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An essay’s introductory paragraph serves two important functions. First, it introduces readers to its subject or question that will be explored throughout its textual and analytical space; secondly, it motivates and defines that topic or question clearly enough for your essay’s readers.

LabTalk, the native scripting language to Origin, allows you to easily develop custom routines and tools. Once created they can easily be assigned to graph buttons or new toolbar buttons for ease of access.

Graphing and Analysis

No matter if you are a student, research scientist, or industry professional; Origin offers an expansive suite of 2D and 3D graphing and data analysis tools designed to help visualize, explore, and interpret data sets in multiple dimensions. From simple graphing to advanced data analysis methods such as curve fitting, peak analysis, signal processing and statistics; you’ll have everything needed to visualize, explore and interpret your information with ease.

Create and organize projects quickly with an easily dockable Project Explorer window featuring flexible user-defined folder structures. Take advantage of a new tool to quickly display, print or export selected graphs via Favorites folder collection. Plus enjoy additional graphing enhancements such as: plot raster data as contour or surface using optional XY plotting; choosing from various color maps for bubble chart legends and automatic sorting by data column symbol size!

Origin offers an impressive suite of tools for pre-analysis data manipulations such as normalizing, interpolation and integration for worksheet and matrix data. Furthermore, large or complex datasets may be imported via ODBC/ADO data connectors while databases can be accessed using Python/LabTalk (integrated scripting language/scripting environment).

Templates make creating and applying graphs easy! With these custom report templates you can automate tasks like analyzing single files of raw data. They even make sending graphs directly into Microsoft PowerPoint easier!

Save time by setting up graph and analysis operations once and then duplicating them for subsequent graphs from similar raw data sets. Automate tedious graphing, importing, and analysis tasks by specifying a script file to run upon opening of files or regularly. LabTalk, Origin’s native scripting language, features an expansive set of X-Functions for basic and advanced scripting needs, with additional Python code available to add your own automation solutions if required. Python code can be run as scripts within Origin’s embedded Python environment and even be controlled remotely from other applications like Matlab(tm) or LabView(tm). This opens up new opportunities for creating sophisticated analysis and automation routines not possible anywhere else.

Data Management

Data analysis utilizes advanced mathematical, statistical, and programming techniques to unearth patterns in data that lie dormant or provide insight for decision-making. Effective data management enables organizations to adapt quickly to changing business conditions while also preventing information silos where different groups have access to different versions of truth.

Origin provides powerful analysis tools, including curve and area fitting, signal processing, interpolation and derivative calculations. Furthermore, Origin contains an expansive suite of statistics (descriptive statistics such as ANOVA tests and power calculations for survival analysis as well as ROC curves), advanced graphical data representations such as iso line maps waterfall graphs Pareto graphs 2D kernel density plots among others) as well as advanced graphical data representations such as iso line maps waterfall graphs Pareto graphs Pareto plots 2D kernel density plots etc.

Origin is designed to easily import and export data, supporting both standard and proprietary formats. An intuitive project explorer organizes files logically while the multi-sheet workbook system lets you view multiple sets simultaneously for editing. Furthermore, Origin provides multiple output formats ranging from graphs to HTML/XML/text formats for convenient distribution.

Origin provides several file protection options to facilitate data access and collaboration, including password protection at the workbook/worksheet or graph level, an audit log to track changes made to any object in a project, Analysis Templates to save operations as a suite, auto recalculation on changes to data or parameters, auto recalculation when they change and an interactive MATLAB Console tool to issue commands from within Origin itself.

Origin’s advanced features make it simple and fast for you to analyze complex data sets or create impactful presentations, producing professional-grade results without breaking a sweat. As an all-in-one platform with easy learning/use features, Origin helps speed your time-to-market while giving you confidence in the quality of results produced.


Create professional-looking charts and tables quickly using data from both your Editorial Manager and ScholarOne manuscripts (coming soon). Visualize journal health through accurate custom reports that save time and ensure consistency.

Origin’s Video Builder tool makes it possible to quickly and easily generate an animated video file of any graph in your project that displays how data values change over time on a three dimensional surface. These videos provide an excellent way to communicate complex data as well as demonstrate your results and showcase results more easily.

Report sheets that consolidate fitting parameters and errors across all datasets that were fit with an implicit function can also be generated, providing invaluable assistance when working with large datasets where it would be impractical to manually enter each curve’s fit statistics manually.

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Origin offers an intuitive and robust set of data processing and analysis tools, including 2D and 3D plotting, matrixes, nonlinear curve fitting, spectral analysis and graph interpretation tools that make data visualization effortless for scientists. Origin’s software also features customizable menus, toolbars and X-functions to increase workflow productivity and make scientific research simpler than ever.

Origin can import data from various file formats, including ASCII text, Excel, NI TDM, DIADem, and NetCDF databases via ADO and import it via ADO for data handling and graph export in multiple image formats. Furthermore, Origin supports numerous programming languages such as LabTalk Python R.

Origin has added several user-friendly features that make its software simpler, such as Windows-style search functionality, graph thumbnail previews and support for trellis diagrams and ternary surface plots. Furthermore, its compact file format and improved graphical editing include being able to customize color palettes of objects graphical objects and assign metrics directly onto graphs as well as showing or hiding formula bar and cell formulas – these improvements make Origin even easier to use!

Origin offers many advanced functions that can help automate repetitive tasks automatically, such as its batch command feature which enables users to run scripts to automate repetitive processes automatically and its powerful plugin architecture which enables developers to build custom plug-ins for Origin and integrate them with their applications.

Origin is more than a batch tool; it also offers various automation features, such as customizable graph templates and Analysis dialog box Themes that save sets of operations. Automatic recalculation upon changes in data or parameters is another powerful automation feature of Origin; LabTalk scripting language provides control, while Origin C provides extensions.

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