Paragon Hard Disk Manager Review

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

This disk management suite comes equipped with a partition utility that enables you to copy, move and resize partitions without losing data. Furthermore, it can format volumes and perform hex editing operations on sectors.

This suite provides reliable backup and recovery features. All backups are sent encrypted, to prevent unauthorised access.

Backup and Restore

This program allows users to quickly create backups of entire drives or partitions, including their files and folders, with multiple types of backup such as differential and incremental backups that save disk space by only storing changes since the previous backup. Furthermore, compressed or encrypted backup files can protect data against theft; plus users can export backup files onto external devices for storage purposes.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers another useful feature with its ability to restore entire systems from a backup. This is particularly useful in cases when computers crash unexpectedly and users must recover crucial files and folders from their backup image. In addition to system recovery, Paragon also features file restoration which lets them recover individual files or folders directly.

Other key features of the software include disk cloning, which enables users to make an exact replica of an original drive for migrating from one computer to another or reinstalling operating systems. Furthermore, partition management allows users to perform various operations on partitions of disks such as moving them around, resizing or merging them as needed – as well as formatting or creating unallocated space prior/after partitions.

Software that creates bootable drives allows users to restart their computers from external storage media such as USB sticks or hard disks if their system can no longer start normally, and load an operating system or utility program if it cannot start itself normally. Users may use bootable drives created with this software on various devices to boot their computers if their computers can no longer start up normally. The bootable drives may be created using USB sticks or hard disks.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is an excellent disk imaging and partition management software solution. It offers powerful features at a reasonable cost with an intuitive modern user interface that’s simple to navigate. Unfortunately, however, its Windows exclusivity limits its appeal and application. Furthermore, some alternatives may be more budget friendly; check out our reviews of AOMEI Backupper or EaseUS Todo Backup to compare.

Bootable Drives

Paragon Hard Disk Manager includes a Bootable Drive Creator feature, allowing you to make USB or disc images containing an operating system image for use in resolving computer issues or migrating it onto new hardware. Furthermore, OS Migration functions provide another means of migrating existing content onto another platform.

The application also features backup and recovery functions that allow users to quickly restore files or entire partitions from previous states, making them ideal for use during hardware malfunction or system failure, quickly returning a computer back into use without significant time investment.

Additionally, the program features an easy recovery media builder to assist in easily creating and using recovery environments in case of hardware failure or virus attack. This feature makes backups of operating systems much easier to create as it provides protection from hardware malfunction and virus threats.

This tool offers support for an assortment of storage devices, from SSDs and USB flash drives to UEFI booting mechanisms – the latter of which are becoming increasingly common on modern PCs. Furthermore, Apple’s Fusion Drive which combines traditional platter-based hard disk storage with solid state memory can even be supported.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager uses Paragon virtual images during its backup process, which are compatible with multiple hardware configurations and enable you to easily restore operating systems onto different hardware regardless of OS version or installed drivers. Furthermore, its backup capsule feature provides secure storage of backups from unintended access or removal – an invaluable feature for enterprise users who must store sensitive backups securely.

Paragon has earned itself a stellar reputation as an industry-standard backup and disk management solution, but support staff may take longer to respond than expected and is more expensive than some of its rivals. Still, Paragon’s features make the investment worthwhile for business users.

Partition Management

As our PCs accumulate data, they need to be organized. Paragon Partition Manager allows users to allocate space for new partitions or divide existing ones to stay organized. Furthermore, users can format their hard drive with specific file systems or scan for bad sectors with this software.

This software features an assortment of backup and recovery tools that make it simple to protect both an entire operating system, individual partitions, user files and folders, with its intuitive UI making even newcomers to set automatic backup processes easily. More experienced users may take advantage of additional backup strategy settings for greater control.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers more than backups; it can also restore data that has been erased off a hard drive using military-grade wiping algorithms to ensure nothing can be recovered from it. This feature is especially beneficial if you plan to sell or donate your computer, ensuring all personal information will be completely removed from it before selling or giving away your PC.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers another great feature to protect computers in case of system failure or virus attacks, with its ability to create recovery media for different operating systems and boot them back up easily with recovery media created using this software. Simply choose from among available OS options, walk through a wizard, and create recovery media suitable for burning onto CD or USB flash drive.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager could improve its customer support, which may take too long to respond to user inquiries and could prove particularly frustrating when faced with urgent issues. Furthermore, its price can make it less attractive than similar alternatives, though its features make up for this shortcoming.


This software supports backup to disks, CD/DVD, and the cloud, file restoration on different partitions and bootable recovery media creation for maintenance or restore purposes in the event your operating system becomes inoperable – both features of which can be password protected for added security.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers another useful feature for securely wiping sensitive data from partitions and disk volumes, making this an invaluable asset when moving files between devices, such as when purchasing a new laptop.

This application features an easy and user-friendly interface that strikes a balance between simplicity and more advanced features. Newcomers might require some time getting acquainted with its unique user interface before beginning to modify existing volumes.

Paragon HDM goes beyond basic disk partitioning functions to offer more advanced ones, including redistribution of free space, splitting and merging partitions, switching primary to logical conversion, hiding/unhiding disc partitions as well as basic file system conversion such as FAT to NTFS conversion and HFS to NTFS.

One of the software’s standout features is its pVHD format, which utilizes data deduplication and synchronization techniques to produce backups up to four times smaller than traditional PBF objects. Recently released updates have also enhanced this technology with merging increments for consistency checks as well as mounting encrypted pVHDs.

Paragon HDM stands out as an invaluable storage solution by supporting a wide variety of storage devices and systems, from solid-state drives (SSD), USB flash drives and Apple’s hybrid Fusion Drives to NAS arrays. Furthermore, its virtual disk emulator enables you to recreate physical disks on desktop PCs like they were real disks for easy management and access.

Paragon offers its program for sale online through their website with payment options that include credit/debit cards, PayPal, wire transfer and checks/money orders as payment methods. In addition, technical support hotlines and community forums are also provided as well as a 30-day free trial period.

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