O&O AutoBackup 6 Review

OO AutoBackup

O&O AutoBackup is a Windows application designed to automatically backup and synchronize data without the user needing to take any actions themselves. Utilizing time auto mirroring, O&O AutoBackup instantly replicates changes and updates its external backup device real-time.

Once connected to an external hard disk or USB stick, this program launches automatically and begins copying files exactly as they exist on their source for user access via Windows Explorer.

Easy to use

O&O AutoBackup 6 provides users with an automated backup and synchronization service for files and folders stored on an external HDD or USB stick, offering reliable data protection should something go wrong with them on your computer. A newly designed user interface and advanced settings make using this backup software even simpler than before.

Users can select files, folders or even partitions they would like to back up and save to an external storage device using an easy file selection dialog. Users also have multiple backup and synchronization modes available to them: full backup copies are saved as individual directories on target disk; this feature is especially beneficial for important documents, photos and videos that must remain safe at all times; real time synchronization means any time a file or folder changes on one medium, it immediately replicates on its destination medium;

Once their backups are complete, users can simply remove the external storage medium and resume using their data as usual. They may also set jobs up for daily or weekly runbacks or upon connecting an external drive to their computer.

O&O AutoBackup provides an easy, efficient backup solution, or simply provides reliable upkeep of your data, making it the ideal tool to safeguard it all. Users have the ability to restore data from backup at any time; either completely, or they can choose individual files and select which version they would like restored. O&O AutoBackup helps users keep all changes recorded and easily restored in the future, which is particularly useful when working with large, complex files that often evolve over time. Furthermore, O&O AutoBackup supports reverse encrypted backups and synchronizations – an especially handy feature when dealing with mobile devices like digital cameras.

Easy to set up

O&O AutoBackup is an automatic backup and data synchronization application which works in the background to make backups or sync files between external storage devices without needing user intervention. Once the program is installed, it will monitor external drives connected to it and start the synchronization process whenever a new device is connected. The program can be configured to automatically update a set of files and folders at regular intervals or whenever an update is required. This can be accomplished using either the “adding” option, which will add all files overwriting existing ones, or by “mirroring”, which will copy your chosen set of files and folders onto an external drive, deleting anything not present at their source location (also referred to as real time synchronization).

The software offers users a selection of processing methods that enable them to strike an ideal balance between ensuring data completeness and reducing data storage needs. Users may also configure settings for scheduling backups and synchronizations that allow them to optimize the program according to their specific usage patterns and available resources.

As storage devices become more reliable, it is still vitally important to back up or synchronize your data regularly. O&O AutoBackup 6’s user-friendly interface makes syncing or creating backups easy with just a few clicks required to make dependable copies or keep everything synchronized.

O&O AutoBackup supports most popular USB and FireWire external storage devices, and provides backup and synchronization functions that will ensure all files or directories are copied exactly onto their target device. You can even store older versions of files – this feature requires additional storage space but provides added protection against accidental modifications or misplacement of files.

Efficient data transfer

O&O AutoBackup makes backing up data easy, efficient, and hassle-free – eliminating the risk of hardware failure or accidental deletion and keeping important files secure by automating data transfer processes to complete backups faster with less storage requirements and incremental backups of files that have changed since their previous backups were performed.

The program gives you flexibility and choice when selecting where to save your backups, giving you choice over where they go. Options available to you include external drives, cloud services or servers/NAS devices – even combinations thereof! In addition, file versions can be saved which can help restore older copies if needed.

O&O AutoBackup gives you the power to select specific files or folders for backup, as well as whole partitions or hard drives for protection. This feature enables you to protect what matters most and protect it against potential disasters. Furthermore, O&O AutoBackup features an intuitive setup interface with an easily customizable dialog window so you can set your backup parameters quickly and effectively.

O&O AutoBackup not only backs up data, but it also syncs directories at regular intervals – this feature is particularly helpful when working with large amounts of data such as photos and videos. With its intuitive user interface and flexible compatibility options it makes setting synchronization tasks simple while working seamlessly with all removable backup media types.

O&O AutoBackup’s real-time file and directory monitoring enables it to synchronize backups instantly, eliminating the risk of lost data. Once connected, files on PC will align automatically with an external medium; additionally you have the ability to manually trigger tasks even if they’re scheduled in advance.

Easy to restore

O&O AutoBackup provides the ultimate protection from data loss. If your computer crashes due to virus infection or another source, or you need to restore files quickly after being altered or deleted from its memory, O&O AutoBackup makes restoring essential documents easy. Simply transfer the backup to another machine using O&O AutoBackup so your operating system and all personal settings can be quickly restored without hassle; folder structures and individual files from old backups can even be restored as they were before changing hardware; additionally if files were modified during backup processes the software also keeps older versions so users can restore them when needed later from any point in time!

O&O AutoBackup’s convenient plug-and-play function enables it to automatically save all selected files, directories, or partitions when an appropriate external storage device is connected. Once recognized by O&O AutoBackup software, a backup or synchronization process starts immediately upon recognizing an external disk and is always completed before it is removed from use. O&O AutoBackup detects newly or modified files which can then be automatically backed up or synchronized simultaneously while system, program files as well as duplicates can be excluded from backup processes as soon as detected allowing it.

Backups can be automatically scheduled at regular intervals using various processing methods. With its intuitive user interface and few-click backup creation, full data protection is ensured as data is copied as 1:1 copies onto target devices and still accessible via Windows Explorer.

If you need to switch over between PCs for professional purposes, O&O AutoBackup provides an ideal solution. By making use of its boot medium feature, the complete backup can be transferred quickly to any new machine with different hardware. O&O AutoBackup automatically recognizes an external disk and performs any necessary configuration tasks for quick adaptation to suit new machines quickly and seamlessly.

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