Panda Antivirus Review

Panda Antivirus provides comprehensive defense against malware and viruses. Its core antivirus software is free, while the suite also comes equipped with useful features like USB cleaner, dark web monitoring and daily limited VPN protection.

Panda utilizes Big Data and Machine Learning to stay ahead of new digital threats, with an easy user experience and clear, attractive interface.


Panda Antivirus’ free version provides excellent basic security protection, quickly and effortlessly detecting and eliminating malware. In addition, its Process Monitor feature detects suspicious activity such as running processes, memory useage or browser cookies that could pose potential danger. When found, any potentially hazardous behavior will be quarantined before notifying you and creating a detailed report with more details such as whether or not digitally signed processes exist or the number of HTTP connections they possess.

Panda antivirus’ paid versions offer more advanced features, such as ransomware and cyberattack protection, password manager and Panda Dome Complete which adds virtual keyboard program to block keyloggers from accessing confidential login data. Panda also includes USB Protection tool to reduce chances of autorun malware infection on USB keys.

Premium versions of Panda antivirus boast an additional unique feature – their cloud-based security system. This utilizes an advanced database to identify and block any unknown files as they download to your device, typically taking between 30 seconds to determine if an object is malicious as the software must access this database for results and receive its verdict – this may take longer than industry average but does increase overall detection rates.

Panda Antivirus’ performance during our tests was exceptional, blocking 97 percent of phishing URLs and 81 percent of malware downloads, scoring 9 out of 10, in our AV-Test malware blocking test; its only weakness being difficulty recognizing new zero-day threats. During its performance test run by AV-Test Performance Test, it had good malware detection rates but its system performance slowdowns were much worse than most competitors.

All Panda plans include customer support via phone and chat as well as access to a knowledgebase and forums, while premium versions provide extra technical support with remote repair of operating systems and programs. Panda also boasts powerful parental control tools with options for monitoring and controlling children’s online activities.


Panda security suite is not inexpensive; rates for single device subscriptions far surpassing competitive offerings. However, the software provides a robust feature set which should justify its higher price point.

Panda Dome stands out from its competition with its advanced artificial intelligence detection engine, which learns over time to identify and neutralize new threats as they emerge. Utilizing cloud-based scanning technology and applying relevant rules directly into your operating system to prevent potential malware infections.

One of the key advantages of PC Protector Pro is its sandbox feature, enabling users to test applications from unknown sources safely on desktop environments in order to reduce infection risks. Many other products also provide this capability but few do it at such a high level of sophistication.

Wi-Fi protection to block malicious code on public WiFi networks and parental control to safeguard children against inappropriate content are two other key features provided by Panda Security. In addition, their Rescue Kit creates bootable USB drives to disinfect and repair infected computers while their Data Security module assists organizations comply with data protection regulations.

Panda’s performance in independent lab tests varies considerably, with some impressive scores and others less so. Recent results from MRG-Effitas were disappointing, failing both at detecting banking trojans as well as being able to detect potentially hazardous software components. Meanwhile, Panda performed better in AV-Comparatives’ 2015 Malware Removal Test with an impressive score of 79 out of 100 points.

Though the software does an outstanding job of stopping threats and eliminating them, its usage of system resources is somewhat excessive, leading to noticeable slowdown when performing its various scans. Luckily, it provides options to mitigate such effects – including customizing settings according to your preferences and turning off automatic virus database updates that could drain battery life on phones.

Panda provides outstanding support through both its app and website, with a dedicated help center for both business and home users. Their support page features articles, videos and FAQs to quickly answer any of your queries – plus live chat option and email support for fast responses!


Panda Antivirus offers multiple packages, so users can select a plan best tailored to their individual needs. In addition, month-to-month payments provide customers with greater flexibility. Plus, its software works on Windows, Mac and Android systems and supports multiple languages and file formats!

Panda Antivirus’ installation process is simple and quick. Once customers have made their purchase, they can download the software directly from Panda’s website and follow on-screen instructions for downloading and installation. After installation has taken place, users should ensure their computer remains connected to the internet during this process as it needs to activate with cloud activation, either creating an account with Panda or activating without an account at this stage.

Panda Antivirus stands out from other antivirus programs by being compatible with multiple devices at the same time, providing users with greater coverage against malware and viruses across their computers. Another useful feature is USB device scanning; especially helpful if a PC has become infected by viruses; also helpful for detecting advanced threats not detectable through traditional methods.

Panda Dome Complete provides more than just basic security features; it also boasts an advanced process monitor. This tool displays a list of processes with their statuses – signed or not; memory usage by each process and whether or not they access the internet – making it easier to identify threats and block them quickly.

Panda provides many other useful features, including parental controls, password manager and performance optimization – though some of these features are only available in its premium version of product. There’s also phone support, live chat support and email assistance as well as a user-friendly support page that’s relatively straightforward but may require effort in finding relevant info.


Panda Antivirus is an ideal choice for home computer users, offering reliable protection from malware and other threats. Utilizing tools such as behavioral analysis and cloud technology, it utilizes various means to detect and prevent malicious code such as behavioral analysis or ransomware attacks. Furthermore, its firewall protects online security as well as against phishing scams or ransomware attacks; furthermore it includes features like USB Vaccination and Parental Controls to provide even further security protection. The software’s intuitive user interface also makes this choice accessible.

Panda Antivirus’ user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, clearly showing which of its protections are active while giving a real-time update of how many files are being scanned. In addition, its Process Monitor feature gives users an overview of which processes are running on their computers as well as whether or not they are secure; and allows users to create trusted application lists in order to avoid unnecessary scans and reduce false positive detections.

However, Panda Antivirus falls short in lab test results. It achieved only 48% in the MRG-Effitas Banking Trojans Test which is less than impressive when considering other products have scored up to 100% on this particular measure. Furthermore, Panda was unable to detect many EICAR test viruses – only two could be quarantined!

Panda Antivirus ranks poorly among its competitors when it comes to the Sandboxing Test, a simulation designed to mimic real-life infection scenarios and determine how effective an antivirus program is at blocking malicious code from running on systems. Panda only detected 34% of test samples successfully while its response times for Sandboxing tests were too slow.

Panda Security does not offer as comprehensive customer support as other companies do; both its email and phone support can be slow, making it hard for people to navigate their way through queues. In addition, live chat support is only available during weekdays which poses difficulties to people needing security help or have questions regarding software usage; but alternative means such as an FAQ page exist that enable customers to reach support teams quickly and easily.

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