzerland, the US and Germany, designed this backup software to offer complete protection to small Windows environments as well as networks running Linux or Unix systems. Features of this solution include both local and remote backup & recovery as well as VMware/Hyper-V virtual machine support as well as providing complete Disaster Recovery solution and providing access to an extensive resource center including articles, FAQs and product documentation.

NovaBACKUP differs from many competitors by not requiring separate licenses for every computer being backed up or restored, which allows multiple systems to use one license to back up and restore data securely across different platforms. Furthermore, its advanced security options such as Blowfish encryption can protect data more reliably while its quick backup and restore speeds make NovaBACKUP ideal.

NovaBackup’s Disaster Recovery features include bootable disk images that can quickly restore an operating system and applications – ideal for small businesses with limited IT resources. NovaBackUP also can perform image backups of entire systems for quick restoration following hard drive failure.


NovaBackUP is an affordable backup solution designed to protect data against accidental deletion, hardware failure, viruses and other data loss incidents. With an intuitive user interface and various backup options including cloud storage and file synchronization services. Plus it provides support through email, phone and live chat – perfect for small businesses! This software subscription service comes at a monthly subscription rate.

This tool supports several popular file formats, such as XLS, JSON, RTF and DOC. Its file synchronization feature enables users to backup and synchronize folders across multiple devices; restore files from either cloud storage or local storage when needed; as well as offering AES 256-bit and Blowfish encryption features to provide extra protection and an automatic schedule for incremental backups.

NovaBackUP not only features advanced backup and recovery functions, but its user-friendly interface makes it even easier for IT professionals to manage. Its intuitive design reduces training time while increasing productivity by limiting clicks for tasks; additionally it ensures accuracy by eliminating user error from backup processes.

NovaBackup stands out from other backup tools by taking an innovative approach to backup and restore files. Instead of saving multiple versions for each file, NovaBackup only stores its latest version – making it simpler to recover lost or deleted data. Furthermore, different restore modes enable IT administrators to choose one that meets their individual requirements.

Home users can utilize this software free of charge; business use requires a license fee. It offers online backup storage capacity of 5GB that can be extended with additional payments; additionally it’s compatible with an extensive array of external hard drives and NAS devices.

MSPs using this backup solution can monitor and manage customer data from anywhere – such as on-premises or remote servers – via its remote backup management capabilities, keeping clients’ hardware and data protected against disasters and outages. With its 30-day free trial offer and extensive industry recognition for exceptional value, this tool has earned MSPs praise from leading industry publications.


Nova Backup is one of the most dependable backup software programs available, thanks to its intuitive user interface and secure data protection through encryption. Furthermore, its speed and efficiency features enable it to backup large volumes quickly without slowing down your system – ideal for businesses that must protect their information against disasters with offsite storage solutions or cloud backup.

This program offers both image-level and file-level backups, using Blowfish encryption with multiple levels of AES to safeguard your data, and providing tools for recovering individual files or entire folders. Furthermore, DVDs and tapes are supported as backup media options, with individual file recovery being offered through its restore capabilities, along with file-by-file restoration features for accidental file deletion cases or restore capabilities that move them to new locations if they were lost permanently.

NovaBACKUP provides another excellent feature by compressing backups into smaller spaces for faster back up times and reduced storage costs – this feature can especially benefit small businesses with limited resources.

NovaBackup is an all-in-one backup solution designed for Windows Server environments that provides a robust feature set and outstanding performance, backed by responsive customer support – making it the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Its cutting-edge disaster recovery methods enable rapid data restoration while its intuitive user interface ensures effortless use by employees.

Note that NovaBackup PC only works on PCs running Windows; it cannot run on Linux or Mac systems. Furthermore, its installation may prove complex and take up significant space on your system; thus it would be prudent to perform a complete scan once NovaBackup PC has been installed on your system.


Nova Backup is designed to keep a copy of all your computer’s files should something go wrong, or recover data after an accidental computer crash or virus infection. With its intuitive user interface and wizard execution method, Nova Backup makes finding specific files or folders for backup easy – its Windows tree structure even makes this easier! In addition, it creates full hard drive backups or individual partition backups; images of physical hard drives can even be replicated onto virtual disks!

This feature can be an extremely helpful resource for businesses that must perform P2V transfers on machines. However, its only drawbacks include non-support for UEFI boot mode or drives larger than 2TB; but these limitations should only present minor difficulties to users unfamiliar with computers. Furthermore, its interface may prove too complex for non-technical individuals.

NovaBACKUP provides another helpful feature – being able to back up to USB drive – which can save both time and hassle, particularly if you need to back up multiple external devices regularly.

The software offers the capability to import data from external drives or devices, making it ideal for businesses needing to restore large amounts of information from specific locations. Once imported, data can be restored just like when originally backed up.

Restoring data may take some time depending on its size. A user can monitor its progress through examining the task window’s progress bar; if restoration takes too long, an email notification can be sent to alert administrator of this problem.

NovaBACKUP can be installed on many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows; however, the software does not work with versions that have reached end-of-support status; therefore this limitation must be taken into consideration prior to installing the product on any particular machine.

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