Panda Dome Complete Review

Panda Dome Complete

Panda Dome Complete offers reliable malware protection with an excellent range of secondary features, and boasts one of the lowest subscription costs we’ve seen.

Protection against ransomware attacks and file encryption/backup are provided as well as performance optimization, firewalling and password management services.

Safe Browsing

Panda Dome Complete offers a user-friendly dashboard which presents you with information regarding recent scans, scheduled scans, files quarantined and issues found by this suite – such as spyware or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). Furthermore, its intuitive process monitor reveals what programs are running as well as information such as CPU utilization and memory use as well as whether digitally signed processes exist that could potentially have multiple HTTP connections – this feature could prove most captivating if you appreciate PC nerdiness!

Virtual keyboard is another effective security measure, providing a software keyboard you can use with your mouse to prevent keyloggers from siphoning off credit card details or passwords as you type them into sites. This feature is included with Premium plans, making it ideal for those who frequently access public Wi-Fi from their computers.

Panda Dome Complete plans include an effective personal firewall and anti-malware tools to guard against all the major computer threats, and also provide access to a VPN that you can use with Windows, Mac or Android devices to keep data private and access geo-restricted content.

Panda Dome stands out among security suites I’ve reviewed with its strong antivirus protection, having scored well in all my AV-Comparatives tests despite my wishlist of recent updates to it. Furthermore, its real-time monitor provides real-time alerts while its secondary feature selection stands out among all security suites I’ve reviewed.

As an added perk, unlike some of its competitors, this plan does not try to sell you additional products or services at checkout, and automatically selects a minimum number of devices covered under its annual subscription plans.

Panda Dome is an outstanding malware protector with numerous secondary features and flexible subscription terms compared to competing suites I’ve tried, offering home users free versions and offering 30-day money-back guarantees on paid plans. Unfortunately, its price point can be higher compared to others; however, all paid subscription tiers include this guarantee for added peace of mind.

Data Shield

Panda Dome Complete is an innovative security suite that provides one year of protection to multiple devices with one subscription. Its real-time antivirus detection, malware removal and firewall protection ensure your data stays protected from ransomware attacks as well as multi-device compatibility and regularly updated virus definitions help safeguard your PC against various threats. Furthermore, users can customize scans and schedule them at will; even game mode optimizes resources while disabling notifications during gameplay!

This package comes equipped with various extra features, including a password manager and dark web scanning. A password manager provides peace of mind by protecting sensitive information from being stolen via keyloggers; dark web scanning detects when personal details have been exposed through data breaches – something not available from most competing brands and is an added benefit in this plan.

Panda Dome Complete stands out by featuring PC cleanup tools as essential add-ons that keep your computer running efficiently, preventing it from slowing down over time and helping it remain responsive. PC defragmenters and hard drive cleaners are commonly available as add-ons in top AV suites; in contrast, Panda Dome Complete gives them more prominence within its main interface; they’re especially beneficial in keeping it running smoothly while helping keep PC lag at bay.

Notable extra features of the virtual keyboard include protecting keys from keyloggers and accidentally pressing commands that would activate keyloggers, making this feature invaluable if you’re concerned that someone may be spying on your online activities, especially if you often use public Wi-Fi networks.

Panda Dome Complete falls short when it comes to customer support, although their comprehensive cybersecurity offerings might make up for it. While phone and email support is provided, responses tend to take longer than most others before being addressed; their FAQ section doesn’t address many frequent inquiries either – while not necessarily an irreparable setback, this factor should still be taken into consideration before selecting one package over another.

Parental Controls

Panda Dome Complete provides real-time protection from malware and offers a full suite of security tools, from protecting against ransomware to encrypting files to help secure private information against theft and anti-theft protection to locate and remotely wipe devices. In addition, its virtual keyboard prevents keyloggers from collecting sensitive information while you type, while anti-virus protection keeps malware at bay and even cleans connected USB and external devices to stop its spread from one to the next.

Cloud technology enables this suite to regularly expand and update its massive virus detection database without slowing down your computer, eliminating problems caused by traditional antivirus software such as high false positives or poor web performance. It can also block more types of malware while protecting you from harmful websites, including those hosting phishing scams or that contain inappropriate material.

Parental Controls, another beneficial feature, allows parents to closely monitor and restrict access to certain URLs online for their children. They can set schedules that restrict access at certain times of day such as school or bedtime. Furthermore, Remote Wipe allows them to remotely erase data on lost or stolen devices from afar.

Other features include the Panda Dome VPN, which provides a safe and private tunnel through public networks to access your favorite shows, music, movies and more without prying eyes peeking over. Unfortunately, it’s only available with Premium edition of our suite.

Panda Dome Complete stands out from most AV suites by using an attractive desktop-style photo as its background and placing icons for each of its functions on top. Although effective, this interface may take more time to use intuitively; scrolling may be required to see all that’s available. It has several strange quirks as well; for instance only showing four rows of buttons while leaving the bottom row empty; also, its disappointing web performance can make using it while browsing the internet difficult.


Though most commonly associated with furry monochromatic mammals, “Panda” also refers to an international Spanish security company and one of the top antivirus software programs on the market: Panda Dome Complete has all of the features expected in modern cybersecurity suites such as malware protection, VPN connectivity and parental controls; however it’s packed full with tools; thus justifying its costly price tag and lackluster customer support services.

Panda Security Suite’s most striking feature is its VPN, offering unlimited bandwidth, 24 country locations and bank-grade encryption to keep your data unreadable. However, unlike some more renowned services that include kill switches to prevent data leakage when disconnecting or reconnecting from VPN connections; additionally it is not audited by third parties and its location in one of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance countries means it may gain access to user data.

Anti-phishing engines and virtual keyboards, both of which help protect you against keyloggers siphoning your credit card numbers or passwords while typing, are other noteworthy features in the suite, along with file encryptors preventing ransomware from reading your files or demanding payment to unlock them.

The suite is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface. The main menu lets you easily select features to gain more details, while a left-hand bar provides additional settings. In addition, there is now an additional feature allowing USB drives to be scanned for malware – although this only works on PCs; Linux or Mac computers cannot use this function yet.

Overall, this suite offers an ideal way to protect devices and their privacy, with no data caps or file size limitations for the VPN service. However, some advanced tools like dark web monitoring or parental controls might be missing in comparison.

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