Panda Dome Complete Review

Panda Dome Complete provides multilayered security in an intuitive package, including real-time antivirus protection, USB protection, Wi-Fi security and application control.

Cloud technology from Trend Micro uses a community-driven approach, making sure it remains up to date and offering one of the highest virus detection rates available. Plus, its setup, installation, use and affordable pricing set it apart from competitors.


Panda Dome Complete provides real-time protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware rootkits and other forms of malware threats to PCs and mobile devices. In addition, this antivirus protects you against phishing attacks as well as unauthorized access to personal information stored on them. Moreover, it helps detect theft remotely allowing for easy recovery should anything go missing on them or they get lost or stolen.

Antivirus capabilities of this suite consist of both real-time monitors that prevent malware from infiltrating your computer, and scanning tools that identify existing infections. A special ransomware scanner helps stop theft of files, blocks threatening programs that demand payment and offers encrypted partition protection that renders files unreadable by malware allowing for recovery without paying hackers.

One great feature is Behavioral Analysis, which detects and blocks suspicious applications by monitoring how they function – providing an invaluable way of keeping tabs on what’s going on on your PC. In addition, there’s USB Protection which scans external drives and removes malicious software before it infiltrates. Furthermore, Wi-Fi Network Scanner also scans regularly and alerts you of any vulnerabilities before alerting you accordingly.

As opposed to some competitors, Panda Dome doesn’t require you to manually select which features you want during setup; most security and anti-virus features are enabled by default; such as Real-time Monitoring (Antivirus), Safe Browsing, Virus Cleaner and Process Monitor. Furthermore, aside from security-oriented tools, such as Real-time Monitoring, VPN connectivity and remote control tools are included as part of its features set.

The Panda Dome suite’s interface is intuitive and simple to use. Its main screen displays your system security status along with five icons representing key features of the program; clicking any of them unlocks more details and settings. Furthermore, this lightweight program uses minimal resources.

It has some minor flaws, but overall this program is an effective choice for your cybersecurity needs. Its main draw is its impressive malware detection abilities as evidenced by both lab tests at AV-Comparatives and my own hands-on testing with live virus samples. Furthermore, it includes useful tools like password management, VPN services and file shredding functionality – as well as many others!

Password manager

Panda Dome Complete offers a comprehensive suite of online security tools, featuring password manager capabilities that rival many competitors. Its form-filling abilities and plans with good value make it an attractive option for families seeking anti-theft protection, system tune-up and file encryption as well as platform compatibility/two factor authentication (2FA) features as well as some transparency regarding security options.

Panda Dome Complete’s password manager works similarly to other password managers: credentials are saved in an encrypted vault that’s only accessible with your master password. In addition, this software comes equipped with an automated password analyzer which displays how long it would take someone to break your passwords; additionally it helps create stronger passwords by suggesting which characters to include or exclude for optimal password creation.

One of the greatest strengths of Panda Dome software is its ability to automatically log you out of websites and clear your browser history when switching computers – this feature is especially handy if you share the computer with family or friends who may not be as tech-savvy as yourself. Furthermore, using the Secure Me button, you can remotely close all tabs and log out of all devices linked with your Panda Dome account.

Another amazing feature of this password manager is its autofill functionality, enabling you to automatically fill in login information for websites supporting it – an especially helpful feature when signing into sites requiring two-page logins. Furthermore, this app features a strong password generator to produce strong, secure passwords for every site that supports it.

Panda Dome Passwords offers several two-factor authentication (2FA) options, from SMS-based authenticator apps like Google Authenticator and Duo Mobile to more complex ones like fingerprint authentication on mobile phones. Users who access their accounts through mobile can even utilize fingerprint authentication to log into them.

Regarding technical support, this company provides both forum and email assistance that can assist with any problems you might be having. Furthermore, they offer a free trial period so you can experience it first-hand before making a final decision.

System tune-up

Panda Dome Complete offers a suite of security features designed to protect devices against ransomware, phishing, identity theft and malware attacks. It includes password managers, VPN connections and tune-up tools that will ensure peak performance from devices running this suite at an affordable price – plus seasonal sales may bring additional discounts!

Unsurprisingly, this suite has won praise from independent labs. Its anti-malware engine matches other premium solutions’ in its ability to detect viruses, ransomware and zero-day threats; and its light footprint on system resources ensures your devices will run at maximum speed during scanning.

The suite includes both file shredding and PC tune-up capabilities. This latter tool enables you to free up space by deleting temporary application files and managing startup program configurations; additionally it defragments hard drives while also protecting against operating system errors by eliminating corrupt or unnecessary registry keys.

This software is user-friendly, offering a clean interface and all features in one location. Thanks to cloud security, updates are regularly made available – you will even receive notification of their availability! It even has an update history feature, useful when troubleshooting any software issues.


This suite offers numerous capabilities designed to protect online security, such as backup, data encryption and an anti-theft feature that helps locate devices. Furthermore, there is also a password manager, VPN access and shredding documents to prevent malicious software programs from recovering them.

Panda’s new user-friendly interface is much friendlier than previous versions, with mobile-like designs and simple navigation features that are mobile compatible. Furthermore, its colorful scenery stands out among most security software with more drab designs that look businesslike compared to these new designs from Panda.

Panda Dome Complete’s user interface (UI) is very user-friendly thanks to the use of simplified icons and labeled options that make navigation quick. By clicking each icon you gain access to detailed settings and options that enable you to customize the program according to your individual needs. Plus, with options from free plans up to more costly Advanced and Premium plans – Panda Dome meets today’s growing need for subscription flexibility by offering both monthly and annual payment solutions – Panda Dome can meet both demands quickly!

Panda Dome Complete performed admirably during my tests, using minimal resources while being easily manageable when scanning was taking place. Furthermore, its program control tool makes it simple to identify any suspicious activities quickly and effectively.

Virtual Keyboard (or Virtual Keypad), is another useful tool designed to protect against malware on your computer from stealing credit card details or login credentials while you type them. Once activated when entering login information on the UI, this virtual keyboard will hide all text until the text box is returned, giving you time to confirm whether or not your login information is accurate before continuing.

Additionally, another great feature of the software is its ability to stop USB drives and external hard drives from connecting with your computer, thus eliminating potential threats. While its firewall component doesn’t provide quite the same level of detail found with other suites, it does a decent job of keeping out unwanted network connections. Although I was surprised that more advanced parental controls weren’t included – such as restricting app usage or blocking specific websites at certain times – when compared with similar solutions.

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