Opera GX – Built For Gamers

Opera GX

Opera GX was specifically designed with gamers in mind, providing them with many useful features to enhance the gaming experience, such as GX Control which enables them to limit CPU and RAM usage so as to prevent websites from slowing down PCs or interfering with games.

Gaming browsers come equipped with integrated messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, VK and Discord; music players; as well as a news section that covers everything related to gaming.


Once Opera GX launches, you’ll be welcomed with an easy setup wizard that will walk you through its features. After this initial stage is complete, you can customize the browser according to your personal needs – changing visual settings or activating audio notifications will keep you informed when new messages or games arrive or start.

Opera’s team took an innovative approach when developing its gaming-focused browser, consulting gamers to identify issues they needed resolved and then created a product which addressed all these major resource-heavy browser problems, offering fast, simple usage with an aesthetic that appealed to gamers.

GX Control, one of the main features, allows you to limit how much CPU and RAM the browser uses when browsing, which is especially helpful if your resources are limited; additionally, this browser comes equipped with a hot-tab killer which closes tabs that slow down or consume too many resources.

Opera GX’s innovative browser syncing feature makes this browser ideal for gamers who rely on multiple devices to play their favorite games or browse the internet. Simply browse your favorite websites on your phone, and they’ll appear automatically open on PC – this feature makes your browsing experience seamless across devices! This can also come in handy when playing multiple online games simultaneously on various devices!

Opera GX offers gamers easy access to Discord and Twitch through its convenient sidebar feature, making sharing content with your friends quick and effortless. Furthermore, Opera supports multiple chat programs; simply choose which ones to include when setting up Opera.

Opera GX offers numerous other attractive features that make it an appealing browser for gamers, including its feeds to stay informed about gaming industry news and access to a selection of free or discounted price games; there’s even a section with all of the latest game trailers displayed!


Opera GX stands out in an industry of gaming products often advertised with flashy neon hues and pulses with its refined approach. The browser utilizes a dark theme reminiscent of most gaming hardware like mice and keyboards, with customizable color schemes tailored specifically to match each gaming setup and an interface designed for ease of use.

Opera GX was recently awarded with an iF Design Award – one of the world’s premier prizes in product design. The jury commended Opera’s gaming-oriented browser’s distinctive design as meeting gamers’ needs effectively – this marks the first time ever that an internet browser received this honor from this renowned international organization.

Opera GX stands out from other games-focused browsers by solving real problems gamers face. CPU and RAM limiters enable users to limit how much of their system resources the browser uses while network limiter helps minimize lag by setting limits on how much bandwidth can be consumed by Opera. It also features Twitch and Discord integration that is easily accessible in its sidebar.

The browser also comes equipped with a cleaning feature, which enables you to monitor how much space the browser’s data occupies on your PC, and select one of three presets to clear out clutter so your PC runs smoother and faster.

Hot Tab Hero is another highly sought-after feature among gamers, enabling you to watch live streams and chat with favorite streamers without leaving the page. In addition, GX Corner serves as a news hub that keeps gamers up-to-date on gaming industry news and information.

Opera GX’s best feature is its customizable options. You can personalize its speed dial with various wallpapers to suit your gaming setup or mood, while its GX theme lets you change tab background color based on user preference. Moreover, users can even choose an LED color that coordinates with their mouse or keyboard lighting for an appealing look.


Opera GX goes the extra mile when it comes to gaming browsers. With features such as Razer Chroma integration and built-in Twitch panel for gaming news and deals. Furthermore, this browser features its own sound effects while browsing, plus Shaders that alter your screen appearance with features such as shatterproof mirrors or out of focus images from vintage cameras or TV screens – or even make it rain or snow!

But what sets it apart from other gaming browsers is its exclusive built-in features. GX Control, for instance, enables you to limit CPU and RAM usage so as not to consume too many resources and prevent other applications from running smoothly without lag. Another useful feature is being able to limit network bandwidth in order to prevent websites from consuming too much data and slowing down gameplay.

Opera’s innovative approach to its gaming browser design shows that they understand that they can offer something beyond a simple utility app with few customization options that appears generic and boring. Their dedication to gamers can be seen through various campaigns aimed at fixing hardware issues, finding browsers compatible with specific communities, and improving gaming experiences – one such campaign, in collaboration with TikTok, has garnered over 262 million views worldwide! They have also introduced “Hot Tab Hero,” where two teams led by popular streamers compete against each other while being tested on knowledge of local games while being guided by hosts.

As far as performance goes, we ran several benchmark tests to measure how quickly each browser performed. First was JetStream 2.1 – a JavaScript and WebAssembly browser benchmark which measures how fast web apps start up, execute code and render pages – where Opera GX came second place, just behind Chrome; Microsoft Edge performed significantly slower while Mozilla Firefox lagged significantly further behind.


Opera GX was specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with gaming devices and apps – both those which don’t necessarily qualify as web browsers – such as Logitech G hardware and apps that do not function like browsers, such as messaging services and file downloaders. For instance, its lighting effects match those provided by Logitech G hardware while it can even trigger custom sound effects based on what happens within its browser window (for instance when receiving messages or downloading files).

This browser also features major gaming messaging apps such as Discord, Telegram and Facebook Messenger that are easily accessible from a sidebar, so gamers can stay up-to-date with chats, messages and calls in one central place without needing to open each application individually. Furthermore, GX Control enables gamers to limit how much computer resources their games use so as not to run out of memory or CPU capacity during gameplay.

Another interesting feature is the ability to watch video walkthroughs, tutorials and streams directly within the browser – this feature can come in handy if you find yourself stuck and need assistance without having to close out of your game or switch tabs.

GX provides all of the features listed above and more! Additionally, its gaming-specific integrations will appeal to most gamers – for instance its dark theme pairs well with most gaming keyboards, mice and laptops; its animated startup logo lights up and emits an audible tone when browsing starts; similar to how games’ logos sound as they load up onto screens.

Other features of Notescape that make it stand out include its ability to create workspaces that can be toggled with just one click – ideal for keeping track of multiple projects and applications at the same time. Furthermore, there’s a centralized music player that plays music from all the major streaming services, and its GX Corner page provides gaming news, discounts, and information all in one convenient place – particularly helpful if keeping up with video game releases or developments is an ongoing struggle for you. Furthermore, the GX Corner page includes a widget showing recent headlines from most popular gaming websites – plus you can even select your region for more tailored feeds of gaming news stories!

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