O&O AutoBackup Review

OO AutoBackup

O&O AutoBackup automatically backs up and synchronizes files and folders on external backup devices with ease, using plug and play synchronization technology for seamless performance. Files stored can then be easily accessed using Windows Explorer.

The user-friendly interface enables users to select individual files, folders or partitions they wish to secure and protect with confidence. Thanks to this level of flexibility, everyone will find settings suitable for protecting their important information.

Easily back up your files

O&O Software GmbH is perhaps best known for their DiskImage software, but they also provide an exceptional backup solution for Windows systems called O&O AutoBackup which enables users to easily create automated backup tasks with multiple features that help ensure data safety. Designed as an intuitive but straightforward program that makes backup simple yet robust enough for even novice computer users – O&O AutoBackup lets users enact automatic file and folder backup tasks as well as file synchronization services to keep all backup copies up-to-date and ensure peace of mind for users.

To set up an automatic backup with O&O AutoBackup, just select your most essential files and folders from its wizard, or create a preset list of them. O&O AutoBackup will copy any new or modified files or folders to their destination as soon as they appear – keeping everything synchronized at all times!

O&O AutoBackup allows for effortless restoration of files and folders backed up, including deleted or moved from destination directories as long as they haven’t been permanently erased from disk storage.

O&O AutoBackup can also be a very helpful solution for those with limited space available on their external storage device. The program checks for changes as soon as you connect a USB stick or portable drive to the system and synchronizes all data so your backups remain up-to-date.

O&O AutoBackup’s most advantageous feature is its ability to automatically detect changes to files and folders within your backup, helping ensure you won’t lose any critical information should there be a power outage or similar event. Furthermore, wildcard support makes this program especially handy if you need to back up certain types of files such as photos or videos without manually searching for them.

O&O AutoBackup also boasts the unique capability to resolve conflicts between files that attempt to be backed up simultaneously, and newer files in your backup. You can configure it so it renames or appends numbers to newer ones to prevent existing data from overwriting them.

Keep your backups up to date

Losing files through accidental deletion or hardware failure can be both painful and potentially devastating, which is why O&O AutoBackup exists – to provide seamless and reliable protection of data against potential disaster. With its automated backup and sync functions, this program ensures your files stay backed up at all times, keeping you protected against potential catastrophe.

O&O AutoBackup’s signature feature for auto backup and sync is its ability to keep a comprehensive record of any changes made to files and folders already present on external drives or devices. This real-time file synchronization ensures that original data remains available, providing valuable protection against accidental loss or corruption.

This software runs silently in the background and automatically checks on selected files and folders every time an external device connects, looking for updates and synchronizing them immediately. This ensures a copy of those selected files remains fully up to date without needing to launch the program manually or manage updates manually.

O&O AutoBackup gives users who desire more control over their backups an extra degree of customization by offering options to adjust compression levels, set exclusion rules and configure filter settings as per individual requirements. The program empowers them with increased flexibility to tailor backups that suit individual requirements perfectly.

O&O AutoBackup goes beyond customized backup settings by offering useful features like saving a history of past backups and scheduling daily or weekly backups automatically – providing consistent and automatic data protection.

O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition is an automatic backup and synchronization tool with an intuitive user interface, suitable for all kinds of users. Setting up backups takes only a few clicks for reliable protection against data loss or deletion.

Safeguard your photos and videos

No matter if it be photos and videos or irreplaceable files, O&O AutoBackup provides automatic and effortless digital content protection. By copying original files while automatically synching any future updates to them or directories, this ensures your backups remain up to date. Plug ‘n play backup starts whenever a portable device like an external HDD or USB Stick connects with your computer – with copied data then being accessible through Windows Explorer as usual.

Individual files and folders can also be selected for backup using the program’s user-friendly dialog window, making this possible with just a few clicks. You can make specific selections to prioritize your most critical data while customizing advanced program settings to tailor it specifically to your backup needs.

O&O AutoBackup not only allows for file and folder selections, but it also gives you complete control over when to make backups. You can set a schedule or use real-time mode which can detect changes to files and copy them instantly to their backup destination. Furthermore, O&O AutoBackup creates full system backups to restore them should something go wrong and you need a system restore point quickly.

O&O Software GmbH makes their software simple to install with no complex configurations or settings required for setup. Furthermore, support via online forums and email are provided, while their website also contains extensive documentation and knowledge bases about each product available from them.

Sync your files with a portable device

Modern storage devices may be highly reliable, but any possibility for hardware failure remains an important risk to consider when protecting data. Losing valuable files could be devastating; with regular backups put into place to safeguard files should disaster strike, regular protection of essential documents is a good way to make sure important files will remain accessible if anything should happen to go amis.

O&O AutoBackup is an automatic backup and file synchronization program that helps protect the information that matters most to you. By eliminating complexity that previously made backup software difficult to use, O&O AutoBackup allows its users to set up and manage backup actions with minimal computer expertise required.

O&O AutoBackup automatically begins the backup process whenever an external device such as a USB stick or external hard drive is connected to your computer, automatically replicating any changes made to files or folders backed up synchronized in real-time with their destination, meaning your backup copies always match original data exactly.

O&O AutoBackup allows you to select which files or folder structures should be backed up, as well as supporting multiple backup and destination locations and offering flexible schedule settings. Users can specify when backup processes should start/stop automatically as well as choosing between local or network drives for their backup destination.

O&O AutoBackup’s restore point feature is another invaluable tool, offering automatic creation of snapshots of the state of your files and folders at certain moments in time. This allows for recovery from previous versions if needed – particularly handy after software updates resulted in corrupted or deleted files!

O&O AutoBackup features an intuitive design with user-friendly features and advanced settings to meet all of your backup needs. Experienced computer users and novices can both benefit from using O&O AutoBackup’s well-organized, straightforward layout.

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