Opera Developer – What’s New in the Latest Version of Opera Web Browser?

Opera developer

Opera Developer is an experimental version of Opera web browser that enables you to test features not yet present in its stable release.

Opera is a cross-platform web browser created and distributed by its namesake company based on Chromium, available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android operating systems.

Faster Start Page

Opera web browser, like Chrome, features a Speed Dial as its default start page which serves as a 3×3 grid of visual website shortcuts that display frequently visited pages. Pages displayed include those you visit regularly such as social media websites.

But the start page presents an issue, delaying content display when you launch your browser or open a new tab, due to loading time for website shortcut thumbnails thumbnails in the background.

This issue has been resolved in the latest Opera developer build, so that when opening a new tab, your start page loads instantly and optimizes memory usage on high end devices. If any issues arise with it, however, it can be disabled by visiting Opera://flags and setting Shared Start Page feature flag to disabled.

Recent developer versions of Opera have made great improvements, including being able to open a new tab by middle-clicking on the tab bar using their mouse – great for users on laptops and other mobile devices with limited RAM or resources. Furthermore, this version displays personalized news recommendations on both its start page/Speed Dials page as well as improving Netflix recommendations.

Redesigned Reborn 3 (R3) UI

Redesigned User Interface (UI) The purpose of the revamped User Interface (UI) design is to be less distracting, drawing your focus directly towards web content rather than any unnecessary divider lines that get in your way during web browsing. Imagine taking out frames from pictures so all that remains is their artwork instead of canvas!

The new user interface (UI) supports dark themes. This trend in software has become popular lately with many browsers and even Microsoft Windows 10 offering dark mode support, allowing your eyes to relax at night while your mind stays focused on work being accomplished on the computer.

Opera is the first browser to support crypto wallets, making transactions possible in Web 3, the decentralized Internet of the future. This makes peer-to-peer transactions possible while bypassing major corporations who had monopolized these processes previously, and gives you access to Ethereum blockchain applications known as decentralized applications (dApps). As such, Opera makes your digital life safer while giving you control back over it all.

Weather Forecast Widget

Opera has introduced a Weather Forecast widget which can be displayed on Speed Dial and New Tab pages, automatically detecting where users are located to provide accurate weather forecasts and status updates. Furthermore, it’s customizable and compatible with most devices and browsers.

To add the Weather widget, navigate to your Advanced Channel and click Widgets. From there, choose and customize the Weather widget according to your requirements; choose the data source, font style and color settings as well as temperature units – Fahrenheit or Celsius will display in its forecasts.

Though some users may consider weather widgets obsolete in 2023, they remain an invaluable asset to websites reliant on the weather. A jet ski rental site would benefit greatly from showing weather forecasts to enable customers to plan outdoor activities more effectively and easily. Displaying current conditions also helps readers stay abreast of changes to local news and event websites in terms of climate-related news and changes in their area.

Speed Dials Page Preloading

Opera Developer Edition features several enhancements designed to benefit its users, with one major one being preloading Speed Dial pages. When users click a shortcut on New Tab page or Speed Dial page there may be a short delay while their browser loads its website – this preloading will speed things up considerably.

Opera’s Speed Dial is an interactive thumbnail grid on its start page that helps users quickly access their favorite websites. When websites are added to this Speed Dial, they essentially become saved folders that can be quickly accessed with either one click or by entering their URL into the address bar.

Users can add websites to the Speed Dial by either selecting them from Suggestions, right-clicking any page and choosing “Add to Speed Dial”, or typing their URL directly in the address bar and pressing the Add to Opera button.

Opera’s Dragonfly debugging tool, similar to Firebug and other browser developer tools, allows the user to debug HTML DOM and JavaScript elements as well as set breakpoints and watches, alter scripts live, audit page resources and local storage and more.

Snapshot Editor

Screenshots can be useful for many things, including documenting technical issues, creating how-to tutorials, or sharing information with others. Sometimes taking and using an existing screenshot just isn’t enough – sometimes editing is required to crop or resize or highlight certain parts.

Opera’s Snapshot Editor allows you to easily modify and customize screenshots by providing multiple editing tools – drawing and annotation tools, full screen or window captures and instant saving into popular image formats are just a few examples of what the feature provides. In addition, text can also be added or images blurred for that personalized touch.

Another useful feature of the integrated sidebar messengers is their snapshot feature, enabling you to take snapshots easily without switching apps – ideal for quickly replying to family and friend messages on popular messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Opera developer 62 offers advanced snapshot editing features with its Crop Tool button on the toolbar after taking a screenshot. Users can adjust text colors captured, add an emoji from a collection within Opera or even include custom URLs when creating snapshots – while supporting an extensive range of image file formats.

Quick Access Panel (formerly Enhanced Address Bar)

This new feature conveniently places Speed Dial folders within reach, directly from your start page or by clicking on the combined address and search bar. Furthermore, it allows for customizable launching of this dropdown directly from within your Start Page, providing easy access. Easily add and remove commands as necessary!

This panel is similar to what’s found in other web browsers and allows for fast management of browser settings, importing/exporting/clearing browsing data, getting themes/extensions or viewing your download history or viewing downloads/histories. Furthermore, you can easily open specific pages, manage tabs/windows, zoom in/out for full screen browsing sessions, reopen closed tabs/windows or close the browser altogether.

You can quickly enable or disable this feature on the Manage Quick Access page by toggling “Enable Quick Access Search Box”. Furthermore, this panel enables or hides Google search box.

Warn on Close

Opera’s latest developer build offers users a warning when closing online forms or tabs; this option informs them they may lose data entered in forms or running tabs if they click close button.

This large, red and bold message occupies valuable screen estate and can become an ever-present distraction in your workflow. Furthermore, its size may make it particularly irritating on small screens.

There have been multiple reports on Opera forums and social media of issues with this issue. Our team confirmed it as intentional, and will be addressed in an upcoming release.

You have the option to disable this notification in the settings. Simply turn off “Warn on closing browser window with multiple tabs” flag in opera://flags page and you should be good to go!

Opera developer is like an alpha version of Opera browser, serving as a testing ground for new features before being integrated into stable releases. Due to this reason, it should not be used on a daily basis as you may experience some bugs and glitches. For more information about its latest release please check the Changelog; Opera Developer is compatible with Windows, macOS Linux and Android platforms.

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