Paragon Hard Disk Manager Review

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is an all-in-one disk maintenance and safety suite. The program includes everything necessary for partitioning, backup & recovery, drive copy/OS migration and optimization.

Practically every feature in the software is powered by intuitive wizards that make its operation both accessible and effective, making it suitable for home and professional users alike. This makes the software an excellent option.

Backup & Recovery

Paragon Hard Disk Manager provides an all-inclusive suite of utilities designed to handle virtually any situation with your hard drive. From resizing partitions and making backups, to moving virtual machines or cloning disks – Paragon Hard Disk Manager covers virtually every eventuality with ease! Furthermore, its full recovery media builder enables correct boot problems caused by hardware malfunctions or malware attacks and ransomware infections – Paragon has you covered when it comes to hard disk management!

With Drive Copy’s unique functionality, you can quickly and easily clone an entire hard disk or partition containing its operating system and any applications installed there, along with their associated data and applications. Once created, this image can easily be restored onto another hard drive or virtual machine for restoration if necessary; additionally, this suite offers a tool which lets you restore individual files or folders rather than the whole system image.

Paragon’s encryption feature may prove invaluable in cases of data loss or compromise by unintended access. A password can be set to verify only you have access to what’s inside a backup file; additionally it’s possible to mount encrypted pVHD (Paragon Virtual Hard Disk) images.

This program comes equipped with a user-friendly wizard to assist in creating bootable emergency CDs that can help restore an operating system after it becomes inoperable due to crashes or other unbootable situations. While similar features exist with other programs that generate ISOs for Windows PE, this one offers additional capabilities.

The suite provides a well-designed wizard for transforming existing physical systems into virtual “guest” systems compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Oracle VirtualBox virtualization platforms. Once created, this virtual system can be booted via rescue CD or bios parameter entry – while there’s even an effective tool available that lets you rename partitions and disks within its boundaries.

Drive Copy

Paragon provides a straightforward wizard for those needing to clone or migrate a hard drive, providing users with options such as operating system migration and full disk cloning with partitions intact. The program anticipates your likely choices while leaving plenty of opportunities to customize details as necessary.

Paragon offers standard partitioning features, making it simple to resize disks or move partitions, recover files from data corruption and defragment hard drives, defragment them in place, recover from file system damage and defragment them – while disk-wiping functions use any one of a half dozen high-security wiping methods for secure deletion.

This suite also comes equipped with an emulation tool that lets you install an OS onto a virtual partition to test it without disrupting your original system, and its disk explorer makes extracting files from physical or virtual drives effortless.

Recovery Media Builder provides an effective means to quickly create bootable rescue environments in which backup files or secure data can be loaded onto systems unable to start due to logical errors, hardware malfunctions or ransomware attacks.

Paragon Suite provides utilities for most hard disk-related situations, from the simple to complex. It provides reliable backup and recovery functions, optimization tools, partition alignment software (with automatic partition alignment feature) as well as the new drive copy/OS migration wizard. And thanks to Paragon Hard Disk Manager’s comprehensive set of backup/recovery features, its system care can continue throughout its natural lifespan.

Partition Management

This partition management software enables you to perform various operations such as resizing, merging, splitting, formatting and redistributing free space. Furthermore, you can convert between NTFS and FAT32 formats, edit sectors on compact disks, wipe partitions as well as alter primary slots and serial numbers easily all from within a user-friendly interface.

Additionally, this tool offers full backups of both your system and individual partitions to protect you in case of an unforeseen catastrophe. Furthermore, its drive copy functionality enables you to migrate your operating system or create an exact clone of your hard disk.

Paragon Recovery Media Builder offers another handy feature – bootable drives – which are external storage mediums used to boot an operating system or utility program in case of issues. In case of boot problems caused by logical errors or hardware failure, bootable drives can help correct boot up problems in no time!

This package’s partitioning and recovery software features have been tailored to accommodate both novice and expert users alike, featuring an intuitive yet modern-looking user interface which is user-friendly; additionally it boasts a comprehensive set of features making it one of the premier partition managers on the market, along with fast and reliable performance.

Apart from its extensive suite of partitioning tools, this application can also be used to create and manage virtual drives. This makes it especially helpful in multi-user environments as multiple users can access the same data without fear of conflicting files or corruption due to hardware or software malfunction.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers customers an array of support resources, such as knowledge bases and user forums, to quickly find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. In addition, Paragon’s partitioning wizard will guide users through learning the software.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite provides an all-in-one system and data management solution designed for both personal and business use, featuring essential backup/recovery functions, partitioning/drive copy/OS migration options, optimization defragmentation tools and secure data wiping algorithms.


Paragon Software Group, a premier software developer, provides comprehensive solutions for two dynamic growth markets: data security and disk management. Their product offering for data storage includes award-winning backup and recovery solutions as well as drive copy, partitioning, virtualization and partition tracking solutions; their handheld device management applications focus on handheld device management applications for handheld device management applications. Established in 1994 with offices located across America, Germany and Japan as well as an international network of Value Added Resellers, distributors and OEMs worldwide.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager’s latest version offers a full spectrum of backup and disaster recovery features, including virtual machine conversion for partitions or whole disks, support for Apple Boot Camp, Microsoft Hyper-V disaster recovery support, an intuitive Create Backup Job Wizard with multiple backup strategies to choose from and advanced options like image splitting or high-level compression for improved backup efficiency.

Hyper-V Preview allows for the backup of both online and offline virtual machines registered to a local Hyper-V host. Users can create their own automated backup strategy using the new Hyper-V Backup Job Wizard, while adjusting several other parameters, including frequency of incremental backups, storage type (pVHD or VHDX), as well as providing other customizations of their backup process.

Home users and IT administrators of small to mid-size businesses alike will find this tool indispensable in optimizing performance on physical or Hyper-V (Server version only) systems, optimizing disk storage space usage, protecting important files against loss or corruption, performing system transfers with full set of tools available and migrating operating systems and applications to new hardware. With its powerful restore features enabling quick system restoration back to an earlier state while providing an opportunity to move onto more capable machines by creating virtual clones of the old one and installing it onto new hardware.

Community Edition is an effective disk management solution to help keep personal computers performing at their optimal levels. Combining partitioning, disk imaging backup and boot management features with P2V technologies for hardware independence. With its easy migration into virtual environments by any major virtualization vendor as well as data exchange between physical and virtual environments and working offline with virtual disks offline without starting the virtual machine – Community Edition makes ensuring peak computer performance effortless!

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