novaPDF – Create PDF Files From Any Windows Application That Supports Printing


novaPDF is software that functions like a virtual printer, converting any printable document into PDF form. With features such as font embedding, PDF link creation and watermarks it provides users with a wide array of PDF conversion opportunities.

Integrates easily into applications that store PDFs to a database for subsequent display to end-users, and offers priority support to registered users.

Creating PDF Files

novaPDF acts as a virtual printer that quickly creates PDF documents from any Windows application that supports printing. Simply print from any program, and novaPDF will transform the output file into an industry standard PDF document while maintaining original formatting and content. Plus it comes equipped with features to enhance and personalize results such as bookmarks, PDF links, text/image compression, private profiles resolution security – so much more!

This PDF software also allows you to add document information such as title, subject, author and keywords directly into the resulting PDF documents, making them more search engine friendly and easier to find via web searches. Furthermore, novaPDF automatically converts hyperlinks in documents into clickable ones that can be clicked in its document viewer.

Setting a password that must be entered before someone can view or print the document is another effective means of protecting confidential documents from unwarranted access. Furthermore, this software enables users to select which fonts should be embedded into each PDF file – this feature is particularly useful if your PDFs need to be distributed over the Internet.

Another key capability of PDF software is its ability to “linearize” your files for quicker web viewing, by rendering each PDF page individually instead of all at once in your browser and thus decreasing download time.

Converting Files to PDF

novaPDF acts as a virtual printer, enabling you to easily create PDFs from any Windows application that supports printing (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, AutoCAD drawings, emails or web pages). This powerful PDF creator enables businesses and individuals to exchange electronic documents more efficiently regardless of which application was used to create them.

To convert files to PDF, simply open them in your editor or application of choice, press Ctrl+O and then Print. When printing from novaPDF you will instantly see your document converted. Plus you can customize its output by choosing bookmarks, document information or even a custom save path!

NovaPDF can convert images to PDF albums that can be easily accessed through a URL, for instance family photos uploaded to a website can be shared via this method with friends and relatives who want to see them. It’s an especially handy way to share collections of pictures.

novaPDF offers advanced features designed to make it simple for both novices and seasoned users to create high-quality PDF files quickly. The program comes equipped with an extensive help system which offers comprehensive explanations of all available settings; printing profiles can easily be switched between, user and owner password protection can ensure only authorized readers can read them, etc.

Merging PDF Files

novaPDF installs as a virtual printer on your computer and provides various features that make creating PDF documents from any program easy. These features include supporting multiple paper sizes, altering page orientation settings, embed fonts (including TrueType and Type1 fonts for increased portability), adding watermarks and much more. Furthermore, printing PDF files instead of conventional paper saves costs while protecting information with passwords or digital signatures helps safeguard confidential data from unauthorized use.

If you need to combine PDF documents together, novaPDF makes the task straightforward. Simply create or select an existing PDF document and use its Overlay feature – this will combine its content with that of its source document to produce one single merged document.

Merging with an existing PDF allows you to decide whether the new content should be added at the beginning or end. Once finished, save and close your profile manager once done adjusting its layout.

Private printing profiles allow you to switch between them easily without needing to modify any settings again or open novaPDF program. Furthermore, public profiles allow other computers to have access to predefined settings on another computer.

Adding Bookmarks to PDF Files

When novaPDF detects headings in an original document that’s been printed to it, it can convert them to bookmarks to facilitate easy navigation and reading of long documents that would otherwise be difficult to scan. Bookmarks allow direct navigation directly to sections you are interested in within a PDF file resulting from such conversion. This feature makes long documents much simpler.

On the Bookmarks tab of the Profile Manager window you can configure various options to manage how bookmarks are handled. The Detection options enable you to set detection rules that define which text blocks in an original document should become PDF bookmarks based on formatting (including font type, size and style) when selected as PDF bookmarks; when checked a bookmark will be created for every line that matches detection rules resulting in larger PDF files depending on their number.

Bookmarks tab provides options that allow you to select whether a bookmark level should be shown or hidden from PDF output, and name a root bookmark (also referred to as child bookmarks). Furthermore, using Use Levels lets you set how many levels will be visible while Open to Level determines which level should appear first in a list of nested bookmarks in a PDF output document.

Converting ODS Files to PDF

novaPDF allows you to easily convert ODS files to PDF for viewing on virtually any device, ensuring document fidelity and more secure documents while saving space in storage capacity. PDFs don’t start life from scratch but rather are typically converted from existing documents and images through conversion, saving or printing processes that ensure document integrity while making them more secure – this process may even compress the file for less storage space requirements.

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel require another program to upload an ODS file before conversion, while novaPDF handles everything itself within its single window. After making adjustments to your settings, click CONVERT to begin the conversion. You can track its status using its progress bar during this step before saving your final PDF in an easily identifiable location.

Before initiating your conversion, you can customize several output parameters such as image options (size and quality), page layout, document structure, exporting bookmarks and notes, creating PDF forms with tags attached, archive PDF forms for storage purposes and link options – even setting an open or permission password on them!

novaPDF comes equipped with Printer Monitor, which can be used remotely to monitor print jobs and licenses for printer driver licenses. You can create either private printing profiles which only apply to one computer at a time or public ones that can be shared across a network of client computers.

Converting Microsoft Document Imaging (MDI) Files to PDF

novaPDF is an exceptional program that delivers exactly as promised. Although not as flashy or feature rich as Adobe’s software, novaPDF still delivers on its promise at a fraction of the price and doesn’t rely on other applications for certain functions – further making its value clear.

This PDF software works as a virtual printer driver to allow you to quickly convert MDI files to PDF from any Windows program by printing directly to it. You can also add watermarks, create PDF links and compress files before defining private printing profiles for future use.

This software is fully compatible with Windows operating system and works similarly to Adobe Acrobat, although much faster and does not rely on additional programs like Microsoft Office for certain functions.

novaPDF software from Softland allows users to automatically detect text tags and include them in a PDF file, providing additional document information. Users can also add copyright metadata for inclusion into its properties; furthermore, FTP/SFTP servers can be configured. novaPDF stands out in an increasingly competitive market as one of its two products is Backup4All backup software which also delivers excellent performance at an attractive price.

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