Paint Net


Paint Net is a freeware raster graphics editor program for Windows that has been widely compared with Adobe Photoshop, though with reduced support for advanced features.

To change a background color, you need to use the Paint Bucket tool in the Tools window – this doesn’t work as effectively as other photo editing programs such as Lasso.

It is free

Online Paint Net Editor is an intuitive photo-editing program, available free of charge and without the need for installation on multiple gadgets with browser support for HTML5. The app provides users with many tools for improving images such as filters, cropping tools and adjusting colors – plus more advanced services like headshot retouching or portrait editing can take place using it too!

This tool offers many features comparable to advanced digital image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop; however, there are some notable exceptions; for instance, selecting objects may prove challenging without access to Polygonal or Magnetic Lasso tools.

However, this program cannot be used offline and requires a reliable internet connection for use. For those needing more powerful photo editing capabilities, professional packages such as Corel Paint Shop Pro, GIMP and Adobe Photoshop offer superior solutions.

It is easy to use

PaintNet features an intuitive user experience with its simple color palette and layers tab, offering access to basic hex and RGB options through dropdown menus in its Colors window; its “More” function offers more advanced controls such as opacity as well as gradient options.

Use the Select and Invert function to separate objects from their backgrounds, before using the Paint Bucket tool to add transparency by filling around them in selected colors with Paint Bucket fills, which you can save as transparent files or rearrange their order of your work by adding and moving layers.

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