Pale Moon Browser Review

Pale Moon is an Open Source browser offering fast browsing performance with an emphasis on customizability and privacy.

The browser offers official releases for Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, macOS and Linux systems as well as a portable version that can run on any writable media.


Pale Moon stands out from other browsers by supporting add-ons that expand its features (tab groups, Panorama, full-featured search bar). Furthermore, Pale Moon comes equipped with privacy and security protection features like tracking protection, do-not-track requests and cookie management that help safeguard against tracking. Furthermore, pop-up windows can be blocked as well as certain JavaScript and multimedia settings that might otherwise hinder functionality.

Pale Moon provides an essential feature with its Sync feature – enabling users to easily synchronize browser data across multiple devices – such as your history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs. Pale Moon can also automatically synchronize updates released periodically by developers.

Additionally, Google Chrome features a tab manager which enables you to organize tabs into groups and view multiple pages simultaneously in one window. Furthermore, it can import bookmarks and information from other browsers, like Firefox; plus you have the option of running in private mode to protect your privacy online.

The browser can also be customized by selecting various themes that alter its appearance, which can be downloaded and installed through the menu. Furthermore, there’s also support for dragging-and-dropping content directly onto its address bar, plus an option to configure it so it opens with a specific homepage when first launched.

Pale Moon is an open source web browser compatible with multiple operating systems. Additionally, its developer tools include Web Consoles, Debuggers, Inspectors and more – designed for speedy performance while remaining stable and user-friendly.

Unfortunately, Chrome does not include all the features found in other web browsers; specifically it lacks parental controls settings and a built-in chat client; however you can still find many of these features via third-party extensions. Furthermore, Firefox supports more advanced features like its full DRM player or new tab page and therefore Chrome cannot fully compete against them.


Pale Moon is an open-source web browser aimed at customization and privacy, supporting a broad selection of plugins. Unlike Mozilla products, however, Pale Moon does not collect telemetry or data collection, making it an excellent option for maintaining online privacy. Unfortunately, however, Pale Moon may lack compatibility issues when compared with modern browsers in terms of extensions compatibility and platform support.

Users will notice several notable enhancements in this latest release of the browser, including several UI changes such as more consistent themes and simplified menus, faded tab titles instead of using ellipses, text rendering optimization for smaller screens, full support of ECMAScript 2016-2020 features as well as many security issues being addressed.

This browser is also highly portable, supporting multiple platforms and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux. Furthermore, its portable version runs off USB sticks or other writable media; enabling users to take their browser between computers without leaving traces behind or losing bookmarks.

Although not supporting all modern web standards, the browser provides full support for HTML5 and CSS3. Furthermore, most ad blockers are compatible with it, making it possible to utilize various add-ons. It may even be possible to install a PDF reader within the browser itself for increased performance and security purposes.

Pale Moon stands out as an exceptional browser in part by lacking many of the features found in other modern browsers; this is one of its primary strengths. This browser was created to be fast, customizable, and focused on user experience; therefore it will not implement features simply because another browser offers them; its developer will carefully consider each feature’s desirability based on needs and threat models of users on each platform before making their decision to implement or not implement one.


Pale Moon is designed for users who prioritize security. It provides features to help navigate the web with ease and privacy, supports add-ons for customizing browsing experience and provides settings to safeguard personal information and prevent data leaks.

Set global cookie preferences and create a list of websites which never may store cookies or site data. Furthermore, this plugin offers a toolbar button to quickly manage cookie permissions for individual websites and also lets you spoof your user agent to make HTTPS the default setting on many sites.

Pale Moon provides support for the Do Not Track feature, enabling you to tell major websites not to collect or share your personal data with third parties. Furthermore, this makes clearing browser history and bookmarks when closing Pale Moon easier.

Pale Moon can be downloaded directly from its website as either a regular or portable version, with regular being ideal for desktop computers while the portable option works from a USB stick on Linux systems. Furthermore, Pale Moon’s website includes comprehensive instructions for how to set up their software as well as how to create custom profiles for use when installing.

Additionally to its standard features, browsers provide advanced users with additional capabilities. They include password managers and integrated search bars; you can even encrypt certificates and passwords using a master password encoding feature which you can enable or disable via their advanced settings.

It supports the full Mozilla API and is compatible with many Firefox extensions, while offering full theme support and plugin compatibility, making it more efficient than traditional browsers.

Firefox uses a different engine than Opera and provides a more stable experience, supporting HTML5, CSS3, WebP and JPEG images as well. Opera also boasts an easier user-friendly interface while being totally free for use.


Pale Moon is a Firefox-based browser optimized to maximize performance on older hardware. To keep it running as fast as possible, its developers consciously avoided including some commonly included browser features that may slow performance; they did this knowingly in order to speed it up as much as possible and make Pale Moon more energy-efficient; but by doing so it may also remove some useful features and be less appealing to power users.

Pale Moon, like other Firefox-based browsers, supports add-ons and themes available for Firefox browser. Unfortunately, however, Pale Moon does not feature the same suite of accessibility and parental controls found within Firefox; furthermore it doesn’t include Adobe Flash, which will likely be required by certain websites; so this must be installed separately before viewing them.

Pale Moon stands out as an attractive browser by providing access to numerous privacy-related settings that make it more secure than other Firefox-based browsers. These settings can be found under Preferences > Privacy in Pale Moon, with most relating to storing or clearing data shared between devices and sites visited.

This browser was designed to utilize minimal system resources, while its portable software version makes it convenient for taking browsing sessions anywhere on USB sticks or other writable media. Initial startup may take up to 30 seconds depending on the speed of your stick or media, due to creating personal profiles on each medium you are using (this process could also affect performance).

Pale Moon’s portable browser doesn’t rely on an online service to run and update automatically; rather, it uses a straightforward method for saving and updating the browser even during crashes or power outages.

Pale Moon’s developer has stated that this browser is not meant to directly compete with Firefox or Chromium-powered browsers due to the absence of features like parental controls or accessibility features that users frequently request. Instead, Pale Moon seeks to offer familiar browsing experience without compromising speed or security.

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