NVIDIA GeForce Experience – Empower Your Gaming With the Latest NVIDIA Technologies

GeForce Experience is an application that monitors frame rates and optimizes game settings to provide optimal gameplay experiences. Additionally, GeForce Experience downloads driver updates as needed as well as stream your gaming to Twitch as well as capture photos/videos of gameplay during sessions.

Soon to be replaced by a more comprehensive GPU Control Center, currently it keeps drivers current, optimizes games automatically, and streams content onto NVIDIA SHIELD portable.

Game Ready Drivers

Game Ready Drivers provide you with access to the newest NVIDIA technologies and ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability across thousands of hardware configurations. Game Ready Drivers feature cutting-edge features and functionality such as NVIDIA DLSS performance boosting technology, latency reduction via NVIDIA Reflex technology and AI powered effects with NVIDIA Broadcast.

NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers can be easily updated using the GeForce Experience tool, making it simple and quick to get the latest drivers for your GPU. It will detect which type of NVIDIA graphics card you have and download its most appropriate drivers automatically; or use it manually if preferred – though we strongly advise using GeForce Experience instead of downloading directly from NVIDIA’s website!

GeForce Experience gives you access to many additional features to enhance your gaming experience, beyond automatic updates. Capture video and screenshots at up to 4K resolution, upload them directly to Imgur or Google Photos and even stream gameplay on YouTube or Twitch if desired. Furthermore, GeForce Experience features several in-game overlays designed specifically to improve gameplay as well as Share and GameStream for collaborative online play (experimental).

GeForce Experience’s Nvidia Game Settings tab enables you to easily configure default game settings for optimal performance, enable NVIDIA Freestyle game filters to transform your games with dramatic and photorealistic post-processing effects, and quickly create high-quality HDR images of game play using Ansel.


No matter if it is a breathtaking vista or an unforgettable boss fight victory, Nvidia ShadowPlay allows gamers to capture and share the most captivating moments from their gaming sessions. As an innovative hardware-accelerated video recording and sharing software suite designed for use with Nvidia GPUs, ShadowPlay helps gamers capture every precious memory.

Once activated, it runs in the background using minimal system resources to record up to 8K HDR at 30 FPS, or 4K at 60 FPS. This is accomplished by capturing frames from the framebuffer and then using a dedicated GPU hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder to encode them – creating high-resolution video files which can then be stored locally on your computer, uploaded onto social media sites such as Twitch or streamed live via platforms like Twitch.

ShadowPlay’s Instant Replay is another useful feature that allows for recording up to 20 minutes of gameplay without ever needing to press the record button in-game. Each recording is overwritten as it’s saved so there is no danger of running out of storage space for your videos.

Create high-quality screenshots and stream live gaming to popular sites and services for streaming your gameplay – an essential feature for those wishing to make tutorial videos or demonstrate specific gameplay techniques to others.

GeForce Experience makes PC gaming effortless by automatically updating drivers, optimising game settings, capturing in-game footage, and sharing it. Every Team Green GPU owner should take advantage of GeForce Experience; just keep your drivers up-to-date; outdated ones may cause issues while gaming – I personally helped one member of our gaming group optimise their settings using GeForce Experience, with amazing results: their FPS increased from 50 FPS on their 10700K with 3070 to 80-100 FPS – almost doubling their framerate!

Freestyle Game Filters

Nvidia’s Freestyle Game Filters are post-processing effects designed to completely transform the look and feel of your games. Like an in-game varnish applied over rendered graphics before they reach your monitor, these effects allow for effortless tweaking without impacting performance or image quality – for instance if playing in poorly lit conditions and cannot see your character’s helmet, one of Freestyle’s filters can brighten it without applying washed-out effects like third-party software often does with its gamma filter.

NVIDIA unveiled several features to their Freestyle collection at CES 2018, such as RTX HDR which adds HDR support to games without native support, making images appear more vibrant and realistic; Black and White filters which transform Cyberpunk 2077 into noir; as well as Old Film filters which introduce film grain and dirt for an aged effect;

All the freestyle game filters can be accessed easily in-game using an in-game overlay that can be activated by pressing CTRL-G on Windows or Cmd-G on macOS in supported games. The overlay allows you to access and apply filters, tweak keyboard shortcuts, view your Gallery and more!

Freestyle provides more than aesthetic benefits; it can also assist gamers with accessibility issues, like colorblindness. Freestyle helps them distinguish game elements that may otherwise blend in with nearby textures or surfaces – attack templates, radius of grenade explosion and AoE indicators can easily become indistinguishable against these nearby surfaces or textures. You can even apply multiple game filters at once, switching them on or off as you play! Plus all changes saved at driver level and automatically applied every time you launch a game!

Ansel Photo Mode

Nvidia Ansel is an effective way to change how you take in-game screenshots. Inspired by legendary photographer Ansel Adams, it allows gamers to take high-resolution photographs that can then be edited post-processing filters before being shared online. Furthermore, gamers gain more flexibility with their shots; being able to compose from any angle with photorealistic filters applied, capture HDR 360-degree images as well as HDR photos using this tool provides them with greater creativity in taking in-game images than ever before.

Pressing Alt+F2 in any game supporting Ansel is all it takes to activate it, with a slim overlay appearing over your screen that gives you control of what shot you take. Select from filters such as Black and White, Half-Tone, Retro and Sepia; adjust brightness and contrast levels as well as make brightness/contrast adjustments; play around with Vignette Color Enhancer Sketch effects or remove HUDs altogether, though this feature may only be available in certain titles that support Ansel.

Ansel is capable of taking high-resolution screenshots with gigapixel resolution that can be downsized for wall prints or high-resolution desktop wallpapers, as well as taking stereo photos for use with VR headsets and mobile devices.

Dead End Thrills and Mass Effect: Andromeda are among the many PC games currently offering Ansel, though not all features are active by default; experimental features must first be enabled via GeForce Experience in order to take full advantage of its potential. Once enabled, however, Ansel is an impressive tool sure to make others jealous with your screenshots!

Game Streaming

Nvidia’s Game Streaming feature enables you to stream PC games online without installing them on another device, using GeForce Experience app and optimizing games for low latency streaming connections. However, Game Streaming requires ownership of each game in order to stream it – however this doesn’t prevent users from adding their own titles for streaming via Game Streaming!

NVIDIA claims that Game Streaming utilizes over 200 locations to deliver optimal gaming performance, and can adjust lag based on your location to provide more stable and responsive gameplay. It is particularly helpful for gamers without enough room on their desktop computers for all of their favorite titles.

Game Streaming is an ideal solution for streaming PC gameplay to platforms like Twitch and YouTube, enabling you to upload video clips from your PC for upload or use Instant Replay for recording up to 20 minutes of gameplay at once. Plus, add a HUD to live streams that shows viewer counts, comments and more!

Game Streaming allows you to remotely control your SHIELD device using apps such as Xpadder and Pinnacle Game Profiler, making it the ideal way to change settings quickly or just observe what your computer looks like while at work or school. Unfortunately, fast internet is required in order to make full use of this feature.

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