NovaBACKUP Review

NovaBACKUP is an Windows backup software solution with both file and image based backup functionality, designed for individual end users and MSPs alike. Featuring zero knowledge encryption for maximum protection from unauthorized access to backups.

It provides various backup formats, compression techniques, blowfish compression levels and AES encryption levels, plus a powerful scheduling engine.

Data Protection

NovaBACKUP is an all-inclusive backup software solution that empowers IT professionals to easily and reliably backup any type of data anywhere at any time, including distributed systems, virtual machines, applications and databases. Furthermore, NAS appliances allow for convenient deployment and scaling capabilities.

Secure, comprehensive backup is your safety net against unforeseeable disasters. NovaBACKUP’s powerful and intelligent mechanisms work fast to complete backups quickly without interruption and use multiple layers of encryption to shield data from unintended users as well as cyber attacks, hardware failures, and natural disasters.

Your backups are encrypted using AES 256-bit, Blowfish and AES 128-bit password protection to safeguard against unintended access of data and ransomware attacks. In addition, compression can save 10-25% in space comparison to straight file copy.

Modern work environments require flexibility in workflow, such as working from home, visiting different offices or traveling between locations. Your workforce may also use Windows devices that should be protected against damage or theft; with NovaBACKUP Server you can easily safeguard laptops or any other Windows devices being used by remote staff with centrally managed local or cloud backup solutions.

With increasingly sophisticated malware threats, it has become essential to create a backup strategy that safeguards all of your data regardless of its location. That is why we developed our host-to-host restore option which enables users to recover an entire operating system (including software, drivers and configuration settings) directly from VMware or Hyper-V backup – saving costs and effort associated with physical disk or USB drive recovery.

NovaBACKUP Central Management console has been enhanced to better accommodate IT administrators on the move. From their office desk or from anywhere they have an Internet connection, IT administrators can utilize a web-based dashboard providing real-time insights into backup jobs’ statuses and creation/management/modification of backup jobs from anywhere around the globe.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to NovaBACKUP Corporation and we do not rent or sell your information without your explicit permission. Read our Privacy Policy.

Data Restore

NovaBACKUP can be used to protect files, images and drives; system backups that include full disaster recovery features; as well as entire system snapshots with full disaster recovery features – making it the ideal solution for Managed Service Providers as it protects clients data against many kinds of failure such as hardware or software malfunction, disk crashes and malware threats.

At my testing of NovaBACKUP I found it to be intuitively designed with an intuitive user interface and helpful wizards to guide me through the process. NovaStor have included plenty of functionality which should meet most PC users’ requirements, including file-level backup options as well as cloud storage (though costs beyond 5GB may become costly for end-users).

Backups can be scheduled as frequently as every minute, hour, day and week with optional authentication (user name and password) set for all operations. Backup files can be encrypted using any one of Blowfish, AES 128-bit, AES 192-bit or AES 256-bit encryption – keeping data safe in transit or at rest. Furthermore, this program supports backing up data from any NTFS formatted drive or partition connected to the computer, network shares and hardware RAID devices.

NovaBACKUP provides an intuitive restore interface with an easy time slider for selecting specific moments from within a backup’s file history that can then be restored either to its original location or elsewhere as required. A file tree view shows all backups which NovaBACKUP is aware of; whether they reside locally on disk or are hosted with one of NovaStor’s partners.

The application allows users to backup any NTFS formatted drives or partitions, as well as network shares, hardware RAID arrays and single tape drives. Backups can be compressed automatically – saving 10-25% over straight file copies – for an increased savings potential. File and image backups created during backup can be restored either to destination devices or into the cloud and even booted off their media after restoration is completed.

Online Storage

NovaBACKUP’s local and cloud PC backup and restore software provides fast, reliable data protection at an economical price point – not to mention our award-winning customer support, always there to assist.

An effective, reliable backup strategy begins with a customized and detailed plan tailored specifically to each business’s individual needs and requirements. We offer expert guidance regarding best practices, disaster recovery, physical-to-virtual restoration techniques and strategies against ransomware attacks.

TimeSlider is an innovative proprietary technology developed exclusively by NovaBACKUP which quickly and automatically detects changed files to backup. This drastically shortens restore times on workstations, servers and hypervisors.

NovaBACKUP allows you to leverage popular file sharing services as backup destinations, eliminating the need for additional onsite storage solutions and providing an affordable, manageable backup destination.

NovaBACKUP uses advanced streaming technologies and compression algorithms to provide intelligent block-level incremental backups up to seven times faster than earlier versions of NovaBACKUP – offering near continuous data protection with short RPO/RTO ratios for minimal disruption to productivity.

NovaBACKUP provides added peace of mind by encrypting cloud backups to keep unauthorized individuals out. When combined with our LDAP/Active Directory integration, this ensures only those with valid credentials can gain entry.

Scalable online backup solution that safeguards against hardware failure, human error and natural disasters. When coupled with end-to-end encrypted cloud backup technology, your data is safeguarded against ransomware attacks, cyber theft and data breach.

NovaBACKUP provides you with an efficient means to restore individual files or the full contents of a server or drive, without relying on time-consuming bootup processes. Furthermore, you can recover an entire virtual machine directly onto an existing host without incurring complex booting procedures that consume unnecessary resources.

NovaBACKUP is an advanced backup and recovery software solution tailored to managed service providers. You can utilize its convenient all-in-one data protection and recovery solution for workstations, servers and virtual machines from clients while keeping track of every installation via its centralized dashboard.

Virus Scanner

NovaBackUP includes an inbuilt virus scanner, which will automatically scan and detect malware during backup to protect data from being infected and reduce any risk of data loss. Furthermore, it will notify you if a file you are backing up contains known infections that require warning as part of its backup process.

Your virus scanner can also protect your files by backing them up with zero knowledge encryption, meaning even if a file is recovered by someone else they won’t be able to gain access to the original data. This feature can help safeguard data against ransomware infections which encrypt files until payment has been made in exchange for returning usability.

NovaBACKUP BE Virtual also makes it possible to securely back up and restore individual files, folders or entire systems – from local drives, network attached storage (NAS) devices and cloud locations. Plus, its virtualization-powered backup solution leverages VMware and Hyper-V virtualization while still protecting backups safely.

This business-grade solution is easy to setup and use, enabling users to set up their entire backup strategy in minutes. The program caters for both novices and advanced users with comprehensive guides and online support available for both. Furthermore, this software supports most major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

NovaBACKUP provides users with a risk- and cost-free trial version, enabling them to evaluate its capabilities without incurring any expenses. Once installed, users can easily create backups or perform restores at predetermined dates and times; status reports on any backup can be seen at any time; notifications will also be issued if any issues arise when performing either backups or restores.

NovaStor is an efficient and dependable backup solution designed to fit businesses of any size. Offering flexible backup options, fast performance, and excellent customer support – making it the ideal solution for small- and mid-sized enterprises that must protect vital data against disaster.

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