Panda Antivirus Review

Panda Antivirus differs from most antivirus programs by operating outside of your computer’s operating system and running most of its operations off-machine; thus enabling it to quickly identify more threats without slowing down your machine. This enables it to identify more potential dangers without slowing it down too much.

Scans can be run quickly and efficiently with one click, providing options to scan critical areas, full files and folders or custom locations. Furthermore, these scans can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly if desired.

Detecting and removing malware

Panda Antivirus Suite offers many advantages: its scans are quick and thorough, picking up nearly 100% of malware files in my tests. Furthermore, the suite blocks infected websites as well as warns about potentially dangerous programs you try to download.

Antivirus engine of this software uses multiple layers, including behavior detection and machine learning, to recognize malicious software. According to tests conducted by AV-Comparatives, its antivirus engine performed exceptionally well at blocking widespread malware; earning a score of 99.8 percent over six months; however it failed to protect against ransomware attacks, with only 69.2 percent rating achieved against such attacks.

Panda now performs most of its antivirus operations from its servers rather than directly on your PC, which keeps its program lightweight and doesn’t bog down your computer’s performance. Furthermore, this allows Panda’s antivirus program to quickly update its database with any newly discovered threats, improving overall performance.

Rescue tools provide another useful feature; this one allows users to clean a compromised system and recover data from backups if it becomes infected with ransomware, Trojans or any other nasty bug. Furthermore, virtual keyboards prevent keyloggers from siphoning off your credit card numbers or login details as you type them.

Schedule one or more scans daily, weekly, or monthly and choose how in-depth each should be – checking only critical areas or scanning specific files and folders.

Panda Antivirus offers several extras not found in most competing products, including an automated USB scanner and VPN access. Furthermore, there are some clean-up tools and an application which creates shadow copies of files so they can be recovered even if encrypted by ransomware.

The interface is user-friendly and attractive, featuring a straightforward main window with links to your online account and its features in the top row, and an icon list containing icons for scanning, device and network monitoring, backup, product support and VPN service provisioning in its own window below that. A free version is offered, providing only real-time scanning and antivirus; paid packages provide advanced protection.

Removing junk files

Panda Antivirus can help speed up your computer by clearing away unnecessary junk files that clog it up and freeing up space, thus speeding it up further. Furthermore, its malware scanner scans for and detects and eliminates multiple forms of threats including phishing attacks, Trojan horses, rootkits viruses spyware and adware from your system.

One useful feature is being able to quarantine suspicious files or programs. Once quarantined, you can decide what should happen with them: either recover them at your own risk, restore them, or permanently delete them. Furthermore, you can set exclusion lists – items which your antivirus should ignore altogether.

Some malware is designed to block antivirus programs from installing or performing scans – this type of ransomware can be particularly hard to eradicate once installed on a computer, although Panda’s free Cloud Cleaner tool aims to address such cases, though its success cannot always be guaranteed.

Panda Security’s main window displays your online account and scan status at the top, followed by buttons for Antivirus, Devices, VPN, Process Monitor, Rescue Kit and products you subscribed to. Although real-time scanning for free may seem surprising, Panda offers this as well as dark web scanning and VPN (with up to 150MB per day of data) services – plus its Rescue Kit makes an exceptional bootable USB drive which boots, scans and disinfects computers which won’t boot normally!

The home interface of Cleanup Pro is beautifully designed to be intuitively navigable, featuring an attractive status indicator and three tabs: Status, Cleaner and Toolkit. This latter tab includes a disk space analyzer which helps find duplicate files or waste on your hard drive and fix errors in Windows registry; Cleanup tab keeps system running fast by deleting unnecessary files and optimizing startup sequence; it also warns about programs set to run at startup so you can disable them if necessary.

Speeding up your PC

Optimize your device with software designed to improve device performance by clearing out temporary files that accumulate over time, allowing programs to open and run faster and reducing operating system errors. Furthermore, this software optimizes Windows Registry – the database which stores system settings and options – while simultaneously detecting programs running at startup that could drain system resources when you first boot up your computer and eliminating their residual files before they hog system resources when starting up again.

Panda offers an easy and intuitive user interface that puts everything you need right on screen. At the top is an account link, followed by icons for Scan, Antivirus, VPN, Devices and Support. When clicking either icon an extra row slides out with additional options like USB Drive Monitoring Process Monitoring Rescue; which takes over resources often used by malware for autoplay and locks them down for protection.

In the main window, clicking on the Antivirus icon allows you to schedule Full, Critical Areas or Custom scans at various intervals from daily through monthly – they can even be stopped and resumed if necessary – they also monitor memory use while running processes for spyware, adware and other potential threats as well as monitor changes that could potentially harm your PC such as changes to its registry that may indicate potential danger.

As with most antivirus programs, Avast Free Antivirus isn’t perfect. The free version doesn’t offer real-time protection or dark web monitoring; however, tiered packages do contain useful features such as password manager and parental controls; furthermore, one also gets 150 MB per day free VPN subscription when signing up to one of these tiered plans.

Panda stands out as an antivirus program by not offering additional products at checkout like many others do, yet still provides a yearly option at the same price as monthly plans that automatically renews at subscription expiry – something many other antivirus services do. This lets you try it for one year without signing long-term contracts and commiting yourself fully.

Getting help

Panda Antivirus stands out from other security programs by providing tiered packages with different features, enabling users to start at the lowest-cost option and upgrade later – or vice versa. Panda also meets users’ increasing need for subscription flexibility: unlike many major security suites that typically operate on an annual payment cycle basis, their offerings include monthly installment plans.

Panda Software was founded in Bilbao, Spain in 1990 to produce software to protect computers and mobile devices. Their antivirus and data protection software runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Android operating systems respectively. Since then they have expanded their portfolio with cybersecurity tools designed to safeguard systems, networks, emails, personal information and personal data.

Reputations: Their products have earned praise for being user-friendly and running smoothly on less powerful computers. Furthermore, they’ve been recognized for fast detection rates and offering one of the best prices among competitors.

Panda Antivirus 22.0 brings several exciting new features, including the ability to check which permissions are granted to installed applications – particularly useful on older computers where this prevents unnecessary draining of processing power. Furthermore, premium subscribers now benefit from password manager capabilities while free users now also benefit from webcam protection against prying eyes.

As was the case with previous versions of Panda Antivirus, its latest release also performed well in our lab tests. However, its full scan took slightly longer than anticipated; initially reaching 27 percent within minutes before slowing to an hour to finish and not becoming stuck or losing any data in its process. Regardless, nothing got stuck or lost data.

Our testing results demonstrate that Panda Free Antivirus should meet most people’s needs, though it’s far from perfect. While it ranked below free competitors such as Kaspersky, Avast and AVG (all scored over 99.9 percent in our tests), it did manage to block all malware encountered despite 21 false positives which is far behind its free competition (except Windows Defender )

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